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I gave you a high 5 star rating…Really nice work! Purchased over new years. Good luck with sales. You should do fine.

Mark, Miami, FL

Hey Sike….I sent you the credentials for my WP site. Have you taken a look? Thanks. Mark

Email replied.

Well thanks for all your trouble but i have to have the content tooltip in my site. Put hours into using them in content. Mark

looks great – can i give images a hyperlink ? will buy for sure if so

Hi yes of course. There is a hyperlink option under each image.

cool, will give it a go then :)

This is really good and nice and simple to use – well done (I’ve given you a 5 star rating)


Hi, unfortunately the slider does not appear to be working on the latest version of wordpress. The back end image upload and slider setup just returns blocks with the word ‘thumbnail’ inside. The front end slider controls do not work and just append a hash to the url which forces the page to scroll to top and the pagination controls do not appear (just returns empty pagination class

tags where it should appear (while in inspect view).

Are you able to assist please? If not, could we please request a refund?


Hi, it works fine with the WordPress 3.8, can you drop me a line with your WordPress account via the contact form in my profile page, then I can login in to take a look.

Hi I bought the slider and the images height do no scale right. I set my div for 360px and the slider images are so much taller. How do I control this?

Hi, can you drop me a line with your preview via the contact form in my profile page, then I can take a look.

I fixed that but now I have a new issue. I want the images in the carousel to have links that open in new pages. Where can I make this change? Check out

Can I have the gallery set to animated? I want the images to scroll from left to right in a nice smooth fashion.

Hi I really like your plug inn, but i ran into a problem. I configured a new carousel but between the images the carousel shows dots.

I don’t understand wy it’s doing this. I am using the most recent version of this plug inn.

Hope you can help me with this problem. You can view my problem on .



My carousel vanished after one edit. All images gone! Why? This has happened multiple times. I cannot imagine a worse error. All your work just gone.

Hi, when edit in the backend, please make sure edit after all the elements in the page are loaded. We need the javascript is loaded to store the data.

Will this slow down the load time for the page?

Interested in buying this

Hi, it only load the necessary js/css assets, I think it won’t slow down the page.


1. can i control the coverflow with right left navigation buttons?

2. and instead of the text being on the bottom, can i have it in the right of the image.

3. Can i use png images with transparent background.

Your carousels look really good. But i need to confirm these to purchase

I have been using Flip Carousel for at least a couple of years and it worked great. However I just logged in and now I cannot get it to display as Cover Flow. It just creates a vertical line of pictures and does not flip to cover flow. I don’t know what is causing it.


1. Do you have a larger demo those images are so small.

2. Can you edit the fonts?

3. Can the social icons only be shown on reverse side when flipped?

4. In coverflow mode can the images/content frames overlap each other underneath the main center one?

Hi, i bought your plugin today and I appreciate him, but can we get the coverflow view and the flip ?? it’s would be nice..

Also, i wanted to put an image url instead of search in my medias gallery and i can’t..

Hi, what the error you get, please try to send the preview page, I can’t help with the description only.

Hi, The carousel don’t work when I upload images smaller that the full with of the carousel (900 px width), for instance, vertical layout pictures with less than 900 px shows a message “thumbnail” instead of the picture.

Here is a sample of the issue:

Thanks for your help in this matter

Hi, please make sure the original image size is larger than the container (900px).

Doesn’t work anymore with the newest Wordpress 4.8.1. The left image and the right image of the carousel is not appearing. Says the img src is (unknown) on each one, and the image doesn’t appear. It says “Thumbnail” instead of showing the image. Works with older versions. Any idea why it’s not working?

UPDATE: Sorry Sike, I just saw your most recent comment. WORKS GREAT IF “the original image size is larger than the container (900px)” like Sike says. Or whatever you set the size of the container.

Hi, is it possible to enlarge image when you click the image into a lightbox when use coverflow? and is it possible to put video or youtube embed in coverflow, when you click the thumbnail it plays in a lightbox? if it possible, i would love to buy the plugin