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can each tile or image contain an external link that, when clicked, launches the desired URL in a new window? Would be awesome for an affiliate shopping site that links to other web site items!

let me know when you have made changes and I will purchase …

I will try to have it included by early next week.

I wanted to let you know that your requested feature has been added and the updated version is now available for download.

This looks very slick – is it possible to load Facebook albums as part of the gallery?

Ok thanks – I will keep an eye out – I love the effect on the buttons as well, looks really good.

Thanks, glad you like it.

I wanted to let you know that I have released an extension for Flow Gallery called Social Feed which allows you to display Facebook albums among other things. Check it out here –

Hi, this is a beautiful script! Which demo can I go to see an image or video or audio with an external URL. I want to see a demo of an item opens an external site in a new window when clicked on it. Thanks.

I haven’t shown the opening of links in the current posted demos, because I thought that would be kind of disruptive. But I assure you it works well. When you have the “card” style then the entire thumbnail acts as the link and when you use the “tile” style then a button with an icon appears over the thumbnail on hover that acts as the link. You also have the option of either opening the link in the same tab as the gallery or in a new one.

If you still insist on a demo of this then let me know and I will post it.

Thanks, I believe you, you don’t have to setup a new demo. Another question: Can anyone upload items (mufti-user) or only one person, the site owner?

This is a jQuery plugin, so it does not handle any uploads. It displays all the photos/audio/videos whose info you provide in a JSON or a similarly structured javascript object.

I really like this product. However, it doesn’t pull the album information from the JSON file in all browsers when offline. Any ideas?

Thanks for purchasing!

By offline do you mean running the gallery script locally from your computer? If so then note that not all browsers support local ajax requests. Firefox and Safari allow it and for Chrome you have to enable a special flag. This has also been mentioned at the beginning of the provided documentation.

Hi! I got a small question,... how customizable is this gallery from a JS and CSS perspective? I want the default funcionality,... but I want it to look differently,... can I change this easily? Or perhaps use SASS to totally override the CSS?

You are free to completely change the the styling of the gallery according to your needs. Besides a few essential css code for the gallery elements you can change their look and feel as much as you want.

You said:

displays all the photos/audio/videos whose info you provide in a JSON or a similarly structured javascript object.

Can you give a bit more details about the formatting of the list of files to display. A short sample of the required structure would be great.


I won’t post code here but each item block in the JSON or the javascript object needs to provide the relevant file paths (or Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion url’s), titles, descriptions, file types etc.

All details will be provided in the documentation.

Hello! Could you help me at some questions? I wanna use your gallery in a div and the gallery should have the width of the div not of the window. Could you help me finding the line in your code. I try it since 4 hours, but cant handle it :(

Best Hans

Thanks for purchasing!

The gallery is responsive in nature and takes on the width of its parent container automatically, as has also been illustrated in the demos.


Great script! The only issue I am having is if I have a youtube video in my JSON and the link is removed the entire script stops working (see screenshot below). Is there a way to avoid this? Or at least a way to isolate which video it is without going through it trial and error until I realize which one is causing it?

Thanks for purchasing!

By the “link removed” do you mean the youtube item entry is there in the JSON, but the url of the video is removed? If so, then the gallery will not load correctly because the youtube video url is mandatory.

If you meant something else then please clarify.

Hello, this seems like a very beautiful gallery.

Before purchasing I want to make sure it can do what I need: I need to embed galleries within my own blog/site, is that easily doable? Thank you

Yes, you can of course embed the gallery in your site, otherwise it would be pretty useless :)

The gallery is a jquery plugin and the instructions for settings it up are provided in the documentation which you get when you purchase the item.

Is there an option to show or hide individual photos in the gallery? I want to have all of my photos in the gallery, but only display select ones depending on what I am doing with my business.

