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Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Hello, I also check your other similar item:

Is their difference only on front-end? Will you update both?

Thanks for your answers, and welcome on Envato :)

Thank you for your message. Yes there is a difference.

The difference is in the code. The other script is using different scrapers for other details. Also it come with some other features like news. But the functional diffence (more important) is that the iVideo source is created for membership payments. The Flixer code is used to be an open platform for movies. Making money with it is doable with banner or ads (in progress for the next release). It has a payment solution it it but no functional extra’s for now on.

Nice work, good luck with sales :)

Thank you

Is there a back end (console) to run display ads? I can’t see any adspots in demo? Also will Google Adsense be available for this, since it uses video content with other’s copyright.

The bannen tool will be integrated in the next release in about a few weeks. This is automatically pushen to script owners.

Hi there. So can I add full movies to this app?

Hi, yes you can. In the demo we only use YouTube video’s to fill the demo content, but if you like you can upload every video you like.

Note: by default we have set Mp4 files only. But if you like to upload other formats just let me know. All is possible but for security reasons we have disabled it (for all who like to know how; check the config file where the upload limit is defined, here you can add lines like .avi, .mov, etc.).

If you have other questions, please let me know.

Are there ways online for me to attain popular movies like the one on netflix? Preferably royalty free ones?

Hi, I think you have to use Google for this as I can’t help you with this part.

I want to buy and my friends do too but not sure because we need membership packages like silver, gold and plat. So some videos cannot be viewed. I already have script that does this too but this looks more interesting. Hey let me know if it has it. thank you. I need this to be functioning otherwise I cannot seperate my kids stuff for children and adult for adults. thnak you.

What about your other one does it have this too?

Hi, a seperated membership and category section is not there yet. But as some other customers requested this too we will automatically push this in the new updates.

fantastic work, very nice ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you!


I will want to purchase this, but does it come with a backend and also is there a way you can put the demo of the admin backend for the management of the app. Also can I have people configure it after purchase. We also intend to embed our videos from flowplayer, hope that can be done.

Thanks and best on sales

Hi, yes there is a full supported admin panel.

It is similar with our other products. You can check the video demo at:

Users can be configured too for sure.

flowplayer support is not there. We only have YouTube and FTP / media manager support at the moment.

The upcoming release will have Dropbox and Google Drive too.

Customers who bought the product will get these updates automatically pushed.

Hi I managed to install app and setup DB on my hosting. I can upload the movie file to server, but whenever I test and click to movie link on the portal I got 404 any advice ? Thanks

Can you right click on the movie and copy the url? This is the url you have setup in the backend (admin) – general settings. If the url is incorrect with your server folder please change the subdomain path.

Are you using a subdomain and have you entered your subdomain details in the general settings too?

yes using subdomain like , I already set subdomain name in setting general, but still 404

Can you send me some more details at like that admin login so I can have a check for you?

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Hello, this script is “one movies” of w3layouts ???

Ok ok, but… dont understand, in the footer is seen, “Design by W3layouts”


Because the layout is designed by W3layouts. Not the script.

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vraagje, kan ik hier ook gewoon een tv show website van maken met embeds van externe website’s ?.


Yes you can but not by default as embedded links are not integrated at the moment. You can easily do this by adding a single line of text (VAR) for showing up urls/text lines. But remember this needs to be created (some coding skills are required).

By default we only offer the solution to upload your own movies with the media manager panel.

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Nice looking; but, some basic features are missing! First of all: no language for different users (adding more languages is a basic function nowadays, where english, german, italian, spanish and so on can switch to their own mother lang). Second: no possibility to add ads and no backend setup. Third: no clear function in the backend related to the highest weight of files: the highest weight of a movie per user (1Gb / 2Gb … ?) and based on a membership. Fourth: Memberships? Adding them? Where? There is only one function setup in the backend. Fifth: different themes/templates? No such thing … So, keep in mind my suggestions and will be happy to buy it (of course, the price will be higher and I would understand it). Until then, good luck.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Is this theme can be used for free to watch website?

Yes. Flixer is used for free movies. If you like users pay for watching movies (Like Netflix) please check our other product Istream Videos.

Hmmm. Hate to sound bad, but unless buyers have their own original content, I’m quite sure you all can see that any site you build with this software, “if” it gets popular, is going to get shut down right? I mean, you cant seriously think you can just take other peoples movies, like Million dollar studios, and upload to your website because you downloaded from the internet for…right guys? Just sayin, and I actually like this script, but you better have your Own Original content or permission from the movie creators before you set this thing up. Another guy had a Youtube to Mp3 script on here and as we all see…his script didn’t last long either. Just trying to help.

Thanks but you can also use this as your private share solution of friends/family network tool.

does this also support openload?

No it isnt by default.

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Support multi languages?

Hi, no not yet. We are working on an update for this.

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When update adds multi-language features, I will buy this script. Best regards

Hi, at the moment we are first working on another source. This will be finished in about a month. After this new updates will come.

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When will the next update come? Play video page player showing problems

you have social login ? have you home slider ?