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Congratulation my friend, GLWS :)

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when do you will reales the wordpress version?


Soon give me the proposition

What site is pulling data from? Sends a alerts automatically when property is found? Confusing description where it is pulling data and how


this is version html.

Thanks you

Is there a php file that actually sends out emails? or is it just a front end?

version php and wordpress is soon

Than please reimburse me the money. Considering this is only a front end without .php file that is responsible for full functionality. Will find another script that is fully working.

Where is my refund ?

HEllo can you tell me when will you have a php file that will actually send out emails? because i would like to integrate this in PHP Codeigniter based site for properties so people can set alerts when the property is added that matched their pre set alert the email will be fired to them. When will you have that available can you please tell me?


This is a version html,

“This is a version html,” – What do you mean, be more specific!

If you have no PHP file that comes with the front end, I want my money back. Very misleading in your product description, you make it sound like it is a fully functional script.

Be aware of the provider. Not responding to emails nor board posts. My money were not returned!

no PHP for anny problem contact support envato

When is the functional wordpress version coming out?


poblem sloved ?

No still waiting for wp version i wanna integrate this with this theme https://themeforest.net/item/wp-residence-real-estate-wordpress-theme/7896392?s_rank=1 maybe you should contact this theme owner along with other real estate themes to offer them a dev version so they can check its compactability … meanwhike i am gonna install it with this wp residence theme … so do ya have a wp version for it?

and in plugin option to import all your proiperty exists in your website :)

Submit it to codecanyon and they will check it out i will wait until then

it’s coming soon

Hello is yor plugin compatibel with the theme Reales WP – Real Estate WordPress! Thanks


this version html , wordpress is comming :)

4/16/18 Comment and questions to: Flexycodes Creator

To test your form online, I uploaded the exact files to my website without modification by me. As a result, nothing shows up on the website except a blue pre-loader that doesn’t load the page. The form doesn’t work online. I tried viewing it on all browsers without results. The only time it does show up is off-line on my computer’s browser. Please explain to me what the problem is.

The other question is this- What is the name of the .css file and on what line in the same code do I type in my email to receive the form’s information? Or did you forget to create a contact.php file to make this happen? If you purposely didn’t write a contact.php, can you please create one for all of us who purchased this form from you? As an example for my concern: When I purchase a new car I expect it to have an engine so that it works.

I hope you can resolve this issue. You’re talented and your form looks beautiful but it doesn’t work. Here’s my website link where I published your form for testing- please view it: https://www.versaillesexquisites.com/test/index.html

Thanks. From Acropolis

Hi, This form is html version wp is comment

Thanks yo