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Where is the apk file for demo?

Can you send me your Skype? I will contact with you.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you very much.

Hi, Just purchased – looking through the code there’s id_xml in the res/values folder. I’m assuming these are used for Google Play services – I’ve not integrated anything other than AdMob before, so have no idea how to generate these ids for my app. I found instructions in Google Play “Setting Up Google Play Games Services” but I don’t know how to do the different leaderboards. Please advise. Thanks, Emma

Hi – I said above that I’ve got AdMob sorted – my question referred to the file called id_xml in the res/values folder that is for Google Play services – leaderboards etc… how are these set up or is it a redundant file? If the latter, what else can be removed to streamline the app? Thanks.

I’m sorry because I didn’t make leaderboard function become commercial. You can omit that I’d.

Hi, yes – I got impatient and went through, removing that and a few other bits of code. Also, if you change where the background is set in the gameboard xml file, you’ll get the AdMob ads to show – basically at the moment, the background is covering over the ads, so it just needed a little tweak.

it crash on jelly bean don;t know why…?

Can you send me your email or your skype? Do you use teamviewer?

Is it the app or only source code? Do you provide reskin and upload to Playstore?

It includes source code and tutorial how to reskin app. You have to upload to Playstore by yourself.

Is this an eclipse project?

Yes, It’s eclipse project