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Very beautiful

Thanks :)

Pre sales questions: Is it possible to order or re-order the content in the timeline, or it just appears as the latest added content on top? Also, is it possible to add a date to the little circle next to each content? If not I understand that it involves re-design ;-) Thanks!

If you want ,you may change content of the timeline. It is possible add a date to the little circle next to each content. It is not hard :) Thanks

can it take proportional space between nodes ?

Yes , you can make any edit on it .If you have problem , i will help you.

Thanks :)

how do you change the backgrounds and text colours. I want white back with black text?

Hi you should change background-color of flik-content class in css


How difficult would it be to place this in a Wordpress site using a system such as Genesis or themify?

if you know wordpress . you can add source files of timeline in your server , and show static timeline , but it is not wp plugin. this is js plugin .


Hi, on your Style 4 demo you have a YEAR RANGE indicator 2004-2006.

BUT I note a date entry of NOV 2007 appearing under this indicator when it is not within the date range displayed.

A bug???

Hi, It is not a bug. This data filled manually, so it is my mistake.


Phew, thanks.

Nice Work. GLWS


Can you please point me to a spot in the flik-timeline.min.css that would let me change the link color? Also, to the line(s) (I’m hoping in the same .css file) that control how much white space shows up at the top and bottom of the .


where exactly? is it the rgba value? can’t figure out what color rgba(255,255,255,.4) is. Thanks!

.flik-timeline-1 .event:before{
  color: red;
  background-color: blue;

if you want you can add rgba or hex color, it doesn’t matter.


Thank you!

Can this timeline also include time of day stamp for the events listed on them? I’m trying to create a timeline that includes events per day and some of them will be marked by a time stamp and would like to show them chronologically…

Hi dear customer,

Yes you can add it anywhere. but maybe some styles have conflict your own styles.

Let me know if you have any questions