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Good job Verry nice plugin ;)

Thanks for tuning in. I am planning to add more features

yes, cool plugin will be great that the image spotted should be not neccessary to reload ,in >3mb konnections like mine, you know, up-down loading, is a little non-elegant

sorry <3mb adsl ,and , it works for android?

Nukem91, thank you for commenting it. Actually I am working on that. I have tested on ipad, iphone, mac, pc, it works well. But unfortunately, I haven’t tested it on Android so far. But I will.

Hi, Nice work. I struggled with install until I discovered in a small bug. app.html: <script src="./fliplightbox.min.js"></script> but actual file name is FlipLightBox.min.js (case sensitive)

This is a problem in unix environment. It is small, but you may want to fix

gbright, thank you very much for pointing out the problem. Really appreciated for purchasing. I will fix it soon and update it.

Hi again jipnghu, 2 questions:

1. On my site, I want to have both the front and back content to be HTML and not image. Is this possible?

2. We typically get access to the uncompressed version of the code. This is also an opportunity to learn. Can I have access to the uncompressed version of the jQ plugin? trying to learn to flip special content on my site.


1. so far, the front is required to be an image. the back could be either html or image. I will work on that.

2. check email

Could you send me a email? sorry, I can not attach it in this comment

Dear jipinghu: 5 stars from me. Agha Khan (Google C# games by Agha Khan”

Greetings, This plugin is working for me on IE10 and ios7 but not Chrome 36. When I click the hyperlink it just loads the image linked to. No flip no nothing. What should I be looking at? Please advise,


I just purchased this plugin and it looks really food. I’m just quite wondering that if this is a responsive? If not then how can I make it responsive? Please do let me know. Cheers

Glad you figure it out!

Hi Guys, It’s me again, I’m glad that responsive works but the only issue that I’m getting now is whenever I add a vertical scroll. ‘overflow-y:scroll’ it doesn’t work at all and auto declares the height which it causes the content to be cut off. Help me please. Thanks!

Could you give me an example?

Nice price! GLWS