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Hi there. I just purchased your product but am having one issue that I can’t seem to work out. There is an option (which is one big reason I purchased this) to set an external url link on a thumbnail in order to take you to a page instead. I have set the ‘open tabs in new window’ checkbox and have included a url on one of the photos but it only ever opens up the lightbox. Please help. It is the first image on this test page:


Please contact me through the message box in my profile page – http://codecanyon.net/user/cosmocoder, and give me access to your WP Admin so that I can take a look at the gallery settings.

Hello, and congratulations for your great gallery. I am trying to insert an external link to a Facebook page in one of the items, but I don’t know how to make it works. In the gallery of the homepage of vmcompeticion.com, the second item has an url for link, but I can’t see where it is.


Thanks for purchasing!

I will upload a fix for this soon, but if you need the fix immediately then contact me through my profile page message box.

Hi Cosmocoder,

Thanks for your plugin, I was just wondering if you have any tips to prevent the thumbnails from being so blurry – http://www.careatchristmas.org/jingle-bell-jog-gallery/, they look out of focus on both desktop and smartphone. Are there settings I can change to fix this?

Thanks for your help,


This issue only happens when you embed two gallery instances in the same page. I will see if this can be fixed.

Hi cosmocoder, do you have an update on this? Thanks for your help.

Please contact me through my profile page message box, and I will send you the modified plugin file to try this out.


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I’m using the Flow Gallery and it’s working well except when I try to add one more gallery. I’m getting the following errors when I try to save PMDC gallery on this page: http://webuilddatacenters.com/newsite/project-experience/photo-gallery/

Warning: array_walk_recursive() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/93/10457493/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/flow-gallery/flow-gallery-options.php on line 144

Warning: array_walk_recursive() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/93/10457493/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/flow-gallery/flow-gallery-options.php on line 145

Warning: array_walk_recursive() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/93/10457493/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/flow-gallery/flow-gallery-options.php on line 146

Warning: array_walk_recursive() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/93/10457493/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/flow-gallery/flow-gallery-options.php on line 147

You can safely ignore those warnings, as they are not the reason behind the issue. You probably need to increase the max_input_vars php setting in your server – http://diywpblog.com/how-to-increase-max-input-vars/

Hi there,

Thank you for the plugin, I’ve started using it and have one question.

My gallery is all audio and I would like to add tags/categories to each of them allowing people to just filter them by topic. How can I do that?

Thank you again!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

With kind regards, Erika

The plugin allows you to associate custom categories with each gallery item. Please go over the provided documentation to see how to accomplish that

Hello, very interested in buying I have two big questions.

1. Does this particular plugin have the “scan folder” functionality like your other program? I’d like this to scan a folder i designate to sort and display pictures to an album that users can go through and see photos that relate to their events specifically.

2. How does the program know how to segregate which photo goes to which album?

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for your interest!

What are your queries?

Hola tengo un problema con la galeria pues creo el album y solo me carga 25 fotos si intento cargar más no deja y se queda cargando

me ayudan porfavor

Please write your message in English.

Hola, yo compre el plugin pero tengo un problema al crear los albunes solo me deja cargar 25 fotos no me cargan más

me ayudan

Please post your message in English.

Hi, your plugin looks very interesting, but your demo is not inside a WordPress site, so I cannot confirm if it does what I need. I am mainly interested in the folder scanning option. I would like to upload photos to a folder like this:


and create a gallery from these photos. is it possible? does the folder have to be inside “wp-content” or can it also be in the top directory? I would like the thumbnails to link to original extra large files that are in the folders, or to a lightbox that would link to the original. The originals are quite large, 5-10 MB. Does your plugin support such large images? Is it possible to see a demo working in a Wordpress site, and not on an HTML page?

Thanks for your interest!

The WP plugin version of Flow Gallery does not support the folder scanning feature. For that you need to get the jQuery plugin version.

That’s a pity. That would be a great feature. Is it possible to use the jQuery version on a WordPress site?

