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Flip Countdown

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Flip Countdown is the web’s most advanced Flip Counter plugin. It’s easy to setup, amazingly flexible and ships with beautiful animations and presets.



Whether you want to visualize visitor counts, count down to a date, show upload progress, social media followers, or donation status, Flip has got your use case covered.

It even features a nice online Visual Style editor so you can easily tweak a Flip preset to your liking.




  • Beautifully animated | Flip Counters look and feel like real life flip clocks.
  • 10 Unique Presets | Pick one and be done, build your own, or use as starting point.
  • Visual Style Tool | Style your preset with simple controls and copy past the code to your project.
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly | Works everywhere.
  • Fast and Beautifully Animations | Optimized for fast performance.
  • Works on all Major Browser | If not supported, falls back gracefully.



  • Countdown to Date | Count down towards that sale or website launch!
  • Count Up Since Date | How many days ago was our major event?
  • Countdown Scheduler | Automatically countdown towards each Sunday at 10 o’clock
  • Count values | What are our current sales figures?
  • Show plain text | Use as billboard to show text.
  • Sync with Server | Make sure the shown time is synced with your server.
  • Timezones | Correct duration shown all across the planet.
  • Languages | Labels and texts can be changed to required locale.


Flip works standalone and is not dependent on any frameworks. That said, it’s compatible with:

  • JavaScript and jQuery API | Ships with handy wrapper for jQuery.
  • Bootstrap and Foundation | Plays nice with popular CSS frameworks.

How to use with WordPress

Flip is not a WordPress plugin, but by using the free WordPress plugin Snippy you can easily configure it to be used with WordPress.

Follow the quick installation guide below!

  1. Download the free WordPress plugin Snippy.

  2. Watch the 3 minute step by step video on how to configure Flip with Snippy.


Flip is build using the latest HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript techniques.


Flip ships with extensive documentation on all it’s capabilities.


Just contact us using the Support page, we’re always happy to help out with any questions or problems.



  • Beautiful Animations | Today, it’s all about a nice and smooth user experience, this is where Flip delivers big time.

  • HTML Based Flipper | Flip Counter features like shadows, colors, font, size and shape are all customizable with CSS.

  • Individual or Composed | One giant flipper or a flipper for each character, no problem!

  • Animation Controls | Set flip animation speed and define animation easing modes (ships with 24 different ease methods). Because Flip uses Tick Counter it also features delayed flip panel updates and flip panel value interpolation.

  • Combine with Boom | Combine with free Boom plugin to add sounds to flip panel updates.

  • Responsive | This is 2017, Of course this plugin is responsive. \\)” title=” :)” />

  • Timezone Support | Add a timezone to your date and Tick will make sure the shown duration is correct all around the globe.

  • Multi-language Support | Labels can all be easily configured by changing HTML attributes.

  • Mobile Friendly | Tick is designed to work mobile first and scales nicely to bigger resolutions.

  • Very Fast | Tick’s code is optimized for performance.

  • Standalone | No client-side or server-side frameworks or libraries are required. But if you like jQuery, Tick Counter ships with a handy jQuery wrapper API.

  • Easy to Configure | Setting up Tick is a matter of adding some classes and data attributes to your HTML and presto, you’re ready to go!

  • Layout | Tiny layout framework to compose counters horizontally, vertically or lay them on top of each other.

  • Transforms | Tick ships with 30+ data transforms which you can use to format and animate the output value to your liking.

  • Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, ES6, AMD or CommonJS | Whether you’re an old school JavaScript fanatic or a jQuery lover, Tick’s got you covered. The package also contains AMD, CommonJS, ES6 and a Global build of Tick.

  • JavaScript API | You can control Tick from JavaScript or jQuery whichever you like best. The extensive API documentation should give you a good idea on what is possible with Tick.

  • And Much More | Read about all Tick’s features



  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Safari OSX 9+ & iOS 9+ | Safari on Windows is no longer supported by Apple
  • Android 5+ | Not all Android devices behave the same, works on most modern Android devices, if you run into trouble, let us know

Use the API supported property to determine if the client browser supports Tick.


  • Installation instructions
  • CSS and JavaScript files for various project types


1.7.1 | 31-12-2018

  • Fix problem where setting format to [‘d’, ‘m’] would throw an error

1.7.0 | 14-05-2018

  • Add ascii and char transforms, updated billboard template

1.5.1 | 22-02-2017

  • Fix problem with rendering on Edge 16

1.5.0 | 02-08-2017

  • Add auto fit to container option, add fit to the data-layout attribute to enable.
  • Add chained scheduling, a counter can now contain multiple scheduled moments separated by commas.
  • Improved module version so it’s easier to use in React.
  • Improved visual quality now no longer renders transparent gap between top and bottom cards.

1.4.2 | 12-07-2017

  • Improved rendering quality in newer versions of Firefox and Safari.

1.4.1 | 03-07-2017

  • Fixed problem where jQuery API would not create ticker.

1.4.0 | 08-06-2017

  • Improved rendering performance, elements out of view are no longer redrawn.
  • Add setConstant and setPreset methods which can be used in conjunction with the preset transform to create transform presets.
  • Fixed problem where programmatic creation of view did not work.

1.3.4 | 12-04-2017

  • Fixed problem where removing repeater elements did not work.

1.3.3 | 23-03-2017

  • Improved performance of Flip counters.

1.3.2 | 23-02-2017

  • Improved arrive, spring, step and tween transforms handling of string input.
  • Fixed destroy method destroying a little bit too much property.
  • Fixed boom playing a sound when value did not change.
  • Fixed boom returning the wrong element definition (‘audio’ instead of ‘boom’).

1.3.1 | 21-02-2017

  • Fixed problem where Tick.create would throw an error if no element and no options were supplied.

1.3.0 | 20-02-2017

  • Initial release of Flip.

1.2.0 | 15-02-2017

  • Initial release of Line.
  • Add cancel method to internal animation function.
  • Add value and tween transform functions.
  • Add data-value attribute to default text view.
  • Improved step, spring and arrive transform functions.
  • Improved internal counter setup.

1.1.0 | 31-01-2017

  • Initial release of Swap.
  • Improved internal duration code.
  • Fixed timer reset method, did not reset.
  • Added “ms” as milliseconds Time Unit.
  • Added duration transform.

1.0.0 | 26-01-2017

  • Initial release of Dots.