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NM, I found my problem.

Hi, will I be able to set this as table element background?

Yes. You need to create an empty DIV element and place it as a background of your table. Then create FLUID in that DIV.

The main point is that in order to create the FLUID, you must have an empty DIV. You can place it anywhere.

Thank you for the interest!

Hi :D i am just wondering if this website background is made with this product? http://www.wearetopsecret.com/ And if not is it something you can make? thx in advance :D

I’ll think about it. Thanks for your trust ;)

Sounds Great :D i am following your profile from now on and are hoping for the best ;-D

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This is overlaping all my text. How can i make it in background only?

its okay i managed to get it to work. http://www.isso.club

It looks cool! Thank you again!

Yes ist looks cool ;) Thank you for selling this nice script!

Really nice effect. I have one question. If I use this as a background with content on top of the canvas, like on a higher z-index, will the mouse hover effect still work on the canvas under the higher z-index divs? For example, http://jsfiddle.net/gfosco/CU5YT/

Thank you for your interest! In the current version it will not work. This will be done in the next update. For now, to make hover effect work under the higher z-index divs, just add css property to these divs: pointer-events: none;

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales

Thank you very much!


It’s not working for me. Can you please test this link and tell me where am I going wrong.


Thanks, Anuj

Hi, Look at this DIV element: <div id="fluid_container"> </div>

It has size 1140×0. Give it non zero height and test again.

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Hi, On my site I’m only able to add code to the HTML head. So can I use your animated background?

YES. You can create a script within head tag. The logic of the script is as follows: 1. create an empty div element; 2. apply some CSS to this div; 3. when body is loaded, place this div somewhere within body; 4. after that, initialize FLUID instance within this div.


crixxx Purchased

Hi, I bought the script thinking it was a plugin for wordpress … Can you integrate into a page of a theme (I can not) could you do it?

Thanks for purchasing! I did not consider it as a plug-in for certain CMS. The goal was to make a universal solution, which, if necessary, can be integrated into a certain CMS or framework. I don’t use WordPress in my work. Look how simple it is to embed the effect into a regular web page. I think anyone familiar with WordPress will easily embed this script.


would it be possible to use circles as particles similar to the background of http://icloud.com?


Hi, In this app all particles are created programmatically. To make it possible to generate only circles, I need to make some changes in the JavaScript code. Thanks for your interest!