Discussion on FluxStore Delivery Boy - Flutter App for Woocommerce

Discussion on FluxStore Delivery Boy - Flutter App for Woocommerce

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Hi, this feature is not available as it seems to depend on the hardware device. Thank you!

Do you have plan to add it ? Its android device

Hi, This feature is not available in the September plan yet. If you are interested in this feature, the technical team can develop it for a reasonable cost. Please post ticket to discuss and estimate more detail. Thank you


jossuad Purchased

Hi, I used Fluxbuilder cloud to build the IOS app on windows, and I would like to know if it is possible to go through a way to get the screenshots for the deployment on App Store. Thanks

Hi Jossuad,

Please click on Search > go to Advanced Preview Mode > select a device then capture screenshots.

Best regards

For FluxStore Delivery Boy, see dimensions according to Apple’s requirements.

You can screenshot an app from Android and resize it to the correct size.
Make sure to remove the notification icons, clock bar, battery, etc., anything related to Android. It will then be approved by Apple.

Best regards

Cant login! Please contact the administrator to check your account/role

i am using dokan and i don’t see any “Delivery” role in wordpress user role.

now i can’t login

where did i go wrong>

Hi, please post ticket with screenshot on our support center (select “Sign in with Envato instead”). The technical team will investigate and support soon. Thank you


We bought your Delivery boy AND multivendor plugins.

We did both iOS and Android apps with delivery boy AND multivendor plugins.

On we took PREMIUM plan but we have 3 issues that we need your help:

1. Your logo Fluxstore and the name Fluxstore appears in our delivery boy iOS and Android app…How to remove that?

2. How to connect the delivery boy iOS/android app with the multivendor app?

3. Is it the vendor OR the website admin that assigns orders to deliver to the delivery people?


Oh, yes, this is the guide to merge FluxStore Delivery Boy and FluxStore Multi Vendors apps into a single app.

this guide is for all your plugins and we do not see where it explains the merge…please we just need to know the process to merge FluxStore Delivery Boy and FluxStore Multi Vendors apps into a single app…if you have the exact link url of the page about the merge process or a youtube video..Thanks


Be sure you go to the correct link.

To contact directly our technical team, post a ticket with screenshot of issue on our support center (select “Sign in with Envato instead”).

Thank you

hello i have your product : fluxstore pro , i ask i can connect with the driverboy application ?? my site is wordpress with woocomerce plugin

Hi Mamomarket, Yes, FluxStore Delivery Boy app is compatible with WooCommerce, so you can connect it with FluxStore Pro (WooCommerce).

please answer my ticket #23615

Hi, sorry for the delay, i have updated the ticket as high priority.

We have received a large number of support requests this week, which may have contributed to the delay in our response to you.

I truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

that is your high priority tickets 4 days!? Waiting for you is a waste of time, very bad services.

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay in addressing your ticket. Your time is valuable and I am committed to consistently delivering swift and effective support.

I am currently in communication with the technical guy assigned to your ticket, and he will work diligently to investigate and provide a solution.

Currently, we are upgrading the support center tool to effectively support our valuable clients, so maybe some tickets will be missed during the upgrade. If your issue is in this case, please email with your ticket id so we can know and assist asap. We are going to upgrade our support faster and more conveniently for clients (“What is the Time of Support?”).

If for any reason you do not receive the support you require by the end of today, I am fully prepared to assign another capable team member to address your concerns without delay.

Thank you for your understanding.

hello does the app allow multi drop off location so delivery boy can deliver to multiple places at same time?

also: does the main app have the capability to manage stock for seller as well as notice when product stock is low?

Dear Damaris1234567,

Currently this feature is not available, however, you get the full Dart source code, so you can customize it all.

We provide clear and careful video and document instructions on how to install, how to customize logos, colours,... how to publish app stores step by step.

Thank you

1. delivery boys registration available for woocommerce section ? 2. is it possible for use single woo commerce ?

Dear Shiyanthan,

Yes for all. This app is available for single WooCommerce.

Thank you

how to register delivery boys in web view and mobile view ? any screenshot available to see this ?

Dear Shiyanthan, delivery boys can register as this image. Thank you

hmm… currently delivery boy can only talk to customer by calling them. Are there any way to whatsapp, telegram or in-app chat???

Thank you for reaching out! We kindly request that you share any feedback or concerns with our ticket support system at Our team will thoroughly investigate and follow up on any issues to ensure they are properly resolved.

We appreciate your help in improving our services!

Does it have route planning feature? or a feature that assembles the orders in such a way that the delivery man can complete his delivery in the fastest way possible? any such feature please tell

Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, this feature is currently unavailable. However, we’ve taken note of your request and have already sent it to our team to investigate

Hi, is this feature available now? I have already purchased your woocomerce plugin, if this feature is available then I can integrate them!

Could you please provide a detailed screenshot and suggestions so that we can share the information with the team? Please send the email to – thank you!

App always crashing

Dear Mehedi1589, please post a ticket with your source code on our support center (select “Sign in with Envato instead”) to contact directly our technical team. They will go to the office on Monday and support soon. Thank you

Please check my ticket. #21764

I have notified to the team and update you shortly today – thank you!

How drivers are supposed go get paid for deliveries with this app? In documentation it doesnt mention that it works with Dokan, so does it or not?

Dear Rosvaldas,

Yes, this app works with Dokan, Wcfm, or single Woocommerce. Drivers can get paid from Shoppers or customers. Thank you for your interest in our product, and we appreciate your business.

I am asking how? Nothing even mentioned on docs.

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the withdraw feature is not currently available on the mobile app. However, it should be operational on the website.

is the app support anlytics such as order total amount or shipped total amount ?

Yes, FluxStore Delivery Boy app supports analytics for tracking various aspects related to orders, including order total amount and shipped total amount.

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I checked the app its great just I have a question before purchase, can the delivery boy see the orders nearby only and then be able to accept the orders? so the vendor cant assign but the delivery boy have to accept the order. Its available in this plugin, and can the vendor/admin see the location of driver?

Hi, this UX is not compatible and will require some customization :)

Hi, how much would it cost? Or how much time should I wait for you to integrate them?

Does this app have otp to verify delivery in driver app? Otp to the customer when driver is out for delivery and driver users the otp to confirm delivery before it marks as delivered


Thanks for reaching out. Otp is not available yet. You get the full source code so you can customize it all.


App Demo   More Info   Youtube

Hi, could you post the request via ticket suport – – thank you!

Hi, does the app come with real time tracking of the driver ? admin being able to see where th driver is

Hi, this is a new feature but you get the full source code and can customize it all. Thank you

Hi Team, Presale questions:

1) Is it possible that payments go directly to the MercadoPago accounts of each seller? 2) How are orders assigned to drivers? 3) What is the current price for the purchase of the 3 apps (customer, driver, vendor) 4) Have you web version to admin multivendor and delivery boy?




Thank you for contacting us. Please view the answers below:
1) Currently, owner will send money to the sellers later. But you will get the full source code so you can customize it all.

2) Seller will assign via FluxStore Manager

3) FluxStore Multi Vendors, FluxStore Delivery Boy, and FluxStore Manager are 50% off. Dont miss.

4) No, it is not available yet. Thank you!

Hi, is it also possible to have another pickup location? Thanks before

Hi, this is a new feature that you can customize because you will get the full source code. Please do not miss the 50% off, only one time yearly. Thank you!


1fikra Purchased

When ordering from multiple sellers in one order Will it appear, every item of which seller it belongs to. ?

Hi, currently FluxStore Delivery Boy does not display seller for every item in one order. Btw, you will get the full source code, so you can customize it all. Thank you!


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