Flux - Login&Register form with jQuery validation

Flux - Login&Register form with jQuery validation

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FLUX is a powerful and efficient authentication form, crafted with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, that can help you quickly adding an authentication page to your website or project. Can be implemented in any kind of website. Contains a lot of nice visual components, and It’s easily to customize like changing colors, text, design etc.. Comes with a simple design and puts its focus on design and functionality. Serves also to make life easier for little web developers or web masters. Has a lot of features to make your authentication page, an awesome page! With the help of FLUX just focus on the quality. We guarantee them!

Detailed documentation and free future updates included!


  • Clean commented scripts to make code more readable.
  • Folders neatly organized.
  • Detailed and clean documentation.
  • PSD files included.


UPCOMING – v2.0 (Under development, coming soon.)

- IMPORTANT - The whole code has been rescripted with PHP for multi-language support.
- NEW - Responsive support for all devices. (ex. Smartphones and Tables)
- NEW - Language script files. (You can add or modify languages as you want)
- NEW - Forgot username and password pages.
- UPD - Increased stability and performance! (full code reworked).
- UPD - Index page has been renamed (from index.html to index.php or 'yourname'.php)
- FIX - Browsers compatibility enhanced (ex. internet explorer)
- A lot of bug fixes and much more...

7 May 2014 – v1.4

FIX - jQuery form validation.
UPD - Revamped CSS design.
UPD - Social button styles.
UPD - General design look.
NEW - Documentation files. (1.4)
*Minor bug fixes..

6 May 2014 – v1.3

FIX - Improvered support for IE10+.
FIX - Technical improvements.
UPD - Removed wrapper in HTML structure.
UPD - Optical improvements.
NEW - Custom CSS file.
*Minor bug fixes..

5 May 2014 – v1.2

FIX - More support for IE10+, Opera and Safari.
UPD - Documentation files. (1.2)
NEW - Avgrund effect feature.
NEW - Popup links.
*Minor bug fixes..

4 May 2014 – v1.1

NEW - Animated checkboxes.
NEW - Social buttons.
NEW - Email format validation.
*Minor bug fixes..