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Awesome work, GL with sales :)

Thank you :)

Its design is good but the validation is very basic


You can customize it easily as you want. However, I’ll do my best to add new updates about it. :) Thanks.

Cool, If you need I can help you

Contact me if you need. :)

If needed of course. Thanks ;)

hello I just purchased your script but there is no forget password option. Please can you assist. this form should have forget password option either pop up or something… Please respond..

Hi joshbender,

forget password page, avanzate validation script and some minor bug fixes are coming in the next update. remind you that the updates are absolutely free! Thank you for purchase.

Best Regards, Reiz.

Thank you. Also I noticed the form is not responsive. Can you please include that in your next update since most web pages are responsive now… thank you..

Yes, of course. New features will be added in next updates, including full responsive support and much more.
You can see upcoming features changelog at middle-bottom item detail page here!

Best Regards,

Hello I just purchased your file and I have a couple of questions 1. The main purpose of this purchase of this file is for my clients to register and be able to login and ones they login they are re-directed to the main web site I have on file. 2. Where the information will go ones the are login?? 3. I will receive that information? 4. Can you help me on the installation to make it work?

Thanks John

Hello John, first of all, thank you for your purchase.

Of course you can do what you describing but, to be able to run that, you need to add additional lines of code that will connect the login-form with your website or page, it is not a complicated thing, you only just need to know the appropriate language and in this case we talk about PHP, HTML, MySQL for database etc. however, i think you already know these things.
To receive informations about user registration/access within the main website via the login-form, you will need to create an additional connection, this time, to the database (and will send the informations to an admin page, but this is secondary).
Unfortunately these scripts are outside of the final end product, as you can see, the script is theoretically “90%” ready, because you will always need additional lines of code to make it “100% connected” and work with your website or page.
Currenlty i am not available for freelance, but of course I’ll help you in case you have some other questions/problems.
Do not forget to submit a ticket via the Ticket System Page!
Soon, there will be an update that includes some new features, a fully responsive support for all devices and a lot more descriptive documentation updated to the new version. I’ll remind you that the updates are absolutely free!

Best Regards,

Ciao molto bello! mi piacerebbe sapere se:

Posso utilizzarlo come popup?

Posso personalizzare la grafica?

Se si può come integrarlo con wordpress e buddypress?

Salve Movidadannunziana,

1. Certo, puoi utilizzarlo come popup ma ovviamente dovrai apportare le modifiche necessarie per fare ciò. 2. Certamente! Puoi modificare qualsiasi cosa tu voglia, non c’è limite. 3. Puoi utilizzarlo con wordpress e buddypress ma purtroppo, non essendo un plugin per questi due cms, non è possibile “implementarlo”. Però, puoi linkare i dati di connessione al database e il reindirizzamento dell’accesso degli utenti direttamente al tuo sito.

Cordiali saluti, Reiz.

Hello ! When the next update ? Thanx you so much :)

Hi Carlus77,

The new version will be released as soon as possible, don’t worry, the project is still alive. I remember that, after the purchase, every upgrade is free! :)

Best Regards, Reiz.

Hello, Thank you for the information Thank you again for your speed :) See you soon

Great tool I like the terms of service it is always nice to get a starter template that actually is a starter template.

Happy Coding!!

Blayderunner123 Soldier-up Designs Logo Soldier-up Designs

Thank you! :)

Also thank you for the purchase, ask me if you need support!

Can this form be converted to a contact form where the results are sent to a specific email id

Hi chandmah,

Sure, you can fully customize it as you want, make your changes now!

Best Regards, Reiz.

hello, I do not get to know where I have to copy the folder to work flux thanks

Hi agenciamagna, thanks for your purchase!

Depends on where you want to add the form (ex. on a simple html page?) let me know :)

Best regards, Reiz.

It is a marketplace in wordpress

You have to integrate it in your theme by replacing/modify the existing one.

I’m really sorry for the late reply..

Best regards, Reiz.

hi where can I find some additional icons for things like phone etc… you currently only have user, password and email

Hi talya, thanks for your purchase!

Our product is fontawesome ready, you can find more at: i hope it helped :)

Best regards, Reiz.

Hello, i wish to know if i can used it on my Wordpress Theme ? If yes, can you please for additional fee do it for me ?

Kind Regards.

Hi JessyBigot, i apologize for the long wait.

This is only a template in html / css / js , you can’t integrate it with wordpress like a plugin. But having the appropriate knowledge you can adapt it to anything you want.

Best regards, Reiz.

hello, can i replace my home page with your sign up and login page? i just want to change my home page, please let me know if your theme can replace my home page. thanks

Hi amanazmi2,

Of course, you can replace your homepage with this template, but remember that you have to adapt also the php script to make it work properly.

Best regards, Reiz.

Hi, When upcoming the new version with responsive?

Hi Alizea,

i’m really sorry for the late reply, because of studies and school exams, I was unable to release the new version of the product. I promise that I will release the update as soon as possible in the coming weeks (or months)! I have so many good intentions and ideas planned for this 2016! I am planning a radical change for this product and to the presentation page and also for the support itself.

Best regards, Reiz.

Hi im not sure if im missing something but the documentation that comes with the plugin doesnt really help me to tell me where to connect to user database. Also can user login be linked to a wp user database?

Hi vjxplicit,

There is not a documentation that explains how to connect the plugin dynamically, this is a job that must be done separately and is not included in the product. However it is still possible to integrate it in any platform if you have a minimum of knowledge in php and mysql languages.

If it may concern, at the moment this product (Flux) and the profile that is associated (Reiz) are having a radical update. This means that this product will be updated properly. The final product will always remain the same, but the total content will be different and better. The processing times have not yet been established, as it is quite a long job. For now it is only 30% complete. However you and all other customers, will receive the support that was added to the purchase.

Best regards, Reiz.

May be a silly question, but does this work with WordPress? Thanks!

Unfortunately this item is not designed to work with WordPress, it’s not a plugin, but can be implemented manually if you are able to do it.

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