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Hi, I need code example of using configData with parseJSON. thanks. Do you know a better way to work with Database & php ?

I am sorry, must see example on your script.

I don’t have a backend script for that. You can search online for some. After you have your script ready that outputs json data, then you can just do: config: '/my/path/to/script.php` (assuming it is a php script).

Never Mind

I am sorry. I must see example how to use it on your script.


I want to use the albums, feature in flow gallery, and want to populate the gallery by scanning a folder of pictures, is there something that I must change in the album json file for this to work? The reason I ask is because in the album json file, you are placing the pictures in the album one by one.



When you create a gallery by scanning a folder then no json file is needed. You just need to pass the path to your photos folder, and set config: ''

thanks, are you talking about configurl:? and set that to configUrl: ’ ’ also does this gallery work with bootstrap? I seem to be getting conflicts

Yes, set configUrl: ''.

There maybe some style conflicts with Bootstrap, but that can happen with any template/framework.


Is it possible to add custom sorting to Albums?

Here is my purchase code to verify: ed91135c-8f96-499d-abef-4cdb0bd98e41

Yes you can do that. Please check the provided documentation for more details. But note that sorting only works for items inside an album.

i have a feeling my question was not understood. I know you can sort items in albums. But you’re saying you cannot sort albums themselves? correct?

Yes, albums themselves cannot be sorted.

Hello! First off, this gallery looks really really great. Congrats!

We’ve installed and configured the gallery and uploaded all photos. However, when the gallery runs, it only shows a spinning wheel:

We’re not sure where to locate any debug or log info. Please let us know what we missed. Thank you.

ok, should be fine now. Please try again. Thanks.

I was able to access the page now and I see the issue. I think some server setting or plugin is causing this. You can turn of the caching feature of the gallery to see if that makes any difference.

Thanks! That worked great!

Hi there! We’re trying this gallery again in a different folder on the site. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to load. We tried setting ‘enableCache: false’, but it didn’t seem to do the trick.

Would you mind taking a look and letting us know what we missed?

Thank you.

I am not sure what the issue is with this page, since the data for the gallery seems to be loading. It could be an issue with the json, or with some other script on the page. Strip down the json and send only 1 album with 1 item and see what happens.

Thanks! All seems to be well now.

Good to know that.

Hi There, first, thank you for a great gallery script, I bought them both ;o) I have a problem with Vimeo Private videos (with flow gallery)? We have an education portal and some videos are interviews and they haveto be private. When JSON-file has a private ID, nothing works. Can you pls help me with this.

thanks, Pekka

Thanks for purchasing!

It is not possible to pull any video info from Vimeo for videos that are private. You can just try to embed the video on your website by configuring your Vimeo account settings –

I noticed “Albums” were not working for me locally in Safari, and the demo appears to have the same issue.

Once you click on any album, the items in the album never load. Works perfectly in Chrome.

Here’s the live version of what I’m working on…

Both the live demo that you linked to and also the gallery in your page are loading perfectly in Safari for me. Note that if your try the gallery locally in Safari then you will have issues, as mentioned at the beginning of the documentation.

hello! this gallery is very good, but i have a conflict with bootstrap. the nav-element is broken… what can i do?

no, the problem is the materialize.css … it overwrite the normalize.css again… your code is not the solution…

no, the problem is the materialize.css … it overwrite the normalize.css again… your code is not the solution…

You can use the !important keyword with the code that I gave, like this:
nav.navbar {
    height: auto !important;
    overflow: visible !important;


from where I can disable captions on hovering “tile” items and also disable showing filenames when photo is in full view ?

Preferably without hiding them with display:none in captions and overlay CSS styles.

Currently I have the following settings:

gridType: 'columns',
justifyLastRow: false,
horizontalGutter: 10,
verticalGutter: 10,
items: {style: 'tile', enterAnimation: 'slideRight'},
card: {captionMaxHeight: 2, alwaysShowCaption: false, descriptionInCaption: false},
captionShowAnimation: 'expand',
enableCache: false,
enableDeepLinking: false,
loadItemChunks: false,
scanPhotoFolder: true,
photoFolder: 'media/photos',
rowItemMinWidth: 100,
columns: 3,
alwaysShowThumbTitle: false,
showFileTypeIcons: false,
showSearchFilter: false,
fixMenuOnScroll: false,
menuFixOffset: 100,
showFileTypeIcons: false,
showGalleryMenuBar: false,
showFilterMenu: false,
showFileTypeFilters: false,
getExifData: false

Thank you

You cannot permanently hide the captions over the “tile” items unless you set them to display: none. Also if you don’t provide titles for your scanned photo items then the photo’s file name will be used as the title. Please see the documentation on how to provide captions for your photos when scanning.

Hello! This is an amazing script!! I can’t get it to load at all on my server though- I uploaded the entire FlowGallery folder and all subdirectories to try the demos and I can’t get them to work either. It just keeps loading but never shows up. Here’s where I have the files hosted:

Any help would be much appreciated, right now I haven’t been able to get it to work no matter what I do and have gone through the readme start to finish at least 5 times. Thanks!!

Thanks for purchasing!

You need to provide a valid Youtube API key for those demos that contain Youtube items.

