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Nice. Standalone version will be great.

The jQuery plugin implemented to flip the pages is actually portable. It can be used separately easily. I’ll add in the documentation more details about this point.

Thank you :)

great plugin!. I would buy it if it has the following features.

1) run default on mobile devices ( not screen size) with no overlay. 2) set to run on specific posts, post-types,pages

Regarding your points: 1) I thought about that, but then I’ll have to ignore the header and the other elements in the page. I don’t know what they contain, so i can’t modify them. This is why the focus is on the content, which is more predictable. It can be done, but then I’ll have to ignore the header and the other elements in the page, and make it just the content.

2) I will add this as an option in the next update.

P.S. The main idea was to make a Theme based on flipping. But I had to study first the customers needs and their content. Hopefully after covering most of your needs, a Theme will be released :)

Thank you for your interest :)

It will be nicer to implement it in a responsive full width mode container where the left side is one page and the right side is another page when viewed from desktop computers and when viewed from mobile devices the left page shows as a single page and when swipe is the next page with a horizontal flipping with a pagination just like a magazine. Also, to allow for backgrounds either patterns or images. This could be great for a theme or added to the plugin. This would be super cool and if this gets implemented, I’ll definitely buy it.

Yes ! the main goal is implement a Theme that is entirely flip-able. You have just said some really cool ideas there to add.

But because how this plugin works depends on the content of the post. So, I need to study first your needs and your content before moving to a bigger scale.

The plugin depends on your theme in presenting the overflow page. All thee css and styles are from the original theme, to maintain the same look and feel. But I can add an option to change the background like you said.

Thank you :)

offer this reading mode for pdfs..that would be great.

This is a wonderful idea, I’ll see what I can do ! Thank you for your comment :)

not working where is the shortcode. how its use


documentation is very poooooooor no usage documnets

pls help

Hey malsabey,

Now it does, check your mail you’ll find more details and explanation. I’ll work with you to fulfill your requirements.

Help is always available :)

Thank you for your purchase.

Am I retarded? I don’t see a button, nor do I get it how it’s supposed to flip. Chrome and Firefox…

Hey omnisapien , You can find the button under the title “Reading Mode”. You can change the button and place it wherever you need with shortcodes.


Cool idea, do you have a demo site to view this plugin live? Tried 3 different browsers, no dice..

Hi! Does it flips just a single post or between all posts?

Thank you

Hi my friend, it is very nice your theme. But can I transform my posts in a magazine too? Like to let my client to do it himself with his posts, can I? Can I make a magazine from just one category too? Tks a lot!!!