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I’m not really sure what this plugin is doing, but it certainly isn’t helping my Flipboard feed much. It does produce a feed, although you have to get the path correct to it, buried in the plugins folder (and make sure not to block access, which many would for security purposes).

But, it hasn’t helped with images, which was a big reason I purchased it. There are no settings… it just outputs a feed. AND, I can’t actually get Flipboard to read it as a feed. Individual article publishing might work (haven’t tried), but that’s not why I bought it.

Support tried to look into it, first pulling my WordPress feed and saying it worked, then just going silent (for over a month now) after I pointed out that THEIR feed wasn’t displaying in Flipboard app. Not sure what to do at this point, but I’d hesitate recommending it to anyone.

Just wanted to update this, that support is working with me again on this. They are adding ‘featured images’ into the feed, so that will be a big help. They seem to be able to make my feed work on their iPad, but I still haven’t been able to. At least now I’ve seen working screen-shots… so there is hope. :)

Hi SteveW928 please send me an email at . So we’ll arrange personal support for your issue.

Sorry for not getting back to you on this, and thanks for the offer. I’m hoping to be rebuilding my site soon (with a new theme) and wanted to wait until then to get back at this. Like many things, it’s taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. Looking at the new features, I’m hopeful it’s going to fit better now.

I see a new update on this plugin, is this now maintained and working for Flipboard? Can you please respond as I would like to guarantee some reliability here. Thanks

Ok waiting 15 days for a pretty simple reply here. Is it supported and does it work currently. I am assuming its a no at this late stage.

I had been looking for something to help get a better result on Flipboard for sometime and I was enthused when I saw this plugin… however no joy so far.

I have installed as per instructions and disabled any ‘SEO-type’ plugins that I had activated. I can not even see the ‘new’ feed that this plugins is supposed to create.

I have logged into the authors support elected forum (BitBucket) but from the look of the issues raised and the time it takes for the author to respond – over one week in some instances – I am not hopeful I will see any value for my purchase… we will see… :-(

OK, so to all who are considering buying this plugin here is my current support status:

Waiting two days now for a response on both my comments here on CodeCanyon and via the Author support portal (BitBucket).

Hi martee we have just sent a reply on bitbucket support forum.

Is it Good Enough to buy now ?...

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Does it support Wordpress 4.1?

I am current running WordPress 4.0.1 running the Fearless – Modern, Clean, & Responsive WP Magazine theme.

When the Flipboard RSS Feed + Shortcode installer unpacks the zip file, I get a “Plugin Install Failed” message.

Since I can’t install the Plugin, I am stuck. :(

@crisworth Have you solved your issue. Sorry for late reply. Feel free to contact us

The plugin does not work – refund would be appreciated.

Folder was installed in my settings but does not appear Please help me


I have a list of RSS feeds and I want to be able to do the following on my blog:

1 – Auto post content on my blog from my personal Feeds list; 2 – Auto publish the entire post or just a part of it, with the post featured image; 3 – Allow users to see the entire post directly from the source but under my blog, with a bar. Like a iframe.

Take by example, if you visit this URL you can see a resume of this Feed posts, and when you click on a post it will open the post but on the original website under the frame.

This is what I want to do, can I do that with your’s plugin?

Thank you in advanced for your attention.


Im checking the posts on my magazine but nobody can see the videos. : /