Discussion on FlipTimer - Addon for WPBakery Page Builder

Discussion on FlipTimer - Addon for WPBakery Page Builder

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Hello, I love your plugin but I need to change the size of the texts (days, minutes, seconds, etc…) How can I do it? (If I could choose the font would be great).

Thank’s in advance.

Font size changes according to the container width automatically which is 1em as default.

You can add custom style by Appearance / Customize / Additional CSS:

.fliptimer .text {
  font-size: 14px !important;

Hi!!! got an urgent problem. Updated to the last version of the plugin but it’s not redirecting after the counter reaches 0. How do I fix it?? ASAP!! thank you

Also, clear browser cache. Because, its CSS & JS files changed.

yes I did, but my client (who’s never seen the page before) didn’t get redirected either, had to revert the update to an older version to get it working :/ will try to update again and delete cache everywhere, will let you know. Thanks!

If you use a CDN, you should clear its cache, too.

Hi! how can I set up the plugin to use server time instead of client time?

actually I did, before posting here, but couldn’t find it anywhere – mind posting a screenshot as to where that setting is? EDIT: just saw there’s a new upgrade – will try it out.

Got it! now I see it – thanks!

Ok. I’ll be happy if you rate my plugin.

Hi! Is posible to change the ‘flip’ animation? (i already saw the plugin name LOL, but i need to know before)

I did it so. You can remove the animation if you want by editing CSS source file.


For your fliptimer, what time zone number is central time in the United States, please?

Thank you,

Hal Karp Envato member “fishguynola” (Yes, I have purchased your fliptimer)

You can search for it on the net.

Hi so i bought this addon installed it but when i drop it in a page the numbers are small on top and the flip rotation is bugged it takes half the screen lol i have the masterstudy theme so wpbakery comes with it so i don’t know if i have configuration to do or something please help

Please, remove the following style from “oossodyw/assets/css/styles.css”

ol li a, ul li a {
    color: #555;
    font-size: 12px;

Font size value causing the issue.

Thanks for the support and the quick reply! It’s working now

Ok. Please, rate my item from Downloads to support me.

Is there a way to set the time? I need it to countdown to a certain date and time

You should buy it for support. But, you can set date and time by its options.

I just bought the plugin. But after install and activation it looks totally strange. The height is doubled to the height of the numbers, please have a look here: What can I do?

I got it. Thanks!

Did you get the admin login data and did you find the css problem?

I work on it.

Looks like a great plugin, I have two questions: (1) Can I redirect to another URL with the Finish-Action? (2) If somebody visits the page after the timer is over, will the plugin than use the Finish-Action as well? So that in my case, the user will be redirected to another page?

Ok. I replied your PM. Please, reply it send me wp-admin login info.

I just did, thanks for your help on a Sunday. Great customer service!

There was the same CSS classname with ”.flip” in the following file of your theme:

I removed them and my plugin started work properly.

I’ll be happy if you rate my plugin from “Downloads”.

it time zone, put ?

You can set it to zero as number.

This Number is show Na Na, for picture , How to Fix it.

Can you send screenshot of your settings?

You need to add a date higher than today!

I bought the Fliptimer add-on for WPBakery page builder. I am having an issue with it. The days are sitting on top of the hours, hours on minutes and so on. I’ve tried deleting and re adding the widget on the page, and changing settings and I can’t get it to move to the correct spaces. Do you have a solution to this? I currently have it activated at

Can you write your site url again?

It was CSS minimization issue. Re-download and re-install the plugin please.

Hi, is it possible to to show labels (day, hour, minute…) above counter flips? In source code i can’t find that position. Hope you could help. regards

You should edit source/fliptimer/jquery.fliptimer.js.

Go to line 211 and cut following code:

<span class="text">'+text+'</span>

Then, copy it to line 201 before “flips” layer:

<span class="text">'+text+'</span><div class="flips">

Finally, copy source/fliptimer/jquery.fliptimer.js to fliptimer-addon/fliptimer folder.

Please, rate my item!

Great, it works! Thank you and i will rate 5 stars :-)

hey. how can i turn the timer into an evergreen flip timer? is it even possible?

I couldn’t understand your question. Can you write a demo url or send a screenshot?

Sure, check this timer. when it reaches 00, do a refresh. It will restart

You can write a function which has a field in the plugin to include to behave so.

help me please. I cannot get this to work. It does not show the texts, just all 0 and still 0 when flip. Also has some big black dots above the counter

I replied your mail. There was only CSS issue which changes the flip style. Flip numbers working properly.

thank you! It’s working now

What can I write in Finish Function to get the clock to stop at a certain date and hold that time. This was an event that is now finished and I want the clock to show how long it lasted.

I could not find a help file or instructions on how to do that. Where can I find that? I just bought your JS plugin in hopes of finding it there.

Actually even better if you could tell me what to write in that box to make the clock stop and hold the time I would really appreciate it

Can you describe it more as a PM? Because, I could not understand it. Do you want to hold the time before the finish time and make timer to countup? Or, start to countup after the time is up!

hi there, how do I get it to look properly, like in your screenshots? Now the font shows up very small. Pls advise

The font resizes according to the timer container. If you send me a demo url, I can check which causes it to look messy.

What is the difference between this and the wordpress version. We had a free plugin (Uji Countdown) that conflicted with a plugin that we use for discounts (Pricing Deals Pro). If this causes a conflict, can we get a refund?

You should have WPBakery Page Builder plugin installed and activated to run it. Because, my plugin shortcode will be added into its options.

I didn’t try your plugin, so I can’t refund if it conflicts.

Hi! Is it possibile to use years, months and weeks on the countup shortcode? Thank you

It should be modified via JS source to add years, months, weeks. There’s not a feature in the plugin to do it automatically.

ok! Can you do it please? Or can you give me directions on how to do it? thanks

I’ll try to modify it. Please, write me a PM to send you files after I did it.


I just purchased both the Fliptimer jQuery Countdown Timer and Fliptimer addon for wpBackery page builder.

When downloading the files, I get a message that they have a VIRUS or Malware, please CLEAN!!!

All files are checked at Envato before the approval. I just downloaded it without a warning, too. I use AVG Antivirus Pro and Windows Defender.

I think, you need to decrease the security level of your software or remove it!


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