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HI Can I put in post photo by tags?

For example, if I need photos with tags “holiday” in post. Can I do this using your addon?

Sorry for my English. I try to do my best, but I’m still making mistakes.

There is a search function that will fetch photo’s based on the search term from flickr.com. You can query “Holiday” and get flickr.com photo’s that match the term “Holiday” Hope this helps, -Nolan

Very nice. However,I just tried your demo on several Android devices and it appears not formatted for mobile use? Perhaps it’s the theme you’re using or the product itself isn’t ready for mobile yet?

I just tested it on my 3” LG phone and it loaded correctly and the layout is fine but the phone will not handle the lightbox plugin so it loads the actual flickr.com photo url. Is this what you are referring to? Each device has it’s hangups for loading javascript code. The plugin is best for devices with a screen of 7” and above but should work on lower screen sizes without the lightbox. The images and columns load based on the width of the page so they adjust to fit the page size making them responsive. -Nolan

Yes. I considered the lightbox to be part of the product. That explains it. Thank you for your time. I may consider swapping out the lightbox then.

The plugin is not listed as compatible with every single device and browser. The product has a compatibility list for browsers on the product page. It may work for additional devices and mobile browsers but it is up to the consumer to test and verify on specific mobile devices. I do not guarantee this plugin for all mobile devices even though I have tested it on Ipad and Android 10” tablets and it is verified as working correctly. Thanks, -Nolan

Just tested on my iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad2 – does not display properly.

On iPhone, the image pops up behind the thumbnails

I have been testing it on my ipad(ios6) and it is displaying correctly. I cannot guarantee compatibility with all mobile devices including the iphone at this time. Thanks, -Nolan

first :D

Thanks, -Nolan

MY opinion about plugin Installation>>5/5 (no problem) Using shortcode>> 5/5 Changes and custom.>> 4/5 Suport>> 5/5 Plugin need only more documentation for people who start using Wordpress :)

Working, no problem, easy to use :)

Is it possible when these pop up in your face that eaxch picture can be link to specific url?

They are pulled directly from flickr.com – so no. At this time they just link to the flickr.com image. Thanks, -Nolan

Hey, just bought your plugin & it’s great. Just have one problem, the number of images I choose doesn’t seem to work. For instance I would like 9 images, but 12 are displaying with some repeated etc.


Send me an email to nuvuscripts@gmail.com Thanks, -Nolan

Hello, the plugin is not giving the right results for search, i mean i set “peru miraflores” for search keywords http://prntscr.com/ifirf and i am getting these images.. http://prntscr.com/ifj09

however when i do the same search in flickr page it gives me these results… http://prntscr.com/ifixr

so i need show the same than flickr in my site to show qualtiy images, also any plan to add search by group feature? instead username choose a group and shoow those images?

please advise, thanks!

Email reply sent – The plugin has a default sort of mostinteresting-desc sort. There is a way to change the sort in the script. Please check my response to your email. I am also checking into adding the group option. Hope this helps. -Thanks, -Nolan

I cannot get this plugin to work. I’ve inserted the API key and used the shortcodes provided but I am getting a “warning not a valid stream resource”...

Help please?

Send me an email to nuvuscripts@gmail.com Thanks, -Nolan

You need to add the “cache” folder to your Wordpress root directory and give it 755 permissions. Thanks, -Nolan

Ok so I downloaded this and installed it. The positives – it only took a couple seconds to set it up, and the masonry layout is exactly what I wanted.


1. It slows down my site to the point where it is not possible to use the plugin. I have even tried on several other WP installs, and also tried with GZip compression, no difference. I can see even on your preview on this ad, it is still extremely slow.

Just to be extra sure, I set up slickr flickr, a similar plugin and it worked absolutely fine in terms of speed, so I am positive this is an issue with the plugin.

2. One in 2 or 3 times the page is loaded, the pictures all appear in a straight line vertically rather than tiling like they should. Huge problem.

3. It doesn’t seem to work on multiple browsers and mobile devices as per comments above.

This has serious potential to be great but as of right now it is not usable whatsoever. Just a waste of my $14 pretty much.

