Flixer - Movie Portal

Flixer - Movie Portal



What is it

Flixer is a Video CMS with automatic movie grabbers to get the best and latest movies automatically in your portal. WithFlixer you can create your own video website like IMDB, Rotten or YouTube. You can add unlimited videos by hand by adding MP4 files to the system with the simple drag and drop FTP media manager, or just use the automatically movie import feature from Open Movie Databases. This way your website will be filled each day with the latest movie releases and trailers.





Why do you need it

Because everybody like to watch movies! And you can earn even money with your users. Yeah that’s right, you can earn money by your visitors because we have integrated a paid subscribe model in it. By default we support Stripe and PayPal. More payment solutions can be added. Just let us know what you need and we add it in the updates. The goal is even to get a banner model integrated in short time so you can even earn more money.



Valid on all browser

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer (8+)


See how it work




Login with the demo admin account


username: demo
password: password

Note: some parts are disabled in the demo but it will give you a good impression.


Accept Payments


Flixer integrates seamlessly with Stripe and PayPal. This allowing you to accept payments from your subscribers. The is no hard configuration just login and change your account details. You decide how much to charge. You will earn the price of this script in no time.


Ultimate Administrator Portal

You can manage everything. Users, videos, categories, series, payment settings, database settings, cronjobs, media files, news articles, finance information and many many more. Everything is integrated in the easy to use admin portal. Of course you can create new admin moderators if you like. Oh and by the way, everything is Extremely lightweight so your users has the best experience you can ever wish.




Login with the demo admin account


username: demo
password: password

Note: some parts are disabled in the demo but it will give you a good impression.



Encourage Visitors to your websites

If you want to convert your site traffic to money, then this script is the right one!



Automatically import movies by keywords
– Automatically all movie details like images and trailers
– Upload your own MP4 movies
– Create news articles – Stripe and PayPal as payment systems
– Watch and stream movies directly online
– User management
– Manage your videos the way you like
– Manage categories and series
– Setup cronjobs to automate your life
– Send newsletters and marketing campaigns
– Manage your finance and income
– Full Admin Panel
– Create Admin Moderators if you like
– SEO URLS and extreme lightweight coded
– Responsive and tested on tv, desktop and mobile
– Very simple and clean code
– User Guide Documentation
– Simple and easy to use.
– Cross-browsing – The plugin works in all modern browsers.


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Final words

The script includes the full source with documentation. The highly requested version of the Movie on Demand script puts the power of sharing into an easy to use script.


Change log

December 24, 2016,  Version 1.15

- [Bug Fix] No more double slashes ever<br />- [Bug Fix] Possible to run HTTPS now without a problem
- [Bug Fix] Subdomain fix
- [Bug Fix] Javascript fixes and clean code update

December 21, 2016,  Version 1.14

- [Bug Fix] Hotfix update for better login<br />- [Bug Fix] Test bugfix mode updated
- [Bug Fix] Code cleaned up
- [NEW] Vendor package update 

December 14, 2016,  Version 1.13

- [Bug Fix] Endless scrolling admin removed<br />- [Bug Fix] Chart removed. Google Chart solution not supported anymore
- [Bug Fix] Code cleaned up<br />- [Bug Fix] Htaccess dubble slashes fixed on root domain
- [Bug Fix] Javascript fixes

November 1, 2016,  Version 1.12

- [Bug Fix] Image uploader

October 26, 2016,  Version 1.11

[Bug Fix] Username error en RegisterController
[NEW] Add Categories in filters
[NEW] Dropzone integrated

October 23, 2016,  Version 1.10

[NEW] Add Wysiwyg editor SummerNote
[NEW] Add Login and Sign Up
[NEW] Add Categories
[NEW] Admin can pay directly to the users PayPal account (withdrawal of funds)

October 22, 2016,  Version 1.09

- Fixed: Updated to the new code standards.
- Lots of minor bug fixes and browser compatibility fixes.

October 20, 2016,  Version 1.08

- Fixed: Updated to the new code standards.
- Fixed: Flip boxes not working when added inside advanced carousel on mobile phones.
- Fixed: Info list causing descriptions not aligned in the center of adjacent icons.
- Fixed: Appear animation breaking for some users.
- Lots of minor bug fixes and browser compatibility fixes.

Configurable Just follow a few simple steps and your done. You dont know much about coding and webhosting? No problem. Everybody can set this up. Our documentation has screenshots, video tutorials and very clean information how to manage each part of the website. For the developers we also added the code structure part for custom changes.