Discussion on Flutter Admin Panel | Flutterap + free download items + ChatGPT

Discussion on Flutter Admin Panel | Flutterap + free download items + ChatGPT

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Hi esperlos, how do I know what details have been added to the update?

Greetings and Regards You can refer to the road map available on the site at the following address to learn about the added possibilities that released in progress and next steps:

Thank you for your answer. I looked at the link and there I see my request “Pdf Viewer”. This is a happy thing.)) Good luck…

It is an honor to work for you. Thank you for your helpful comments

Hello, It would be great if you could add a PDFViewer to the project

Hello, Of course, it was a very good offer, we will definitely put it in our program to add in the next releases

Hello, this panel very useful but i have some problems of package versions. Please update all packages with right way for latest flutter (3.10) version. This update is quite a problem and frustrating creative work.))

good luck ))

With regards and thanks for your purchase and attention, Due to the fact that you have updated your Flutter, but all valid Flutter packages are not compatible with this version, so we tested Flutterap on the latest compatible version for all components, and as you can see, the version is mentioned in the banner and in the readme file and documents is (3.7.9 stable). We will definitely test the latest versions with every update to be up-to-date.

With regards,Flutterap 4.2.6 compatible with flutter sdk 3.10 is available.

Hello, I am running flutterap_skeleton on an i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz with 12 threads and 64GB of RAM, from a terminal, or from Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ IDEA, but my CPU reaches 100% usage. This only happens when I run flutterap_skeleton, with other projects the usage is lower. Could you please provide any recommendations to be able to work without having my CPU at 100%? Thank you very much.

Hello and thank you for your purchase, we are rechecking and will get back to you soon

Because fixing this category of problems requires sending photos, please send a support request email to the address below so that our support team can look into this for you.

The panel works well and has many features, but I’m having trouble with style changes. There are too many color palettes. It’s true that the color palettes have meaningful names, but they are used in different places, and for every change, I have to reload the program. If possible, please suggest a fundamental approach to styling because currently, making style changes is very labor-intensive.

Hello, Thank you for your purchase. We appreciate it. Yes, you’re right, and we have already considered this issue in advance. Our solution for this matter is using Figma. We are currently designing an admin panel through Figma, where you can make style changes there and then transfer them to Flutterap

Buying your panel was really a good choice for me, I thought it was a normal panel, but with the excellent folder and ready structure that you had, I didn’t need to think about the project structure, diverse and efficient components of the panel, as well as order and dynamics. The codes were great, keep it up.

Greetings and respect and thank you for choosing our panel. In fact, experience had shown us that starting a project from scratch has many irregularities, so we took help from the experience of different frameworks in our working years to organize the structure. Flutter projects start with high stability and continue with high scalability.

So…i enter your preview:

And it has a message of an updated version with new price coming…i click to be notified…a message that the link has expired appears…on and on and on…a loop…doesn’t matter how many time i refresh the page…

is this update with new price coming?

With regards and thanks for your patience regarding the problem, it will be fixed soon. The new version of Flutterap has been delivered to Envato for review and will be published soon.

Pre sale…it is possible to create mobile app and windows application by using this script???

Greetings and thanks for your attention , yes of course, android ,windows, web demos are available.

Is it safe in playstore

Flutter is safe for playstore and flutterap is based on flutter and other things are related to the content you put in the app. The good news is that the new version of Flutterap will be released no later than June 13. If you want to know about the release of the new version, share your email on the

Can I config bloc in your panel to get via get and post methods and set authentication for them?

Greetings and thanks for your attention , yes of course, These items are embedded in the Flutterap admin panel.

Some of your components are so useful for me and make my work easy and fast such as multi language configuration ,app tutorial,media player and…, l want to create a flutter app ,Can I use your panel configurations and components in my app layout that is different from the panel layout?

Greetings and thanks for your attention , yes of course, there are different layouts in layout folder of flutterap that one of them is admin panel layout ,you can use full screen layout or appbar layout , or drawer layout or define a customized layout for yourself, and set its route to navigate.

Can i easily adapt to my social media app project (i’m using bloc too)? thanks…list of users (their frequency, statistics), posts, storage…admins and etc…thanks

Greetings and thanks for your attention regarding the features of Flatterap According to the admin panels and apps that we created with Flutter and implemented the block architecture in them, we offer you skeletons and layers to meet all your needs in connection with the server, which means that we have included the block architecture models , providers and classes without dependence on any library in the structure of the admin panel, and in the block architecture part, we have received media information from the server using the block architecture as example, which is the media model and media block It can be extended to any other model according to the information from your server. You can start easily wit flutterap skeleton that has all the configuration and base of project, Flutterap skeleton is one of the files that are provided to you in addition to the main file. If you have any problem or issue you can share it with us via flutterap github issuse: And if you have any idea or comment you can share it via this link:

How can I start my project in your flutter admin panel? Is there content or training?

Hello and thank you for your attention. Yes, first of all, our admin panel includes skeleton file, so you can easily create a raw project in which you can create your own pages. And the second point is that we were completely concerned about the user’s convenience, we have a complete and separate document of the panel’s features( and we have a YouTube channel ( ) that includes educational videos from the beginning of the installation project, renaming, navigation to pages and folders structure.

Does the independence of components also apply to style and format? I mean, can I change the style easily after designing my panel pages?

yes easily.

Considering that Flatrap is rapidly providing its new updates, what should I do so that I don’t have to design the panel from scratch during the design of my own panel?

Hello and thank you for your attention to this important point, one of the advantages of Flutter Flutterap’s admin panel is the design of independent components that you can update the entire panel with each update just by replacing the components and without touching the structure and pages designed by you. and the panel layout has already been updated and is almost stable.

Hi. Considering that Flutter is mostly used in India and China, does this admin panel support these two languages? If your answer is negative, can you tell me when it will be added?

Thank you for your comment. Yes, as you said, India is one of the countries that use Flutter language the most. But I’m not sure about the Chinese mode. The second country is America, where we have English in flutterap. The next language to be added is Hindi, this will be by next week at the latest. We do not have a specific decision about the Chinese language at the moment

Hello, I have read your script explanation and it was excellent. I thought using your software would make Flutter more attractive. I have a question, what languages does it currently support?

Thank you for your comment We have started with English, Arabic and Farsi and the next language to be added is Hindi

أنا سعيد جدا برؤية هذا المنتج العربي هنا!، تمنياتي لكم بالتوفيق والنجاح، أشعر بأنه شيء مميز ومتعوب عليه، رغم أني لم أعرف وظيفته بالضبط (:

هل يمكن أن توضح لي بشكل أكبر فائدة هذا المنتج؟، هل هو لوحة إدارة فقط يمكن ربطها بأي تطبيق موجود، أو يمكن إنشاء تطبيقات من خلاله؟

وفقكم الله وأعانكم..

شكرًا لكم على اهتمامكم، لوحة الإدارة هذه هي نتيجة سنوات من العمل مع إطار عمل فلاتر ولوحات الإدارة المختلفة. فلاتراپ هو إطار عمل لتطوير لوحات معلومات سريعة وإدارة لمنصات سطح المكتب والجوال والويب. سنقوم قريبًا بتحديث الموقع باللغة العربية بحيث يمكن عرض جميع الميزات باللغة العربية


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