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Why aren’t you adding even a basic iPhone companion App? This would boost your sales and make it easier for us to skin and market on iTunes as well.

Hi, I’ll probably update these templates with an iPhone version but it will take some time, 1-2 weeks

Hi, What xcode version open this project ?

Hi, It opens with the latest version Xcode 6.3

Where is the iphone template..otherwise, how can i submit it without those?

As soon as the version for iPhone is ready I will update this template and I’ll let you know

Hi, I updated the template with the iPhone version :)

Hi LualID – any news on the iPhone element?

Hi, I’m working on it, I’ll probably submit the update tomorrow and in 1-2 days it should be available

Hi, I updated the template with the iPhone version :)

Nicely done – great job :)

How can I get the document? I can’t find it!

So sorry I forgot to include it in the latest version, I have already sent the new version with the documentation. If you need it now send me an email to dylan.lualdi@hotmail.com and I send you the documentation


Is there a flip coin option in the watch version or it is only available to iPhone companion app? In the iPhone app, there is a choice between flip coin and dice but I couldn’t see it in the watch version. Am I missing something? xCode Version 6.4 (6E14).

Yes, it is also on the Apple Watch version, you have to do a force touch to show it… in the simulator just do a long press and press the switch button.

any other app watchers for sale here? I can already see radio playr apps for watch, poke game in sites like chupamobile!

Hi, I’m working on other templates and they should be ready for next week ;)

Very easy to edit, well commented code. I edited the app in one night, incliding graphics. Awesome and fastest support. I am buying LualdiD’s all applications as soon as they are published and will continue to do it :)