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Any update on new version?

Hello Vidal,

Sorry for the delay, I know that the update takes a lot of time but believe me it is worth it and you will see for yourself.

I am so sorry for being late. It will be available as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience. Best regards

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to know about Flip Magazine – Responsive wordpress plugin. Can I insert Images, Audio, Video and embedded code on flip mag page/post? Thanks, Andy


Sorry for the delay, this feature not available yet.

Best regards

Hello, I have purchased the plugin, my purchase code: 710e6dfd-8329-44c0-b036-8a1cce1908bc

when using it as ajax reading, the text is aligned to the center. I am using if for Hebrew text, it is very important to align all the texts to the right. Also, need the flipping to be in the other direction. and last issue – It takes a long time to upload the page…

Appreciate your help.


this will move the log to left side. i need a link to the page itself, not to the homepage of my existing website

this option not available yet, but you can change it manually by editing this file /inc/fmtemplate.php in line 37 replace it with
<?php global $post;
    $postid = $post->ID; ?>

<a rel="home" href="<?php echo get_permalink( $postid ); ?>" title="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" itemprop="url"></a>

Thanks! now it does not link to my homepage.

responsive – Hi, The page with the flipmag template does not responsive, is there any setting that needs to set in order to make it responsive? This is crucial.

Send to me screenshot for this problem

here is a screenshot from my phone The text of the post at the right side is too small, unreadable.

Sorry for the delay, Responsive problem resolved in next update I can do quick fix for you just email me using contact form in Akoad profile.

Hi, you’ve told me to contact you via this email “Responsive problem resolved in next update I can do quick fix for you just email me using contact form in Akoad profile”

Appreciate your support, waiting for the responsive fix.

Thanks Tal


Please re-send this email again, because I can’t find it.


I love this plugin but I have a few questions…

1. How do I make the ajax window width wider.. like taking up 70% up the screen because in portrait mode on your phone it’s just too small to read the text?

2. How do I bump up the text in the ajax window because in portrait mode on your phone it’s just too small to read the text?

3. How do I bump up the all the text (excerpt, caption) and hamburger menu because in portrait mode on your phone it’s just too small to read the text

This needs to take into account that phone screens are larger and adjust accordingly.

Send to me your site url to check it

on my Android phone… the right arrow works fine… the left one…. ehhhhh

Also how do I change the url direction when someone clicks on the logo?

Also this option added in new version ;) But for quick fix manually by editing this file /inc/fmtemplate.php in line 37 replace it with

<a rel="home" href="YOUR URL HERE" title="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" itemprop="url"></a>

And replace YOUR URL HERE with your url.

Good luck


I am sending this email again – the responsive is not responsive, I have attached an image in the comment area, as you requested. the text is too small, not comfortable or not responsive actually. Need to solve it as soon as possible. Thanks, Tal

I can’t find any mail from you. Anyway, send me this mail

can i make a fullscree mag from images only? also can i add html content in pages?


You can display images only, but for html content not available yet.



yofumx Purchased

Hi guys… I already create a test page: but I see no images… I select a gallery and I see no images.. is there a size that I have to add the images??? please help…


yofumx Purchased

HI guys… I just check my email inbox and spam folder and I haven’t seen anything… please also CC ... ASAP!!!!


yofumx Purchased

Hi guys… super sad … this is not the correct way to work… can we find the way to get a refund?

Check your mail


yofumx Purchased

Guys I am no happy whit the way you work… I paid for your software and support and takes DAYS yo get an answer and these days I don’t know how a company can survive like this… please tell me what we have to do to get a full refund…

Hello, Please check your mail

Hi there,

Beautiful plugin. Do any of the layouts come with 2-up pages? I would ideally like a layout with pages that are 2-up for desktop and 1-up as a responsive behaviour.



This feature it will be available in next update.

Best Regards


hagigeo Purchased

Are you still support this plugin? It is not display correctly at mobile.


We will fix this problem in next update, sorry for the delay


hagigeo Purchased

Thank you.

Hello, i like this plugin but i want o know if i can use it with pdfs


This feature not available yet

Hi, I’ve read previous comments/reviews asking if this can be embedded on a page, as opposed to being the template for the whole page. (This was sometime around last year)

Have you updated this to allow embedding via Shortcode yet?

Thanks! Lala


We still working in this update, sorry for the delay.

Hi i am looking to purchase this plugin but i need to know if we can embed Video/Audio/Images in this plugin. Thanks


You can embed video/audio inside post content only but in flip pages you can embed images gallery or wp posts only.

Hi, wasn’t what I was looking for can I please get a refund?

Can animated gif be embed in PDF display?

Any new updates?

Yes there is an update coming I’m sorry for the delay but the update will be completely different

Hello! A presale question: I am planning to build a membership website with flipbooks for people who are a member. So, only logged in members should be able to see the flipbooks. Is this possible with your plugin in combination with a membership plugin? To put it different: Is is possible to have the flipbooks on my website that are 100% not accessible for non-members?


If membership plugin allows the options of the display of pages. Because Flip magazine plugin works as a page template.