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But running good in my localhost

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tamaga Purchased

your app doesn’t work in ios, it prints the error in the log out at the ipad or virtual device. “libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException (lldb) “


tamaga Purchased

I would like to see a video of you showing how the app should work in Xcode in the Virtual Device. I don’t think it’s gonna work.

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tamaga Purchased

i’ve been waiting for more than a week now, still no response from support. You said you would forward it to your colleagues but there is no progress.


moinnn Purchased

its gives error for directory : /Users/mac/Downloads/EbooksorcecodeV1.6/ebook/ios/.symlinks/plugins/pdftron_flutter Git

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do i need a book license to publish to appstore?

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Hi, when the payment gateway integration will be completed? thanks

Currently no plan to include this. Whenever we will include payment gateway, we will email you.

Does the android app support epub format yet?

This application works with pdf books only. If you required android version with advanced features and it also supported with epub files, kindly email us on our email:

First, I hope you are fine I am having difficulty implementing the application I did not find the Arabic language

Kindly contact us on our email for technical support:

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when i want to register

We will send you email on your given mail.

this is android studio code ?

This is flutter code and is editable in Android studio.

hi there, for the share feature, how can we ensure someone can’t copy the whole text of our book? We want to allow a little bit shared, but not the ability to copy whole book or share a lot of text. Can you clarify, thanks!

In current version, full book can be shared and copy.

is there a way it can be configuired that only a little preview can be shared?

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can users upload ebook as well?

No, only admin can add ebook from admin panel.

Hey, is it possible to manually add long texts as a book? I want to develop an instruction book which will hvae already pre-made long texts. It would be ideal if the remaining text passes over to the next page while reading.

Currently this kind of feature is not available in this app.

Kindly add subscription feature for user, so that subscribed user can only view the content.

Thanks for your suggestion. We will definitely try this feature.

Also add payment gateway like RazorPay, Paypal, Stripe, etc. for the paid subscription, also make it available to restrict the subscription further.

I wish this will make it more interesting.

Sure. Thanks.


Injur Purchased

Hello guys.

Why is the the forgot password feature not availablle ?

This feature is not available, you must change password from admin’s my profile page.

I am looking for a system where authors register and upload their ebooks for sale in the backend and the customers buy the books from IOS and Android apps. and the customers read the ebooks using epub on their mobile app. With what you have here, Can authors upload their books? can we sell books using this app? Can we integrate this app with our current book database which is in WordPress? Can you create an IOS version and also how much will this be? I want authors also to Add & Modify Books in the backend I want Authors to register and add books in the backend I need both IOS and Android version I want buyers or readers to buy using the app and to read the ebooks using ePub I don’t use skype in my country, so can you give me your other contacts? Thanks

Kindly email us for any technical support :

sent email

Team will reply you soon.


jajavj Purchased

hi, 1. how to edit ebook name ? 2. to config notification setting? 3. how to add and edit api list?

Best Regards.


hi, there is warning when U execute “flutter pub get”: Warning ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Your Flutter application is created using an older version of the Android embedding. It’s being deprecated in favor of Android embedding v2. Follow the steps at

to migrate your project.

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hi, epub not supported?

No. Only pdf supports.

There are too much bugs on both application can you help me out for fixing

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