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I sent you an email a few days ago. Please check and reply. Thanks.

Sorry I’m too late for reply. I replied you at email. Check it please. Good day.

I sent another email. Please reply. Thanks.

I am sorry for late response. I saw your mail and it is not problem. Most of warning is related to using of deprecated functions. It is just notice, not a problem. And some of warnings are some variable is declared but does not used, it is also no problem.

Dont worry about these warning. If you have any other question, send to me mail. Thanks.

Hey, I would like to purchase this game, but why the admob interstitial only appear during the 1st time of game over then it wouldn’t appear after that? Which means there are NO admob interstitial at all after the 1st game over???? I tried this on my friend’s source code btw it is an interesting game

Hi, if you go to menu page and try again play game, it shows ad. If you want to show always, let me change. Thank you.

I can not upload to PlayStore for violating copyrights What should I do

hi… can you recomended for me how to edit mp3 so undetectable impersonation, what mp3 editor…


I want to ask I’ve put the code at admob

public class FlyingPanda extends Activity implements AdListener {

/** Called when the activity is first created. */

public static CCGLSurfaceView mGLSurfaceView;

private boolean isCreated = false;

private static final String ADMOB_PUBLISH_ID = “app-ca-pub-9861859718003631/7583252309”;

but the ad code does not want to appear, and also why the folder layout can’t to open please help me….

Is it your admob id? Then it will shows your admob ads. If you have the problem yet, please ping me, formarry01@hotmail.com Thanks

You have to change admob id to your own id.

iwant add InterstitialAd ???

howe to add InterstitialAd ?? wjah tab lah l3aln lmok jdod tamal

hello i want to check if you’re still active and response the comment because i wanna buy your product response as quick as possible thanks

Hello, in the manifest it has only 3 permissions. But when export to apk it is having 5 permissions. ‘Phone state’ and ’ Modify USB storage’ They are requiring privacy Policy. I don’t want. Please tell me how to manage.