Thanks for the quick response! I didn’t realize the other content wouldn’t load as well, sorry about that!!

I’m having another issue right now and it seems like loading gallery items is hit or miss from mobile. Using a Samsung Galaxy S7 I have no problems loading the albums at but some of the albums won’t load (just constant loading icon.) When this happens it freezes my browser tab so I can’t back out, go to any other part of the site, etc. Specifically, if you click on the “Decorations We Love” album it pretty much happens 100% of the time.

Any help would be huge! Thanks again!

This page has several js errors, so it is likely that the issues that you are seeing are happening because of this. Check your browser console for the list of errors.


I purchased the latest version of FlowGallery and downloaded it to my local. After extraction and when i tried to test it didn’t work. The console error message is like this:

When i checked the demo version it seems like demo is using 2.0.0 version but the downloaded version is 2.0.1 and there’s major difference in main file because of the minification algorithm (i couldn’t find the not minified version of script so i couldn’t locate the error line).

demo version is:

My local version is:

Please help us to resolve this problem otherwise we will try to refund.

I just removed youtube media from config.json and it’s working now. Thanks

Yes, you need to provide a valid Youtube API key for the provided demos to work properly.


There seems to be a bug with the gallery while viewing in a responsive view on iOS in webkit. The gallery crashes both Safari and Chrome on both an iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 as well as Safari and Chrome on Mac while viewing in a responsive view.

Any help would be appreciated!

I don’t have an actual iPhone, but the gallery does not crash in the iOS Simulator when rotating from landscape to portrait orientation for the “rows” mode.

Not sure what else I can tell you other than it happens on all browsers on the Mac and iPhone platform. Here are screenshots to show you where it crashes, the offending line of code as well as a video of it happening and the ensuing memory leak.

Script where it thrashes the DOM: // // The browsers unhappy response: // // Offending line of code with the “clientWidth” call. // // Video of the entire thing. // // I guess if you can’t or won’t look into it further then I’ll request a refund.

After some testing on my end it seems the issue only happens in Safari and Chrome when you try the provided demo files. Please use the provided unminified jquery plugin js file, and use that to create a gallery instance in a completely empty html page of your own.

Hi I purchased your flow gallery.. but the files provided doesn’t seem to include the layout structure html file. Could you please provide me with that. thanks

Thanks for purchasing!

I did not quite understand what you meant. Please go over the provided documentation on how to setup the gallery, there is no special html required for it.

Hello, We find that when we try to view your flow gallery demo OR our page using your script on an iphone with Safari the page crashes and we get the following error: A problem repeatedly occurred on http….. Can you please assist. We want to use the gallery but if it crashed on iphone it’s of no use. Thanks for getting back to us!

You misunderstood me. I was asking you to see if using 5 (which was a random low number) images stopped Safari from crashing. If it did then we would have a clue about what was causing the crash. I also asked to disable the transitions on the gallery items. I made these suggestions because mobile Safari is buggy and is known for crashing with too many images or transitions.

OK….We just created a version of the row gallery with 4 low res photos. Fine on desktop. Crashed on iphone. Same error as before. We removed the gallery from the test page and the test page did NOT crash. I’d really like a refund on this please. I really need to finish up this gallery and am out of time on this kind of debugging.

Hello! Is it possible to right away filter to category 2-3-4 whatever that I will be setting up? So that it is not ALL by default? Cheers :) Looks very nice, I was looking for something like this for a long time.

Thanks for your interest!

The option to show a specific category when the gallery loads is not provided currently, but I will try to add it soon.

When is that expected? If it’s done (and also if there will be an option to filter not just by a dropdown menu but putting the filter types right away to the horizontal top of the container, i’ll buy) I know it can be done fairly painlessly via coding but if the option is there already as a toggle it’d be very cool.

I can’t give a date when I will be able to add this feature because I am currently very busy with other projects, but hopefully soon enough

I purchased the extended support back in May and haven’t needed it until now. I am having an issue getting the actual images to show when they are clicked on, and am wondering what is out of place or missing – when I run firebug it gives the message:

“Velocity: First argument (transition.expandOut) was not a property map, a known action, or a registered redirect. Aborting.”

The website link is


I don’t see the gallery in your provided link. Please give me the correct link to inspect.

Hi. I see that this script allows users to share images on social media, but does it also have a download button to allow them and download the image? Thanks in advance for the info.

Thanks for your interest! There is no download button provided with the gallery items.

trying to view any FlowGallery/Demos/ *.html and get the follow error “TypeError: e.items is undefined” i need help

You need a a valid Youtube API key for the demos that contain Youtube video items.

I’m using the Flow Gallery and it’s working well except when I try to add one more gallery. I’m getting the following errors when I try to save PMDC gallery on this page:

Warning: array_walk_recursive() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/93/10457493/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/flow-gallery/flow-gallery-options.php on line 144

Warning: array_walk_recursive() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/93/10457493/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/flow-gallery/flow-gallery-options.php on line 145

Warning: array_walk_recursive() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/93/10457493/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/flow-gallery/flow-gallery-options.php on line 146

Warning: array_walk_recursive() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/93/10457493/html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/flow-gallery/flow-gallery-options.php on line 147

Please post your comment in the comments section of the WP plugin version of Flow Gallery.