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hi. When use use a backround for the website, magazine doesnt work. Thanks

Hi, i have issue with the plugin. Its loading the page but not opens. This is something i see very ofter, i m sending login details in email. Thx



Hi, by reading through comments I guess the way to create a magazine is by creating new page and selecting the page template. Is it possible to display magazine in a section of a page? E.g display a magazine in homepage after the main banner component. Thanks.

We will add this feature “shortcode” in future versions but it’s not available now

Are we able to display 2 different pages? E.g left left display page A, right side displays page B, on flip: left side displays page C, right side displays page D? Thanks.

For this option it will be available in next update, And the update will be available in next month.

Hello. we are paperback publishers for authors, i have already tried and failed with one flipbook wordpress plugin, they are issuing a refund as i type..

the problem i had was the book/pdf i was trying to use was 270 pages and the conversion could only handle about 120 before failing, also i didnt like that all created jpg images ended up in the media folder clogging everything up….

Heres what i would like to be able to do…

1.upload any pdf file,page count range from 10 pages to 600 pages if possible. 2.have images held in their own location (if images are generated) 3.some pdf files may contain large images

your thoughts on your solutions would be great.

In short i want to be able to supply clients with a page on our site that lets them proof read their book, then have a form belw that they can enter changes they require and submit a report to us…

the form shouldnt be an issue as we use the formidable plugin..

kind Regards Carl

We’ll try to keep these features in upcoming updates, Thank you so much for your suggestion

Flip Magazine not working on site. When selecting flip magazine template as page template its not publishing.

Please send to me your dashboard login details from my profile to debug this problem


I am interested in your plug in as the options and the rendering looks great. The requirement is for a multi user website and i need to have multiples books per users. I believe that the most practical way to achieve that is with shortcodes.

Is it a feature supported or likely to be supported in the near future?

Thanks in advance,



I will add shortcode feature in next version :)

Hi, I just purchased this plugin and I am having difficulty with the images. I have read through the documentation and I can’t find anywhere that states what the size of any image should be. I have been trying for the last 45 minutes to find the right size, yet nothing seems to work, all the images look as they are stretched and become blurry and pixelated. I am using hi res images. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I have sent some screen shots with images of different sizes the first image is 5616×3744 Next image is 720×720 Third image is 500×500 And last is 500×250

As you can see, no matter what the size of the image they all blur and pixelate as if they are zooming in. If this is not helpful then I will try to contact someone else to send you what you need. http://avionix.com/tts-staging/about/

Darcie Holt APG Avionics 941.637.8585


The problem now is not from plugin I think the problem is when you insert the images the thumbnails size is 150*150 you must choose full size, check this screenshot http://goo.gl/oLn3cY, If you can’t solve the problem send to me your dashboard login details from my profile and i will fix it for you :)

Please remove your dashboard details from public, send it from my profile you will see contact form in the right side

Hi, Does it support pdf upload and also will I be able to add audio per page as short stories for kids? thanks

For a PDF file feature has been added already and will be available with the new version will be ready at the end of this month. But for audio per page i think it’s a good suggestion, I’ll add it but inside the magazine page when displaying articles not PDF file pages.

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me, I teach I think it would be great for youngsters to use as story and to complement that audio, it would be great.

Hi, Option Gallery does not true work. Images uses 150×150 and not changed size properties. Please help.

Sorry for this problem we will fix it in next update and for quick fix please check your mail


vidal Purchased

Hi, can we use this plugin to flip through Wordpress or custom post types?

It’s working now as page template and you can display wordpress posts or custom post types or images gallery, Also in next update we will add magazine shortcode to use it any where also we will add pdf file display

Are you ever going to add a shortcode feature, like revolution slider?

It will be available in the next update, We’re still working on it

I have installed the plugin, but I can’t select the Template “Flip Magazine Page” when creating a new page. Please help asap

Please send to me your dashboard login details to debug this problem using contact form in my profile.


Hi, after the latest Wordpress Version the Flip Plugin stopped working. The option From Page Attributes > Template Choose Flip “Magazine Page”. Is not visible. What can be wrong? I also reinstalled Wordpress and clean version of the plugin.

Please send to me your dashboard login details using contact form in my profile to debug and fix this problem

This problem resolved in quick update 3.0.1

Solid work! Thank it’s working now! :D

Hi, will this plugin work if I want to add it to my Shopify store’s blog?

This plugin for wordpress only

Hi, I have a question about the Javascript Swipe function. The Swipe & Flip works great on mobile. But I was wondering if Drag & Flip also can be supported? Like drag the page (animation from left to right), now it just flip the page on swipe.

Look this example from another one on CodeCanyon. http://demos.webcodingplace.com/3d-flip-book-for-visual-composer-demo-1/


Thanks for this wonderful suggestion I’ll develop it in next version ;)

Dear Author,

I’ve seen, that you planned to integrate pdf support in the plugin a few months ago, so my question is: is it supported now? If it’s supported, how does it work (what’s the procedure of making a flipbook using a pdf)?

Thank you!

Not supported yet in current version but it will ba available in next version

Not supported yet in current version but it will ba available in next version


Im sorry I don’t understand where to upload the images and what size to make the images

First let me welcome you and thank you for choosing our plugin, And for your question, there are two options for display, posts and gallery for posts will display your posts and images will be posts feature image, but gallery display option will allow you to upload your own images http://take.ms/iI6VI Also i advice you to read the documentation file it’s very easy to use ;) And the best size for images 1920×1080 (1.78:1 ratio).

Best regards


Pico-San Purchased

Hi there,

I purchased your plugin and so far im happy :) But the only thing i can not figger out is how to place text to the images. Like in your demo.

Where can i place text on the different images?

Kind regards, Pico


Pico-San Purchased

Yes i tried it but it doesn’t work :(


Akoad Author

Sorry for this :( , i will fix it in next update.


Pico-San Purchased