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Interesting, indeed. Someone spent $700 for redesign of this app, there are million of users waiting for the updated $14 code. I can’t help wonder why you don’t hire someone else to update the code (there are so many freelancer out there for cheap, I’m sure it won’t cost you more than half of your redesign cost) . Instead you are yelling at this poor guy who got only $14 once and being slaved for the rest of his life?? So professional! I’m a potential customer here and reading the previous comments and I’ve already felt bad for the developer. :-(

Hi Rouse_Spirit, Have you managed to upgrade to versions Xcode 5, and iOS 7, iOS7.01. If it will work in Xcode 5 I will be purchasing it from yourselves… Cheers Simon

Yes, I have upgraded it a few days ago. Now it works well at iOS7 Xcode 5. thanks

Hmm I feel with you rouse_spirit. So much ignorant and clueless people on envato pff.

do you need to have a server for this app?

it needs no server

Hi, one quick question… is this built in Xcode using Storyboards? Many thanks,

it’s not using storyboard

Just wondering if iAds is something that is included.

iAds is not included. Only admob is included

hi plz how to change name project for submit in appstore

eg. com.companyname.namegame

how to add my admob ID plz

sorry, it doesn’t contain admob

Having issues compiling on Xcode 6.1, it wont even run on my test devices! i have sent emails to you but i am not getting any reply Please can you assist with the IOS version. i have already purchased and released your android version.

how to add admob or startapp ?

oh~ sorry, but I don’t know how to add admob to ios games. thanks

Ok i have error when i post the game in AppStore API error

“Your app contains non-public API usage. Please review the errors, correct them, and re-submit your application.”

is there any fixation of admob

We cant run this app in xcode 8.2.1 as this error msg is showing up “exc_bad_access code=exc_i386_gpflt”. Please help me out. I had sent a mail too.