There is a big difference between FlickrBox and Slickr Flickr. FlickrBox uses three different plugins to achieve the multi-column layout, popout functionality and lightbox slideshow. To get this exact functionality these three to work in conjunction was a pain staking process. I have never had a problem with it running and loading. It is setup to allow you to choose the size of flickr.com images (thumb and lightbox) to speed up loading times. My demo is slow because I am loading about 100 pictures. This is to show the multi gallery feature. I have live demo’s of all my products so the customer can test the speed and functionality of the plugin before purchase. Browser compatibility is stated on the product page. I am sorry it did not meet your needs but I would try lowering your picture size prior to giving up on the plugin. I am sorry you are disappointed with it. Send me an email to nuvuscripts@gmail.com and we can discuss it further. Thanks, -Nolan

Hey Nuvu,

I’ve just been configuring this for a client (http://ortho360.com) as a footer widget and it seems that the column & thumbnail sizes are completely ignored no matter what I change them to. How is this being calculated? I have set the thumbnail + col width both to 75 and the images are reaming at 42px wide. Also, adding some logic to the Widget box so that a user doesn’t try to set both a flickr username and a flickr gallery id would be quite helpful.

Consider linking here for Flickr user IDs: http://idgettr.com/

The Widget should probably default to the API that was set up on install and then give the option to change it.

Consider adding a display order option for ascending, descending, and random.

Thanks much. if you’ve got any ideas on the image width, I’m all ears. I realize I’m not posting from the client’s account as a subcontractor but the username should be mojo, mojocreator, or soemthing similar. You’ll see it in today’s purchase log about an hour ago.

Best Regards, Ian

The images should auto size the width based on the number of columns and container width. There is a thumb_width property in case there is a problem with the styling thus allowing for manual widths. Send me an email with admin credentials to nuvuscripts@gmail.com and i can help out. -Nolan

I am interested in purchasing your plugin. It is beautiful. But, my photos are in sets on flickr. Can I choose sets to display the galleries through your plugin so I can post on separate pages, posts?

Thanks, Yes – this plugin works best with using flickr sets so you can show different sets on multiple post and pages. Note -The sets must be set to public to view use with flickrbox. Thanks, -Nolan

Hello, this plugin seems great, has some video tutorial explained its use to finalize payment?

There is no video tutorial but here is the install text that comes with the package plus there is a built in doc page for quick future parameter reference.
== Installation ==

**Installing and working with the plugin.**

1. Step 1: Upload the wp-flickrbox folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

2. Step 2: Add a folder to your wordpress root directory called “cache” and set the cache folders read/write permissions to full(chmod to 755). I use FileZilla to upload and set file permissions.

3. Step 3: Activate the “flickrbox” plugin under the admin menu->plugins menu.

4. Step 4: Under admin menu->Settings->Flickrbox Settings enter your Flickr Api Key.

5. Step 5: Add the shortcode to your page.

Widget Area:

1. Under Appearance->widgets
Drag the flickrbox widget to your sidebar.
2.Enter your API-Key, Set the flickrname/set number or search term(only one), animation pop out amount, number of images, number of columns and column width. 
3. Click the Save button 

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Why am I getting "flickr photo unavailable" errors? =

This is a common error message recieved due to the image_size option not set correctly. To verify the largest available image size for the images being fetched from flickr open an image on flickr.com by clicking the image. The image will load into the flickr.com fullscreen image veiwer. In the upper right hand corner of the window there is a button labeled "view all sizes". Click this button to verify that the image has the "Large" size available. If the Large size is not listed then find the largest size listed in the "view all sizes" list and add the image_size="largest size available" into your shortcode. example for an image that has the largest available size of medium 500: [flickrbox set_number="2178671637816" image_size="Medium 500" ]

= How do I get a Flickr API Key? =

You can easily obtain a flickr api key by going to the following link: **http://www.flickr.com/services/apps/create/apply**

**Adding the shortcode to your page.**

Add the Flickrshow shortcode to anywhere on your page to display the gallery.
Shortcode parameters:

set number

To show a photostream use flickrname, to show a set use set_number and to show a search result use search and group(optional to search a group). Use only one of these options.


[flickrbox flickrname="aflickrname"  image_size="large"  show_titles="true" popoutmargin="50" columns="10" num_images="20"  ]


[flickrbox set_number="72157626881052206"  num_images="12" ]


[flickrbox search="paint"    num_images="12" ]

*Will search a specific group - a group id looks something like this: 1249008@N21 - it is displayed when you join a group in the url. Do not use the name of the group.
[flickrbox search="girls"  group="1249008@N21"  num_images="12" ]

*sort photo search by date posted asc/desc date-taken, interestingness asc/desc or relevence.
[flickrbox search="girls"  group="1249008@N21" sort="date-posted-asc" num_images="12" ]
options are: date-posted-asc, date-posted-desc, date-taken-asc, date-taken-desc, interestingness-desc, interestingness-asc, and relevance.

