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Hi there,

I think the toggle menu used in BNE Flyouts is in conflict with another menu I’m using, how can I completly eliminate the code regarding the menu?

Thanks in advance!


Can you share a link to your site so that I can take a look.

Hi again,

I eventually decided to make my own hidden sidebar instead of using BNE.

But I’ve got another question:

One of my panels appears from top and is set to push down the content, however after removing the scroll lock, once I scroll down the page, the panel is sticky to the top and I really would like for it to stay where it first appeared instead of moving along with the scroll.

Do you know of a way I’d be able to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Flyouts are fixed position so if you want it to remain where it is when you scroll then you would need to set the position to absolute instead of fixed or close it. However, you would need to have it slide instead of push as absolute position is based on the page body position.

Another option would be to listen for a scroll event with JS and close that Flyout ID.


Great Plugin!

I just purchase your plugins however I got an error (goes blank) on the Flyout Styles and Flyout Trigger which I can only change the color but cannot change the trigger position or any other settings there. I attach how it looks like here:

Please kindly help :)

Hi, I already replied to your support email. You just need to clear your browser cache and you should be able to see the controls again.


MrMGM Purchased

Hi, can Fly Outs be called from a standard Wordpress menu?

Yes. Each Flyout includes a unique classname that can be attached to any page element or menu link. If used in the menu, you will need to enable the class field in Screen Options. Keep in mind that it may not always work if you’re using a Mega Menu type system/plugin as it depends on how they structure the then class field in the menu markup.

Hi quick question. I would like hire developer add “count number” (of woo cart) to flyout-id01 button. Is it possible? (Inside of this flyout is widget woo cart)

It’s on the todo list to have that as an option in a future update.

How long this feature will be available please.

Not anytime soon. But you could do it with css now since each Flyout is a unique ID. It’ll need to use the slide option so that the page body isn’t affected. Then position it accordingly with CSS.

Hi, I´ve an issue with WPML: My site runs in german as default and english. In german the trigger-button of BNE Flyout will be shown normally and works fine. If I switch to englis language, the button is not shown.

By comparing the generated source-code I found out, that the line for building up the button is incomplete in english language.

english: div class=”flyout-trigger-id-16136 flyout-trigger trigger- trigger-” style=”left: ;

german: div class=”flyout-trigger-id-16116 flyout-trigger trigger-right trigger-button” style=”top: 40%; background-color: #58ac25;

Do you have an idea what could help?

Best regards.

I would believe that would be more an issue with WPML. When you duplicated the German Flyout into English, which makes a completely new Flyout, did you then save/update it?


thank you for replying that fast. I didn´t duplicate it, I translated it.

SOLVED: You lead me to the idea not to translae it but duplicate it. If I duplicate it for translation, it works.

Thank you. Seems really like a WPML translation issue. Best regards.

Isn’t that what WPML does though. When you translate any existing post type item, it re-creates it from the original language into the new one where you then edit it. If you want, you can give me a login and and I can check for you.

Nice system & easy to build the panels. My initial setup was to have a directory page with several hundred names, and click a name for the flyout bio info; but it seems this overloads the page and makes for a choppy flyout.