Discussion on Floating Button - creating sticky Floating Buttons with any Actions

Discussion on Floating Button - creating sticky Floating Buttons with any Actions

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hi. I want to know whether the clicks can be tracked as events on google analytics? (like Chaty Plugin?)

Hello there, is there a version of this awesome plugin just html, css and js? so I can use in my website not made by wordpress?

Hi there, The floating button I created has disappeared. In the backend it says I have to activtae my license. It has always been active. When I input my license, it doesn accept the license.

Can you help please?

Im sorry, I made a mistqake. Please ignore my comment above. All is working fine

Hi, I have a few pre-purchase Qs. 1] Can the button be configured to show all the items at once? (without clicking on it and then it showing the contents) 2] Can I add a custom link to a page as an item? 3] Can I include a form as an item?


1. You can show the all buttons. 2. Yes. 3. What do you mean? If you want to show float form: use the popup plugin and form plugin

can i put a wording “Social” (display the letters horizontally) on top of the float button icon? so that users can identify that it is a social share icon, and when you click the float button it will fade away the wording and show the socials icons on top or bottom of the float button icon.

any options to display icons on top on the float button icon? when the float button is clicked.

I am very interested with your plugin. hopefully there is an option to add label “Social” above the floating button icon.

here is a screenshot that is similar to your plugin

Hello. Sorry, but it’s impossibble.

any plans to add that feature? with the text “social” above the floating icon

Hi! Can I have all buttons visible without an open/close button in order to show/hide all buttons?

Hello. Yes you can set the option hold all button visible

It’s possible to add the search function?

Hello. Have you details of how it might look? Buttons have no label only tooltip

I’ve no idea. Something that loads get_search_form () function, I guess.

Can I write a text inside this button, not an icon?

Hello. No, you can add the text only in tooltip

I’ve purchased Floating Buttons plugin, it’s great but have a request. It’s possible to switch .vertical / horizontal alignment of the elements according to the orientation of mobile screen (portrait / landscape). I have a 6 elements menu aligned vertically with main icon bottom-left positioned and when screen orientation changes to landscape the items at the top of menu are hidden from the site header. Any solutions?

Hello. You can create a duplicate menu with the location as you with for mobile devices and use the option ‘Show on devices‘.

1. Create a duplicate menu only for mobile devices; 2. Set the settings and set the option ‘Show on devices‘ -> ‘Don’t show on screens more‘ -> 776 3. Then set the option  ’Show on devices‘ – ‘Don’t show on screens less‘ -> 776 for the parent menu, this menu will show only iPad and desktop.

I don’t think this is a solution. The menu is designed for improved navigation on mobile devices and my problem is with the screen orientation. Switching from portrait to landscape the first items at top of menu are hidden behind the site header and cannot be selected. In the desktop version I have no problem.

Hello! Very nice plugin. Presale question. Can I add button with street address so that when user taps the button, it points to Google map and user can get GPS directions on their mobile device?

You can insert any link to the menu item

can this button use for widget, i need use for widget filter woocommerce ?

You can insert any link in item

Hi Pre-Sales question here: Can I check if :

1. Can the position of the vertical buttons be set middle-right ? 2. Can the buttons be shown by default instead of clicking the “1 Big button” to reveal ?


Thanks ! I’d buy it and open a support ticket

Guys … wheres the update that was promised 2 days ago ?

Sorry, within 2 hours we will update

Good day. I bought your plugins(Floating Button Pro v. 3.1) via woo estore but I’m having issues with the plugins. The icon is too big, i want to choose my own size. Secondly, it gives gap instead of showing at the edge of my site. Lastly, i dont want the minimize icon when using vertical and horizontal size. Please help me out with solution.

so there is no function to all call now at all asks for link .. when i add the call phone button the number displays incorrectly. is there an update to allow phone numbers?

Can you send the link to the page with the issue and screenshots to email


Pre-sales question for you.

Can we change the main icon (the hand) for our own icon?

Thank you.

Hello Wow-Company, I need to make a decision asap. Any answer for me?

Hello. Yes you can change the main icon

Hi, Nice plugin. What is the suggested size of icons if I want to add a picture for menu item.

Hello. You can use any size icon. The plugin converts it to the desired size.

Hello, how does this compare to buttonizer? I looking for a feature to specify which pages the buttons will be shown on.

Are there any conflicts with Elementor?

Hello. I didn’t compare with the buttonizer. No conflicts with Elementor

Thanks. Can you control which pages a button is shown on?

Yes. You can control which pages a button is shown on.

Hello I clicked the floating button demo and I feel it was missleading as it showed the bubble menu on there which led me to believe that was part of the plugin which now means I have purchased the floating button one that I do not need. Can we cancel the activation code and refund me please so i can purchase the Bubble menu please :)



Hello. Can you write on email

Hello i was supposedly downlaoding the bubble menu but i got the floating side menu instead! :(

any way we can sort this please?

We did refund

hey i keep getting an error when i try and create a button. I’ve tried deactivating all of the plugins and i’ve also tried to change the theme to a default wordpress theme. I am not extremely proficient in coding but i should be able to follow good directions if you give them, Here’s the error log : PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function floatingbuttonpro\Wow_DB_Update::addNewItem(), 2 passed in /hermes/bosnaweb28a/b862/ipg.isonationcom/wp-content/plugins/floating-button-pro/admin/class-admin.php on line 204 and exactly 3 expected in /hermes/bosnaweb28a/b862/ipg.isonationcom/wp-content/plugins/floating-button-pro/includes/class-db-update.php:23 Stack trace: #0 /hermes/bosnaweb28a/b862/ipg.isonationcom/wp-content/plugins/floating-button-pro/admin/class-admin.php(204

Hello. Download a new version 2.0.1 via Codecanyon. We fixed bug


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