*Will show the gallery title above gallery - set to true or false
[flickrbox flickrname="someones flickrname" show_titles="true"  num_images="12" ]

*title options(“true” or “false” – default is set to “false”).

*Number of columns to split the gallery into
[flickrbox set_number="72157623900606664"  columns="10" num_images="20"  ]

*The amount of margin the images will growth on mouseover - in pixels
[flickrbox set_number="72157623900606664"  popoutmargin="50" columns="10" num_images="20"  ]

*image_size: optional*

[flickrbox search="paint" image_size="large" num_images="32" ]

*This option will set the size of the main image loaded. The actual displayed image size is set through the flickrshow.css file but you may set this option to tweak the image quality. By default this option is set to large. This means that the original size is loaded but the css sets the display to a set size. If you know the size of the images you may want to set this to the closest size that matches the actual image to scale back on image sizes thus dropping the loading times required to load the images. If you want your images to be a medium 500 size then set the image_size option to be “medium 500? and then set the .limage{width:900px; height: 500px; } in flickrshow.css line 2 to match the width and height of medium 500(500px 327px).
If you do not feel comfortable editing the css then simply leave this option as default and your pictures will use the default settings.

options are(

    “small” -(240px, 157px)
    “medium 500? -(500px, 327px)
    “medium 640? -(640px, 418px)
    “large” -(original size)

- default is set to “large”).

*Putting it all together:*

example one – flickrname photostream showing title for 100 images:
[flickrbox flickrname="someones flickrname" show_titles="true"  num_images="100" popoutmargin="30" columns="4"]
Hope this helps, -Nolan


I purchase the plugin flickrBox and i thing its great.

I have a question:


Why when i´ve click a thumbnail, is opened two popups windows whit the pic ?

i just need one pop up window open.

i´m using this short code:

[flickrbox set_number=”72157635406918057” image_size=”large” thumb_size=”50px” show_titles=”false” popoutmargin=”5” columns=”10” num_images=”20” ]

also why in this gallery http://consorciopanamafrio.com/consorcio-panama-frio-entrego-primer-centro-de-manejo-poscosecha-en-volcan/ there is an image alone in a third line ? how can i adjust this lonely image in the second line

sorry my english. i mean. there is any way to adjust columns and lines, in gallery shortcode ?

You can adjust both the number of columns and width of images in the short code. Example:
[flickrbox set_number="72157635406918057" image_size="large" thumb_size="150px" show_titles="false" popoutmargin="5" columns="5" num_images="20" ]

Hi I just have purchased it and it does not work. Can you help, please?

Warning: fopen(/f3916495b13ebce5b65d44fbbfdf5680.cache) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /homez.359/alejandrv/www/wp-content/plugins/slickr-flickr/phpFlickr.php on line 186

Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /homez.359/alejandrv/www/wp-content/plugins/slickr-flickr/phpFlickr.php on line 187

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /homez.359/alejandrv/www/wp-content/plugins/slickr-flickr/phpFlickr.php on line 188

Warning: fopen(/7a5aa0325701ff525451a28ed850963e.cache) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /homez.359/alejandrv/www/wp-content/plugins/slickr-flickr/phpFlickr.php on line 186

Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /homez.359/alejandrv/www/wp-content/plugins/slickr-flickr/phpFlickr.php on line 187

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /homez.359/alejandrv/www/wp-content/plugins/slickr-flickr/phpFlickr.php on line 188 Cannot find flickr photo’s.

You need to add a folder named “cache” in your root directory and give it 755 permissions. -Nolan

HI, I´m having the following error

Can you help, please?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/wp_k8qy9q/gimnasiomoderno.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-flickrbox/flickrbox.php on line 326

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/wp_k8qy9q/gimnasiomoderno.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-flickrbox/flickrbox.php on line 326

Please send me an email at nuvuscripts@gmail.com – I have an update that fixes this. -Nolan

Your Envato livepreview just shows the shortcode. Not very impressive …

I updated the demo link. – http://soapbox.nuvuthemes.com/flickr-demo/ Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know. -Nolan