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Just add a video here: Video Demo

Enjoy :D

Really love the style of these, nice work!

Hi, i want to know, for what is this, if Joomla? Wordpress? Oscommerce? or what type?...


This script is not intented to be put in any open source system. You may need some php knowledge if you would like to integrate it to Joomla,Wordpress or any other.

We can customize one for you, please contact us at enquiry@websolution.hk for details. Thank you for your interest

Can you offer an extended license?

Thank you for your interest.

The extended license can be purchased now.

Hello. I want tabs to be on the left side (not in the top). Is it a big problem in You script to change that?

We don’t have that flexibility at this moment, but we can customize it for you.

It would be nice :-) What is the cost?

Purchased your script – works and looks great!

However, I found that the tables and footer didn’t match the width of the header in IE 8 whereas Firefox was fine. The problem stems from

.row .future{width:230px;   and 
.bottom .future{width:230px;

being set to narrow. But, increase it by 10px and then Firefox is not displaying correctly. I found that the only way to get it to work correctly for both was to incorporate the following hack:

.row .future{width:230px; width:240px\9;
.bottom .future{width:230px; width:240px\9;

What this does is setup a conditional statement stating if IE 8 or below then use this. I found that these statements

 •[if IE 8]> = IE8
•<!--[if lt IE 8]> = IE7 or below
•<!--[if gte IE 8]> = greater than or equal to IE8
didn’t work for me but, may for others. Only the \9 is working for me with IE 8 .

Hi – Purchased this layout yesterday, but never received any Photoshop files. Can you please send me the PSD for this layout ? thanks Email ::- sara dot ghas at gmail dot com

Thank you for your purchase. They are in the ‘raw’ folder

Hi, is it possible to use the grid you made with ASP .NET DataGrid component? Could you paste a code snippet of the implementation? Thanks

Thank you for your interest. We have never tried that and not quite sure how to do that, sorry.

IS this PHP Grid code or just theme, I am not able to understand, Please provide details, I want to buy

I am considering using this theme as a tabbed interface in place of the ZOZO one I’ve got now – because it is much nicer looking and blends better (perfectly) with your ajax grid components. In the editable grid comments I asked if I could have more than one grid on a page – because the ZOZO tabs includes all page content on a single html page. Does this tab system do the same? If so, can I install more than one of your editable ajax grids on the different page content sections?

Well done! Good luck with sales!