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What will I get after purchasing Fluxstore?

  • Full source code package for both iOS and Android
  • Free Wordpress plugins, Opencart and Magento Rest API
  • Free FluxBuilder tool to customize the design of app easily
  • Careful document instructions on how to install, customize, publish on stores
  • Free Video tutorial, refer to InspireUI Channel and press bell icon to get notifications
  • Design Source by Figma design tools
  • Free Splash screen animate by Flare
  • Free pre-config Woocommerce website to help installing more easily
  • One time purchase, Lifetime use and free version upgrade
  • Support center for integration’s issues
  1. This app syncs with your data/website instantly
  2. One purchase of source code is used for one website
  3. We do not provide backend/website

What is the Scope of Support?

For Customers who purchased Regular License, InspireUI will:

  • Provide customers with full source code, documents, tutorial videos on setup Flutter environment, integration, application publication to app stores.
  • Support for technical issues related to our pre-config website and demo applications.
  • Not support setting up Flutter environment in users’ local devices.
  • Not support for user integration issues (including login and registration, social login, SMS login, billing address, coupon and shipping, product variants, payment gateways, push notification…)

For Customers who purchased Extended License, InspireUI will:

  • Provide all of the scope support benefits as Regular License users and more support.
  • Provide ⚡️Extended Features.
  • Provide the special features on FluxBuilder.
  • Take care of Flutter environment setup at users’ local machines.
  • Support question and troubleshooting for integration between InspireUI products and users’ websites.

Is this app compatible with local payment?

If this payment is available on your Woocommerce website, most of the time the payment on app works the same as your website via webview.

Do i need to publish a new version of the app to app stores everytime i change images or colors?

If you only change the config_xx.json, you don’t need to rebuild the app on app store and google play.
You can check this guide

What is the difference between this app and MStore Pro?

The basic difference is the technology that we are using, Mstore is using React Native (made by Facebook), while Fluxstore is using Flutter (made by Google)

Both technologies are an awesome framework, support to build both iOS and Android.

Both MStore and Flutter are also a great product from InspireUI, with elegant design and rich functionalities, so it will depend on your love on which one technology, ReactJS or Dart is your choice :grin:

What is the difference among all FluxStore apps?

  1. FluxStore Shopify: compatible with your Shopify stores
  2. FluxStore Pro: this is multi-purpose Flutter app compatible with all Woocommerce, Opencart 3.x, or Magento 2.x websites. If you have already released the website or setup new sites, this product is suitable for your requirements
  3. FluxStore Multi Vendor: use this app to build your own marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba… This app is compatible with Woocommerce website and requires to install Dokan or WCFM plugin
  4. FluxStore WooCommerce: the features are same with FluxStore Pro, but only focus compatible with WooCommerce websites
  5. FluxNews: compatible with your blog/news Wordpress templates
  6. FluxStore Listing: use to build innovative apps like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Yelp or FourSquare. This app requires to install one of following WooCommerce templates: Listeo, ListingPro, or MyListing
  7. FluxStore Prestashop: compatible with Prestashop stores
  8. FluxStore Strapi: compatible with Strapi stores
  9. FluxStore Manager: a Vendor app, compatible with WooCommerce or Wcfm plugin (Dokan in near future). Also use for FluxStore WooCommerce, FluxStore Multi Vendors apps


  • These apps sync with your data/website instantly
  • One purchase of source code is used for one website
  • We do not provide backend/website. If you need Woocommerce website (single vendor), check the free pre-config Woocommerce website if it helps

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