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Hi, I’m planning to purchase this poll, but have some questions.

are we able to use the poll as a widget on the sidebar? how many poll can we create? Is there a limitation?


can i deposit 10$ and buy the poll without paying with paypal?

How do I put the code in html


Is it possible to disable the results on the front end? I do not want people to see the result. I only want to be able to view it in the admin area.

How easy is it to customise how the poll displays so I can integrate it into my website?


Hi raidhosting,

Currently is not possible this because the Flipper Poll is hardcoded in that way that doesn’t support that feature.

I can customize the script for you if you want?



Is it possible to remove the copyright information and the text “Buy this script exclusively on Envato® Marketplace?

In what way is this script limited in IE7?


Hi ecomjm,

To change the copyright text is possible, just edit the related files (index.php) and you are done.

We haven’t tested it on IE7 thats why we didn’t checked the IE7 support, but this doesn’t mean that this wouldn’t work on IE7, we just do not provide any support for IE7 or lower versions of IE.


Would it also be possible to change the size of the poll to 420×200?

is this script responsive?

No it does not support responsive.


Hey there, how can i reset a poll? reset db? or is there another way? thank you

Hi, the only way to reset a poll is via the database, sorry.


k Thank you!


How do I add multiple polls? Also can I configuration the script so that is displays results instantly, rather than after 1 second. I’d also like to automatically vote when user clicks a box, rather then having to click ‘vote’.

I am proficient in html/php/javascript/ some knowledge in mysql, so I’m sure I can do all this. Just need a steer in right direction.


Hi joshbaker,

Firstly thanks for purchasing Flipper Poll.

Unfortunately, Flipper Poll doesn’t have the multiple polls ability, so in order to create different poll, you must install new copy of it, in the same database with different table prefix. The time it was developed I didn’t added this functionality, but for most was ok. I hope it is also for you.

Sure, you can apply automatic voting when user chooses an option, just apply this javascript in the end of index.php document.


It should work for you.


Hi Laborator,

Great script! Is it possible to publish the results by country that appears on the admin panel onto my site?


So you want to split the results by country, then count the answers for each country?

Yeah that sounds right. Whatever method is used to get the breakdown as shown in this plugin

Also, results displayed by %. What do you say?

Hello Laborator,

I’ve installed everything as you describe in your Guide, but it doesn’t work.

Example on admin.php?action=poll_settings> It will print out everything ‘til “Poll Options”.

The Code which cause this proble is: $total_votes = $flipper_poll->votesTotal(); $votes_max_v = $flipper_poll->votesMaxValue();

Which get me to the point, your class didn’t work correct. There are many other cases which confirm my suspicion.

So can you take a look at your product? We already bought it and we want a working system for our money.

~ Kind regards

Hi Beptum

Firstly thanks for the purchase. Surely you will get support for the purchased product.

Can I see the page where the Flipper poll is installed?

Which PHP version are you using?


hi it works also wp 4.0?

the Flipper Poll is not a WordPress plugin.


Hi. Do you have a new version for this poll script? Tks

Hi wigholz, currently we don’t have a new version of Flipper Poll, and we don’t plan to release a new one soon.


Demo page is not working..

HI vikasfree,

Thanks for the info. We will check this problem soon.

Kind regards,