I actually want to use the gallery for a client’s web app. It is an ice cream shop and they make their own ice cream. On any given day they have a unique selection of flavors depending on what’s available. I want to have all of the flavors loaded into a gallery for them, so they can just log in and show or hide whichever is available at that time.

There is no option to hide individual items in the gallery, other than using separate json data for each selection of items. If it suits you then you can also look into the custom categories or albums feature that the gallery provides.

As mentioned in the item description, the gallery can also be initialized with a javascript object that holds all the items’ data. You can use that feature by pre-filtering the hidden items and only passing on the items that will be shown.

Okay, well, thanks anyways.

Hi, i tried this and it works. but for some reason now it just keeps loading and nothing shows up;

Your gallery json is in another sub-domain which is not allowed by browser cross-origin policies.

right, i remember that. thanks for pointing it out. it’s working now.

just one more question, can i remove the filtering blue bar on top?

The plugin provides options to remove individual menu bar components or the entire menu bar itself. See the documentation for details.

the json file is blocked by our firewall when i uploaded this to our staging environment. is it possible to use xml file instead of json?

No, the plugin is only built to read json. You don’t need to have a static json file. You can also send the json data by having a server side script, like php, generate it dynamically. You can also initialize the plugin with a javascript object that has a similar structure to the json (see the documentation).

Is there any way to hack the gallery so it will show a pdf file? It is a client request. Because the js file is compressed, I’m having trouble figuring out how to add it. Thanks!

The unminified version is provided with the package.

I found it. Thanks.

Hi I’m changing configUrl in searchFilter and runing getGalleryData function after configUrl change but json requesting multiple times in getGalleryData I want to use remote json data on SearchFilter input. Regards

I did not quite understand. Please clarify.

Hey there; I’m trying to use Vimeo with this plugin but I’m getting 404 errors for the videos. The requests are being structured as follows:[videoID].json?callback=jQuery111209643427131231874_1430422336214&_=1430422336215
but the Vimeo documentation specifies a different format: using the with the version declared in headers.

Any ideas?


The gallery uses the Vimeo Simple API. What feed are you trying to pull?

Ignore this comment.

I really, really love this gallery. But I can’t figure out how to make the “sort” go away when using Albums. I can’t even make it change what it sorts by. Please help.

If you click on any of the albums, the sort is at the top. I’m sorry I can’t figure this out. Your help is appreciated.

I will investigate this and get back to you.

I found that the problem is caused by an issue with jquery’s extend() method. I will upload a fix for it soon. Meanwhile, in order to hide the “sort” dropdown set sortBy: false when initializing the gallery.

Hi, Pre-sale question, is this script can scan folder(s) and subfolder(s) of .JPG + .MP4 = read it and display all ? Thanks

Please clarify a bit more what you are trying to say.

Sorry, Also, trying to have it build a gallery automatically from a folder… Documentatio is too light to understand the process… What is the process to build a gallery automatically from a folder? Have you an example or a “test page” ready ? Thanks

In order to scan a folder of photos you just need to set the correct plugin parameters (scanPhotoFolder and photoFolder). This has been explicitly mentioned in the documentation, in the “Javascript Setup” section.

Hi, just purchased, and am not able to get it to work esp. trying to have it build a gallery automatically from a folder… Maybe the issue is that I’m not sure what format the json file has to be in this instance, all the examples provided seem to be for building a gallery piece-by-piece rather than in bulk…?

Ok, I removed the json reference, now just getting a spinning circle…

Not sure where I’m going wrong, the photos aren’t loading from the folder, just the spinning circle appears and that’s it. Attempting both from folder and using json, same results…

Replied to your email.

how can i change configUrl and reload json response with no-refresh page

The plugin is not built to support the thing that you are trying to do, so it is no wonder that you will see issues happening with this.

how can i add reinitialize function to galleryAPI? Really i need it.

You can’t add such a function without a complete reworking of the entire code-base. You have to reinitialize the gallery.

Maybe you can utilize the albums feature of the gallery.