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I am getting the error: Message not sent – an error occured!

I am hosting it with NameCheap, were there any issue with this Hosting provider?

Hi misharvideo,

It may not necessarily be a hosting company issue, it could be down to the PHP version on your server. I noticed after the updates that most PHP versions around 5.4+ and below seem to produce this error – am working on an update for this currently!

The only issues with hosting companies i have found are

1 – blocking any external email scripts (bluehost and goddaddy do this on shared hosting accounts citing security reasons – so you have to talk to their support about allowing your form script)

2 – Windows hosting servers do not support direct mail function line linux so you have to switch to SMTP

Those ere the only hosting problems that can prevent your form from working – the rest could be script related

You ca send me your files i make some changes for you and if possible email me your FTP details i work on server



Thanks a lot for your reply. I will first contact NameCheap to see can i host it there anyway, than if it’s necessary I will contact you.

OK thanks


Im getting error when form submit: Message not sent – an error occured!

Not error log in php folder.

I can not comment or delete these lines because they are not in the code (formprocess.php):

$mail->isSendmail(); $automail->isSendmail();


Hi Pardog am going to chage the mail files for you just send me an email

Hello, Can Image upload is working?

Yes it is working

Why do you need to fix this for everyone that buys it?!

I bought it to and is doesnt work, troubelshoot solution aint working either Can’t you just fix it?

HI Djimmies,

I fixed the issue in the update it is under review it should be published soon, the reason i did not publish it earlier was to avoid republishing old code

Hi, I am also getting “Message not sent – an error occured!” error while sending the form. Please help. Thanks

I uploaded an update though it has not been approved there were major changes in the broken PHPmailer code in Jan and some security patches so the code was updated but envato has to approve it and post the update. So it should be updated this week