Flutter - Savings & Multipurpose Investment Platform

Flutter - Savings & Multipurpose Investment Platform

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Flutter is a saving; multipurpose investment platform developed with Laravel’s latest update. Your clients can use it to save towards events, the birth of a child, birthdays, Christmas, rent, school fees, & so much more for any duration at different interest rates. It supports project & standard investment. Project investment means investing in real estate, agriculture, transportation, and startups. The standard involves investing a fixed amount for a certain duration with unique features like recurring capital, buying plans with coupons, claiming profit anytime, contact agreements, and investment bonuses. Plans can now be edited without impacting investments already in place. We are making constant changes to make it more secure in the long term. Where security is our primary concern, we use the latest and innovative technologies.

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New Changes

  1. API endpoints for mobile app development: You can now build apps for flutter as API endpoints are now available on the pro version.
  2. Manual crypto deposit support
  3. Improve security  
  4. Optimized user and frontend codes for efficiency and load time
  5. Revamped deposit, bank transfer, savings, and investment emails.
  6. Switched to cron jobs for all transaction updates
  7. Emails are now sent with queues
  8. Added savings plans for savings
  9. Added recurring savings
  10. Improved software UX
  11. Secured KYC document upload

Change log V1.3.1

  1. Fixed Paypal Issue
  2. Fixed Adding Team Bug

Change log V1.3.2

  1. Fixed Withdrawal Issue
  2. Fixed Email Bug
  3. Fixed Reset password
  4. Fixed Referral registration issue

Change log V1.3.0 Update log for old buyers is not yet available, update is not recommended for clients that have edited their source code and don’t want to lose changes!!!. Don’t attempt to update without updating log

  1. Multiple Languages
  2. Added 24 new dashboard color theme
  3. Added 50 new currency
  4. Added 25 new google fonts
  5. Editable automated emails for deposit and withdrawal
  6. Manual deposit method
  7. Fixed Plan creation bug for standard investment
  8. Added Investment category for standard investment
  9. Added multiple affiliate system(Username and URL)
  10. Updated KYC, added the ability to decline
  11. Included share button for project investment
  12. Ability to share units in project investment with merchant id
  13. Improved transfer money, added merchant id, ability to transfer from profit, balance, referral bonus
  14. Added ability to buy investment via balance, profit, and referral bonus
  15. Added ability to change admin default route for more security
  16. Added ability to recover admin password
  17. Added ability to manually approve standard investment
  18. Ability to edit email template
  19. Added Staff

Change log V1.2.6

  1. Added ability to disable next settlement
  2. Added Referral Bonus for project investment
  3. Change Font to Hind Siliguri
  4. Added Flutterwave

Change log V1.2.5

  1. Fixed Blog Bug
  2. Added Welcome message for Admin
  3. Added Ability to edit start date when there are no investors

Change log V1.2.3

  1. Added very good collection payment gateway
  2. Added profit and referral bonus as a saving method
  3. Change Balance to bonus on registration

Change log V1.2.1

  1. Fixed creating a category for project investment bug
  2. Fixed view plan for project investment transactions bug

Change log V1.2

  1. Fixed Deposit verification bug
  2. Fixed Envato Purchase code verification

Change log V1.1

  1. Added ability to disable savings, or project investment, standard investment

Payment Gateways integrated

  1. Paypal
  2. Stripe
  3. Paystack
  4. Coinbase
  5. Coinpayment BTC & ETH
  6. Blockchain BTC
  7. Voguepay
  8. Skrill
  9. Flutterwave

Features Integrated

  1. Modern, Friendly, Responsive UI, need more customization, send an email to
  2. Manual Deposit methods
  3. Dshboard notification system
  4. Advanced Saving system with plans
  5. KYC verification
  6. Livechat – supports any LiveChat service
  7. Accurate Return on Investment Calculator for Standard investment
  8. Next Settlement – Extends pending payouts
  9. Most Popular plan, Recommends the most popular standard investment plan to clients
  10. Standard Investment is independent of plan changes
  11. Recaptcha by Google
  12. Automated Emails
  13. Works with any email service – Read the documentation to set this up properly
  14. Two Factor Authentication
  15. Affiliate system for only standard investment, project investment -coming soon
  16. The software doesn’t need a cron job to update the investment
  17. Pending Coinbase & Coinpayment Transaction is confirmed with API pooling, no need to stress yourself to approve the pending transaction
  18. Supports Bank Transfer

Wondering why Coinpayment shows failed to process

Ensure the coin you want to receive is added to your Coinpayment accepted coins. On the API key page, ensure certain permissions are checked

  1. create_transaction
  2. get_tx_info
  3. get_callback_address
  4. rates
  5. create_transfer

What we don’t provide support for, must-read

Never delete any data from PHPMyAdmin, except via script. We won’t provide support to clients that cause bugs by deleting stuff from PHPMyAdmin instead of the script.

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