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Do I have to do a lot of coding to make this work or is it like other wordpress plugins and easy to setup?

it’s not a wordpress plugin. It’s a regular javascript plugin. I would say it’s not hard if you know wordpress well.

The edges of the block being animated look terrible in Firefox. Even in your example.

Sent you a screenshots.

Trying from android app webview failed. Once flipped both front and back images are visible !! Any help ?

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Hello, there are huge bug in Chrome, can you fix? else unreal to use this…

Thank you

Send me your code, OS version and Chrome version

I’ve set the plugin up in my site. It’s working fine so far, it’s nice plugin. I’ve used ‘autoflip: false’ to stop auto flipping. But I’d like to use something like .. if anyone hover on a tile, it’ll flip and show the back image and back again when mouse out.

Is that possible ?

Thanks for your help.

No, I’ve checked .. it’s other jquery code is working fine .. if I use ‘jQuery’ instead $ ..

That’s something I don’t know. But the point for your questions is that attaching event on ”.card-container” layer, not ”.front” layer

may be .. thanks for your help :-)

Recently purchased – the card flipping on any click. I want to modify so it only flips based on a click of a certain location or button. How can I do this?

I have an issue where the cards flip but the back are not showing up. Anyone else see this?

a) Why is setting “fliponhover” to “false” opening the backside of the card? b) Why is nowhere explained how the card can be flipped by clicking on the card? c) Why are the examples (it’s just one, the rest is just developer porn) and the documentation so poor?

Would the author please take the time to answer these questions?

2 days and no answer…

Well done, good luck with sales!

I appreciate the wonderful item.