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vidal Purchased

When is the Woocommerce support coming. So when lightbox pops up we can have a link to product or affiliate product link ?


vidal Purchased

Ok I send you email.


vidal Purchased

My site got hacked!!! After I installed this plugin?!!

I think it’s a coincidence, this plugin is free from problems that have to do hacking

will or is it usable in Visual composer

In next version :)

Hi I just installed the plugin and it wont work. I cant get the custom post type visible

Use the contact form inside my profile https://codecanyon.net/user/akoad

I have send my details, but i removed the plugin, it causes the theme to bug

I don’t have admin access try to login using this user.

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The plugin doesn’t work. I want a refund!

Please explain the problem to help you

hi, can i flip through custom post types? for example if i have recipes. thanks!

Sorry for the delay, yes you can use custom post types


vidal Purchased

I activated the plugin again, But I cannot see it in the Dashboard? Please update this plugin!

Please email me your dashboard login to debug this problem


conTend Purchased

Nice plugin! But one question: 6 month ago you announced to add the option to display PDF-Files in next update. I can´t find it in your version from Jan. 2017. Maybe it´s my mistake, where could I find it?


Not available yet I will add this feature in new version (v4) previous updates are just developments and solving problems in v3 Don’t worry, we’re working on a new update that’s going to change everything, but give us a little more time.

Best regards


vidal Purchased

Hi when can we expect the long awaited update?

I am still working on this update but it will be very soon and will notify you

I purchased this plugin in order to display PDFs – is this function available yet? If not, how do I go about getting a refund?

I have not received a reply on this and will now request a refund.

Hi my designer bought your plugin for our website, nit there seems some issue s1.when viewing on ipad, the menu couldnt shut down and some set hided info will show up.2.some hide info will still show up when the page rolling

i can send to ur mail, printscreen

Hi, I’m interested in your template. Some questions … Does your template serve to make a news website? Update the post with the flip effect? Does it have sound? The template I use is from divi, it works with divi? Thank you

Hello, this plugin works with any theme and you use it to build unlimited flip magazine pages, and build for news websites, So far each page ( flip effect ) works as one article but more layouts will be added to the upcoming updates.

and for sound sorry this feature not available yet

Hi, we need global settings for the plugin for colors, logo etc. So we don’t have to edit every magazine page. I have 20 pages, so I have to change this 20 times.

Please update the plugin so I can renew support.


Ok, I will add this feature in quick update very very soon

What is very very soon? Can you update the demo ?

Also there is a 404 google font bug if you don’t set a font.

In next week, and I will fix this problem in this update

I just purchased your magazine plug in and I am having trouble implementing it into a new page on my site. The plug in does not want to accept or text on the back end and on the front end it doesn’t display anything. Am I experiencing some sort of bug? If not, how do I go about creating a magazine on one of my pages?

Hello, Sorry for the delay, please use my profile to contact me and send to me your dashboard login details to debug and fix your problem

Hi, when in iPad mode, say smaller screens and clicking on the top right menu. The side-panel menu opens but the left side is always showing the loading progress and a white background. How can we have an image when the side menu opens?


Hello, Please send to me live example to debug this problem

how do I make the flip magazine work?

have a purchase code 9bce52a3-690b-44dc-943e-3e98dd57fb19

Please remove your purchase code from public

Step 1 – Navigate to Pages > Add New. Step 2 – From Page Attributes > Template Choose Flip “Magazine Page”. Step 3 – Will appear Magazine Page Settings, change your settings and click on publish button.

hello purchased your software had it installed and I’m having difficulty as is my web guy utilizing it.

need help


Please email me with your problem and dashboard login details using contact form in right side in my profile https://codecanyon.net/user/akoad



vidal Purchased

Any update?

Hi Guys, I’m very interested in buying your product, i’m just wondering do you think it would be possible to add your flip magazine to a newsletter that get sent out to our users. this is the newsletter plugin we use


on the templates it has a Raw HTML template we can use.

Do you think this is possible

Best Adam