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MrMGM Purchased

Hi, can Fly Outs be called from a standard Wordpress menu?

Yes. Each Flyout includes a unique classname that can be attached to any page element or menu link. If used in the menu, you will need to enable the class field in Screen Options. Keep in mind that it may not always work if you’re using a Mega Menu type system/plugin as it depends on how they structure the then class field in the menu markup.

Hi quick question. I would like hire developer add “count number” (of woo cart) to flyout-id01 button. Is it possible? (Inside of this flyout is widget woo cart)

It’s on the todo list to have that as an option in a future update.

How long this feature will be available please.

Not anytime soon. But you could do it with css now since each Flyout is a unique ID. It’ll need to use the slide option so that the page body isn’t affected. Then position it accordingly with CSS.

Hi, I´ve an issue with WPML: My site runs in german as default and english. In german the trigger-button of BNE Flyout will be shown normally and works fine. If I switch to englis language, the button is not shown.

By comparing the generated source-code I found out, that the line for building up the button is incomplete in english language.

english: div class=”flyout-trigger-id-16136 flyout-trigger trigger- trigger-” style=”left: ;

german: div class=”flyout-trigger-id-16116 flyout-trigger trigger-right trigger-button” style=”top: 40%; background-color: #58ac25;

Do you have an idea what could help?

Best regards.

I would believe that would be more an issue with WPML. When you duplicated the German Flyout into English, which makes a completely new Flyout, did you then save/update it?


thank you for replying that fast. I didn´t duplicate it, I translated it.

SOLVED: You lead me to the idea not to translae it but duplicate it. If I duplicate it for translation, it works.

Thank you. Seems really like a WPML translation issue. Best regards.

Isn’t that what WPML does though. When you translate any existing post type item, it re-creates it from the original language into the new one where you then edit it. If you want, you can give me a login and and I can check for you.


ennio57 Purchased

Nice system & easy to build the panels. My initial setup was to have a directory page with several hundred names, and click a name for the flyout bio info; but it seems this overloads the page and makes for a choppy flyout.

Hi! Presale question. Is there way to show video in the flyout? Thanks.

Hello, yes you can. Supports the usual WP oembeds. On the demo, you can see a Flyout showing various examples.

Pre-sale question. I have been reading comments here concerning using this plugin to display woocommerce cart with counts, because I only need it for that purpose. I came across this plugin but I don’t know if the solution can work

Can the developer of this plugin confirm the workable solution using that free plugin. Can will put the cart shotcode inside the flyout to display and trigger the flyouts id of interest? Please test and reply.

If you are wanting to display the cart icon and count that links to your cart within the Flyout panel, then yes that will work as you can put shortcodes into it.

However, if you’re wanting to put the cart icon and count within the Flyout button that is floating along the browser edge then no you cannot as you cannot put shortcodes within the trigger button.

On the flip side, if you were going to use the Flyout panel to display the cart contents with a shortcode from WooCommerce or another plugin then you could still use the plugin you mentioned above as a custom trigger within your page content as their shortcode accepts a class option which can be used to open a Flyout.


I have a boxed layout and I would like to align the floating button to the boxed area. Now is aligned on the very right.

Is it possible to align it on the right of my website content?


You’ll have to use CSS to do that and reposition the trigger based on your content area’s max width.

@media (min-width: 1240px) {
    .flyout-trigger-id-817.flyout-trigger.trigger-right {
        right: calc( 50% - 620px ) !important;

Hello, i need a flyout on all website with PHP content in it It is possible to integrate a custom page (ea pagexxx.php) with PHP + Jquery into a flyout?

Yes, you would have to either output your php page using a shortcode or utilize a developer hook that is available in the panel area to include the page.


This plugin is super great! It does exactly what I wanted. Super simple to work with, and the default styles actually helped guide me along to a nicer finished project.

Just a quick question, is the plugin known to have an issue with PHP 7.2? I noticed a white screen error when I activated this plugin on a site running 7.2, and the logs only pointed to incompatibility errors.

Thanks again for this wonderful plugin.



Should be fine with PHP v7.2 since the last update. Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Flyouts which is v1.3.9.

Hi there. Just looking to purchase this plugin. Does it support WP 4.9.4 compatibility? Thank you.


Yes, WP 4.9.x is supported.

Thank you.

Hi! Is there some way to get a field value from URL on an CF7 form embeded in a Flyout?


I believe you’re referring to auto-populating the field value from a parameter in the URL? There is documentation on how to do this over at Contact Form 7’s site:

Basically, in the form field, you would include default:get and in the URL, you would specify the query argument using the same field ID.

example URL:

example field:

<label> Your Name (required)
    [text* your-name default:get]

BMT Purchased

Hi, Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress 4.9.4

Yes it is.

Can flyouts this ?: open a canvas and click (on link or product in open canvas ) and show another canvas in canvas. In other word show a list of products in one canvas . when select a product onother canvas and show dettails.


That is possible as each Flyout can be opened by any element/link on the page using their unique classname and there can only be one Flyout open at a time. You would have to be able to add the class to your product links and then I would assume as a work flow, you should add a back type link to the initial Flyout.


nicotoine Purchased

Hello, on my site the plugin bne flyout causes a conflict with the plugin FWD Ultimate Video Player and prevents it from working properly when bne flyout is activated. Can you help me. Thank you.


What is the problem that you’re having? When I view the page, the video player in the page looks to be working fine.


nicotoine Purchased

Hello, the video player works since the update of the ultimate plugin video player. But the flyout plugin causes a display bug. Here is an example with this page loading a window appears stealthily on the left side of the screen.

I’ve responded to your support email.