Yes, you certainly can, you just need to be careful with the proper file paths and reference all css and js files in your page.

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I just renewed my support membership on 2/16/17

Dear Sir or Madam, I have thoroughly enjoyed using your flow gallery plugin. My website is done. www.mysetupalife.com. On a desktop (MAC) the video gallery displays in my desired order, but when I view the same video section on my IPhone or on my IPad the order of the videos changes. It is important the videos stay in the desktop version order. These tell a story of problem … solution, so they need to be in order on all devices.

Please advice what needs to be done to solve this issue.

Sincerely Susan

I need a link to your page where the gallery is embedded to inspect the problem.

Great plugin. Is there a way to link directly to a custom category? For example, if I wanted to show only show a certain category on page load.

Thanks for purchasing!

I am sorry to say that the plugin does not support directly linking to a category.


I have two questions:

1) When I try to link to either a hidden or private vimeo video I get back a white thumbnail and the Flow gallery won’t load. Just a revolving blue circle. How can I fix this?

2) Can I set up an album within a gallery? So, for example, i would have several individual photos, a video, and then an album. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.

Many thanks. Great looking plugin by the way!

What would be my options for the first question then? Will private videos from Youtube work? Can the videos be self-hosted (although I would rather not do that).

Private videos from Vimeo/Youtube will all have the same problem. No info can be pulled from them. You can always use self-hosted videos where you can supply all the necessary details for the video item.

Another option could be to use the jQuery plugin version of Flow Gallery, where you can provide all the info for all items (even private Vimeo videos) as json data, but that will of course take more coding and not so easy to use as the WP plugin version.

Thanks for the info. Appreciate it!


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The plugin is working well except when I try to add a YouTube video. The galley just hangs and doesn’t get past the spinning circle.

Did you add a valid Youtube API key? If yes, then give me the link to the page where the gallery is embedded and I will take a look.


domdca Purchased

I did not. Working now. Thanks!

Good to know that!

Hi. I have a problem uploading certain images in jpg. Some images do accept and others do not. Why?

For example, the first image in http://www.pergoi.com/grafica-2/

Thank you.

Can you upload the problematic image in the WP Media Library? The plugin uses the built-in Library’s tools to upload the image.


crsiX Purchased

Hello, thanks for this plugin, it works well but I have an issue when I use it on localhost with XAMPP. Instead in this case the video player doesn’t run, specially the lightbox doesn’t open it. Unfortunately I need to use on local mode for a particular project. So.. may you have the solution to workaround this issue? XAMPP is running Apache, MYSql of course and Mercury and Tomcat with no problems. There is something that the plugin need I suppose…

Thanks bye

This is a strange issue! I have tested the plugin in a local server environment and there are no problems with the videos. Please check the browser console for error reports when you try to play a video.

Hello i just purchase the WP version and i first bought the HTML version of this could i get a refund for the HTML version as i wont be using it. Thanks.

Please submit a refund request from your account and I will approve it.

Hello. I am using Albums display here http://www.comingsooon.com/loudounfarms/photo-gallery/ but when you open an album I am having a hard time getting images to align in grid properly. Items are missing and not in grid as they should. What can I do? Thanks!

I see that several of your thumbnail images are missing. Please check if your gallery settings have all the thumbnails of your items saved.

Ok I just uploaded larger images and they all appear now, but with alignment issues. http://www.comingsooon.com/loudounfarms/photo-gallery/ Please open the first album. You will see the last image does not have correct spacing. Any ideas here?

There could be a style conflict somewhere, which is affecting the position calculation of the items done by the gallery plugin. Please disable all your stylesheets in the page, and see if the problem is solved, and if it is then enable one after the other to find the problematic one.

I purchased flow gallery and its not showing videos! I have sent you a personal message with website login details. Please help!! Thanks!!

Replied to your email.

CosmoCoder, I’m leaving a comment here as you told me. Thank you again.