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Thanks :)

Great work bro!

Thanks bro :)

fantastic work :) !

Thanks :)

Hello! is it maybe possible to hide the Date?

Hi , It is possible . you can hide title or date what do you want. Please see this link , you can show how to hide date or title.


Hello, the libary “jquery-1.11.3.min.js” is really wrecking my theme. Any workaround available?

Hi, can you contact with me by email ? Thanks

I have mailed you!

i sent you new version of plugin ,also i updated in envato market, Please check your mail. Let me know if you have any questions Thanks

I didn’t check “Compatible Browsers” in my fault. Isn’t it impossible to make compatible to IE9, 10? ...

Hi, Flik Timeline supports IE10 , it has scroll animation problem in IE9. As soon as possible it will be solve .


Hi , i like the Twitter style although : Is centering the line and having the historical content on both sides of the line an option? If it needs extra code you can guide me after I buy it. Thanks

Hi, if you want simple update it is possible, please write me email about what you need .Thanks

My post are displayed in alphabetical order but I want it to come in descending order. Please help me as my website is live.

Hi, please go wp admin > ‘Flik Timeline’ > ‘Categories’ , in this page select your category , after this change ‘Timeline order’ .


Love the variety of styles in JS version. Will you be expanding WP version to include more styles?

Style 4 on JS has a useful year-range indicator for example and style 5 is what I need now for my WP theme.

Can I recreate JS style 5 using the WP version of your plugin?

I went ahead and bought it. Looking forward to getting access to the JS Style 5 and 4 embedded in the WP version soon ;-)

Hi dear customer,

i am planning add date range option as soon as possible.


Cool I have bought the plugin now

Is there a limitation on how far back you can set a publish date?

I note other plugin authors have added a ‘custom date’ field to allow more control and flexibility in date style. I would love to see this and have the option to use a date text label rather than full date on display.

I want to use your plugin for a work history and need to set dates that are like this:

1. MMM YYYY – now



So for JS plugin style 4 I would have a top indicator that has:

[SEP 2007 – JUL 2013]

3 entries under this:

x----- JUN 2011 – JUL 2013 Project Officer blah blah

x---— JAN 2008 – MAY 2011 Consultant blah blah

x----- SEP 2007 – JAN 2008 Contractor blah blah

Displaying day isn’t needed for this example and month name not number is better.

Hi dear customer,

I will add date range option as which you want as soon as possible


Wow, that’s great

Hello askerov,

this is a pre-sale question:

  • does the plugin load files site-wide or only on visible pages?

Thank you in advance!

I agree with you. i will consider this changes. if you buy it ,i can change plugin what you want.

i am planing next update as soon as possible.

Thanks for interest and suggestion . Askerov

Hello askerov,

thank you! May I provide a list of suggestions?

Hi , please say me about your suggestions . Thanks

Is this plugin compatible with visual composer so that I can create more advanced layouts for the actual timeline posts?

Hi, i have tested now with visual composer 5.0, there is no problem. working normally.


Hello I have used your plugin in one of my site. But its not coming properly in responsive devices. Please can you help with the same.

Please check the below link. .

Also I want to remove the veritcal line for my last event. It should stop with the circle over the last event and should not continue the line till end. Please update me on this issue.

I visit your website , you made some changes on this, its related to that .

Unfortunately there is no option for remove last vertical line.


What changes can you tell me ?

Added buttons to the right side . Thanks

Pre-sale: can I create two different timelines with different content and show them in two pages?

Hi , Yes you can use different timelines in 2 pages , also you can use unlimited timelines with different styles in 1 page .


Is there a way to change the color of the timeline bar (currently using Style5)? They use the same color blue and I would like to make it a color that is part of our branding.

Hi dear customer, please copy below css codes and change color , then add the codes to style file (wp-content/plugins/flik-timeline/assets/flik/css/flik-timeline.min.css )

    border-left-color:red !important;

.flik-timeline-10:before, .flik-timeline-10:after{
    background:red !important;

     box-shadow: 0 0 0 0.25em rgba(195, 66, 66, 0.3);

.flik-timeline-10 li .circle {
       background: #543f3f !important; 
    box-shadow: 0 0 0 4px red !important; 
.flik-timeline-10 .flik-timeline-content{
        border-color: red !important; 
If you need change only timeline bar color ,you should use below code
    border-left-color:red !important;

Thanks, Rufat Askerov

Hello Askerov, we really appreciate your plugin. One question, is there a way to prevent scroll when you are scrolling down the page normally? Like as if you could only scroll it by clicking and dragging?

That would be very helpful for our page :)

Thanks again, Luke

Hi ,

I changed , please visit url :

Note : maybe files read from cache of browser , please CTRL+R page or test in other browser

if you confirm this update which need to you , i will update plugin in envato .

Thanks, Rufat Askerov


How do I update the plugin without losing my custom data? Do I delete it’s file with FTP and upload the new file?

Thanks again! -Luke

Please send purchase code to my email , then i will say which files need to update

Also , i will update in envato market

Thanks, Rufat Askerov

Hi, is it possible to give an extra bullet at the end of the timeline? *(currently using style 1) Or is it possible to let the last item not have border left? Thanks…

Hi ,

Bullets count equal to timeline posts count. In which style do you want remove border left ?(in style 1 , i could not find border left ).

Thanks, Rufat

I mean the line is styled as a css border left. I want to remove the border voor the last child so that the end of the line is a bullet.

Unfortunately, it cannot remove.


Hi ,

I am about to purchase this plugin but I had one concern.

I am currently building a history website, and I only need the year (as seen above all the boxes in style 6).

As you may can see in style 6 (demo), with the text boxes, am I able to remove the date inside the boxes?

Cheers, Chris

Hi ,

Yes you can show or hide date of timeline boxes, you can see screen in here :

For installing and using features please see this video :


Hi, Can you add unlimited timeline very much like candy crush and like each timeline to another page for more info? Can you add images next to every timeline?


Yes, of course. You can add those features. You can test it in free version of timeline: