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Does this track flights or is this more like a database with shops and stores? Storyboard? Live / video preview? Thanks

using Live Api & Stoaryboard

How do I edit the colors and take out the images and I get this error after entering the API from the external website:

An error was encountered while running (Domain = FBSOpenApplicationErrorDomain, Code = 4)

What does that mean and how do I fi it?

‘presentFromViewController:’ is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 7.0 – Use -[UIViewController requestInterstitialAdPresentation] and related APIs documented in <iAd/UIViewControlleriAdAdditions.h>. This error comes with the app. How do you fix it?

Also, the app just sits at “Waiting” when tapping it on a real iPhone for it to install. How can we fix this?

It just sits after being transferred to the iPhone ad shows FlightTracker with a blank icon. If you tap it, it says installing, but then stays that way until you delete it.

how to installed iphone can send me procedure ?

After all, is it working or not ?

Does it track flights ??

Flight details

i don’t see screenshots with flight track !!

Track the flight details

Not working in Landscape !!!

Maybe you should rename this project.

This is not a flight tracker.

This is an app which displays Airport Details.

A flight tracker is an app which informs the user what time a specific airplane will land, and which terminal it is landing in, at the airport.

This app seems to tell the user what restaurants and shops are at an airport….