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Gamecenter? Objective C? In App Purchase?

Gamecenter is not supported. The language is Swift. There is no in app purchases.

Can you add Admob? I will buy if yes!

I have included Admob. You can buy it now.

how many images need to re-skin?

It depends on what you need. There are few images in the source code. However, you might want to add extra images, for example, for matching tiles. If you do light reskinning, and replace only the existing ones, then you replace about 5 pics + icons. If you add matching tile images, then you add 10-15 new.

Sorry for late response.

are the tiles pictures … or can pictures be used for the tiles?

Tiles are not pictures in this version, but if you like to place pictures there, it would not cost much time for you and I can answer any questions about the process.

needs to have Admob as iAD being withdrawn by Apple soon.

Any news at all? Would be great to know if Admob is coming and to see answers to the other questions as well?

I’m not sure about Admob yet. Maybe I will integrate it. Is it important for you?

Very – iAD is being withdrawn by Apple in June this year so we need templates that have other ad networks integrated. I personally do well with Admob and find it better than iAD anyway! Also – you will find your template sales will increase if you do that.

I have included Admob, so you can download update and enjoy the template :)

Great game template. Code is clear and easy to upgrade. All included services work well.


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

Hi Miccy,

I just updated the app to latest Swift3.0 and uploaded the file. It supports the latest XCode 8.2 and iOS 10. If you want the app without ads, I can send you a cutted version once you purchased the app.

Good Luck With Sale

Thank you, st1s

I bought your application, but it can’t run, swfit has been upgraded, you can give me a latest version?