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Does this thing has an API.. In which I can integrate Facebook share?

Unfortunately, the game cannot be linked with Facebook, I will try to add the SHARE button in the next update, but I´m not sure if it will appear.

is there a way to monetize it? I see Adsense is not possible… but is there a way to add other type of ads?

The advertising blocks can be put on the page along with the game, but as for inserting the advertisments into the html5 games- I unfortunatelly don´t have experiencewith that.

sorry for the confusion… thats what I was saying.. ads not in the game but along with the game on the sides… is adsense allowed in that case?

Hi hammad.

It´s possible to place the adsense in the same window along with the game – as long as it doesn´t violate the adsense terms and conditions:

I hope I´ve answered this time :)

how i make the leaderboard to my own ?

The problem is that you´re trying to export the game to a format different from the one in which I sell the game. The game is optimized for html5 browsers and I didn´t test it for android or on an iphone. When exporting to cocoonJS, the game will loose some functions, that were not designed for this export. That´s why I can´t help you, I´m sorry. If I´ll ever face this problem and will be able to solve it, I´ll let you know, but for now the game can be played only in html5 browser.

hello there can u help me to change font ? :D

Hello, what text do you want to change? You will find most of the texts in the psd file, that you have to save as an image.

who’s AI got 3235 Points? lol @ demo It’s been hacked or error? I hope there’s a way clear the ranking & start fresh again? My highest like 16 p

I had to reset the leaderboard ´cause it had been hacked. Unfortunatelly, sending the score is not secured enough, I hope to be able to fix it in the next update. Thank you for letting me know. :)

Hi, i tried to make an android game from your game, and it lags too much… Have you any tips to make it wok on native android app ?

Hi mctyer and thanks for you purchase! When I try to export the game for Android, there´s a problem with lags. It´s actually quite complicated to optimize the game for the mobile phone. That is why I sell the game only as an html5 and not for android OS. That´s why I can´t help you with your problem, I´m sorry… however, If I release an update dealing with this problem, I´ll certainly let you now.

The leaderboard don’t work when i upload the game as an app on Facebook. Is it normal?

Sorry for the late answer. I didn’t test the game via Facebook so I can’t help you with that. If I have some spare time, I’ll have a look.

Is there a full screen version, if not, is easy to customize to full screen (Desktop screen)?

Hi ignau. There’s no such a version but if you do construct 2 it’s possible to make it full screen.

Nice one, gl with sales :)

Thank you! :P

Hello, what i reset the hightscore original ? Thanks

Hi zac75. I did reset the highscore. If you want to use your own leaderboard, you need to open an account on – more info about how to create your own leaderboard can be found in the documentation.

How can I reload images into project?

Hi stefano & Thank you for your purchase. If you want to replace the images with your own, you can do that in /game/images/. If you want to make more changes in the game, you will need a Construct2 program.

Hello, nice game! I’d like to use it in a webapp, is it possible to use the game with other dimensions (568×320 and 480×320)? Thank you

Hi gpegoraro. You can change the dimensions, but there might appear black lines.

there is admob included?

Hi 6bruno6, unfortunately there is not admob, in the game.

Hi is there a way to scrape the score at the end, as wanting it within my website, also is there a way of inputting the high scores from our own database or via a xml etc?

Hi, I´m not sure if it is possible. The game is made in Construct 2 and maybe it could be done with websocket. Unfortunately i don´t have much experience with it.

work with phonegap for convert it to native app ?

Hi theyns, sorry for the late response. I did not try to convert the game into the native app, so I can’t guarantee full functionality. But if you want to convert this game into android/ios, I reccomend using Crosswalk for Android – for more info:

Hi Jakub89,

I bought your game and have successfully ran it on my server. the problem I have it when I go to add my own leaderboard ID via Construct 2. when the game exports it does some pretty strange things.

High scores won’t submit, the loading icon for the leader board moves vertically up and down and the bird icon has a slight background to it and flickers between visible and invisible.

Any ideas? I followed the instructions within the installation docs and changed the global variable, but to no avail.

Hi estin, I´m sorry for my late response. Can you tell me in which browser do you test the game? I didn´t run into this kind of problem yet. If you could let me know which browser and which version you use I could have a look. Thanx.

Hi, I have a serious problem, I used and continue to use plugin but yet I had to update, and delete system construct2 and the plugin for construct 2 has been removed from the folder, for this reason, where a construct2 files for two hoes I can not open them as the system allows them only when available, no where I can not find the plugin to update that occurred four or five months ago, given that you are going to Library Developer grateful if you could send me this plugin because I got all the work that was me held your game and can not open due to the fact that I have this old plugin will be very grateful.

Hello, I want to buy. I have a few questions. You will contact me? Skype: mehmetcanhoroz


We are using this game. We have changed in the construct 2 file for the custom functionality like redirect to custom page once game over, then we got the screen with text “POWERED BY CONSTRUCT2”...

Can you help to remove this screen?