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Hi, Great menu thanks. Is there a way to prevent any clicking of ‘parent’ menu items on a desktop? Also, because I am using the menu dynamically, the in a ‘parent’ menu item does not work as it prepends the url to the ”#” there a way to prevent this?

It’s OK i have just found the answer…<a href="javascript:;"></a>

I am having some installation issues, do you have a installation checklist or something that could help me see if I missed a step?

Hello, Thanks for this awesome plugin :)

Can you please tell me what is the Safari bug that you solve it in the last version ?

i hope to tell me that.


Which safari bug?

very good flex menu, fine design and documentation, fully worthy of the price, thanks

Thank you :)

Great Menu! I have a client who wants a certain functionality while in mobile view. The first time the parent-link is clicked the dropdown should show. On the second click the parent-link should open a new page. Can you implement this functionality?

I’m not available for customisations. Sorry.

Hello, I want to buy your menu but was wondering if I can place the menu like on this website ? Thank you

Hi. This demands a customisation. I can’t answer your question because I do not provide this type of service (customisation). Thanks for the interest.

Understand. Thank you for the reply.


When in mobile view , There are TWO menus ? one is enough…

Its Ok now, my mistake!


Is it possible to have it fixed at bottom of screen?

Hi, unfortunately not. Thanks.

Dear Marcoarib,

Thank you so much for this great menu.

There is just a little bug (as mentioned before by “inkontur”). At first I thought the bug was in my code, since it does not happen in the online demo, but it exists in the downloaded demo files: “documentation” folder > “demo – vertical.html” file: If you minimize browser window and resize it to about 777px (width), you see the bug:



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Hi! How to change hover to click?And where is situated «+» icon in code? I want to change in for another icon. Thanks)


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Can you please tell us how to set the Flexy Menu so that when the drop-down opens in mobile mode it pushes the content below it down? Currently our implementation (in mobile mode) drops down and covers up the important stuff below it. Thanks.


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Any chance you can answer this? It’s been nine days. I’d like to buy another licence, but not unless this issue can be solved.