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I’m about to buy this script. It seems really nice, I’ve already used your CSS3 Mega drop down on one of my sites, which I tweaked a little of course because well… it wasn’t custom made for me. I “might” have a question afterwards… I will probably have to tweak some styles or javascript to make it 100% like I want it to be… WHICH IS TO BE EXPECTED, as I didn’t employ you Pixelworkshop to build this menu by my exact blueprints. Well my point is… I’m about to invest the huge amount of 7$ that will save me a few days of development, and after browsing through the comments my only question is: why are some people complaining that much!? Thanks for the good work :)

Hello, well I’m not sure to understand as I don’t have the feeling that many comments can be taken as complaints.

With all my products combined, I’ve replied to hundreds (if not thousands) of emails and comments during those last 4-5 years. I’d say that a good 80-85% of them are positive or neutral questions, maybe 10-15% can be categorized as “not positive but not truly negative” if that makes sense :).

For me, there’s a maximum of 5% which can be considered as “complaints”. And from my experience, this happens mostly when the user doesn’t know what he’s buying : I don’t sell anything for wordpress and for many customers, codecanyon is a wordpress marketplace – which is wrong of course.

Anyway, as I often said, when someone has a specific need but it’s not in the description or in the demo, it’s always good to ask before, just to be 100% sure. But to be frank, this almost never happens.

ok Maybe I was just focusing on the one comment that would have shaken me, of course you don’t need rescuing most of the comments are fair :) Anyway I’m currently setting up the menu as an upgrade for my current website and it’s looking fantastic. I will also point out that I was impressed with the documentation: I wasn’t expecting that much detail for a menu plugin and I’ll be sure to follow your work cause I know you’re very dedicated to it!

Alright, thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate :)

I have just installed this mega menu on my site I think it looks fab as I have incorporated lots of images for my travel site. There is one thing that I would like to tweak and dont know if this is possible. I would like the whole mega menu, when it opens, to fill full width of the browser. (desktop) In my case it would look so much better, as my site is boxed and the content area is white as is the menu background. Do you have a code tweak possibily for this? thanks lisa

Hello and thanks for using my work !

There’s actually no version of the menu for that, the full browser exists but the content takes the whole width available. I guess that it could be done by boxing again the drop down content in an additional DIV that would center the content within the drop down.

For example if you open the file 01_fixed_menu.html and look at the “Mega Grid” drop down, you can here add a container that would wrap the content and center it with a fixed width.

That would require some CSS additions in order to do it properly and responsive but it can be done for sure in some way.

HI there. I would like to know if I can incorporate the slider that I built 8 months ago in a html site now into a Wordpress Divi theme. Would I be able to copy it as is across to the wp platform?

Probably not, this is not for wordpress.


is it possible to make a text link in the content or the breadcrumb that opens the dropdown of the “active” menu point??


breadcrumb: start > menu (active) > page

When I’m now click on the “menu” the drop-down of menu should be display?


Hello, I’m not sure to understand, would you have an example showing exactly this ?

Is it possible to have a link at the content, that dropdown the active menu-entry? It means not click on the menu itself – instead I can click on a word innthe content.

I’ve replied to your email, thanks !

Hello, I also own your other Mega Menu but needed a centered full width drop down that does not confine to the parent menu.

I only need one more thing… on Drop down Push content down… How do I achieve this?

Thank you for you assistance.

I also need to disable the bar locked to the header but that should not be much of a problem for me to achieve (hopefully). Just need to push down all the content under the header when the drop down is revealed.

Hello, as I already said in the other comments, I have replied to your email and to both questions. Check your spam folder if you didn’t receive anything.

can i use for linkable text when you on the menu. can click text to go to other sites as a new window or new window

can i use for linkable text when you on the menu. can click text to go to other sites as a new window

Hello, sure menu items can be regular links.

This is not compatible with jQuery v1.7.2.

The mobile menu doesn’t work right in that version. You should fix your script or list what versions of jquery your menu is compatible with.

I’ll update the description accordingly, it’s true that I don’t test all jquery versions especially when they’re several years old. That’s also the reason why I encourage to contact me before purchasing, and many customers actually ask this kind of question so I can test and sometimes brings fixes or improvements.

I appreciate your response.

I did do quite a bit of looking for menus that support responsiveness and you’re script was one of the best ones here on CC.

Any updates you can do with the script, would be appreciated, but I did get it working for me, just having to call 2 instances of jquery. :/

Salut ! J’aime beaucoup ton travail. J’hésite entre FlexiNav et Megamenu reloaded. J’aime le fait d’avoir un menu flexible mais j’ai besoin du “push content”. Une solution ? Merci d’avance. Cdt

Une chose supplémentaire : Peut-on déployer un menu au choix, lors du chargement de la page. Merci !

Bonjour et merci ! Pour pousser le contenu de la page, il n’y a que le “reloaded” vu que c’est une propriété assez spécifique. Ajouter cette fonctionnalité à un autre menu demanderait à mon avis pas mal de travail sur le CSS, probablement quelques modifs dans le script.

Concernant votre 2è question, je le comprends comme afficher un menu déroulant lorsque la page se charge, c’est bien ça ? Si c’est le cas, ce n’est possible qu’avec le “reloaded” à condition que le menu fonctionne au clic (1 clic pour afficher un menu déroulant, 1 autre clic pour le fermer ou en afficher un autre). Ce sont juste 2 options à activer (c’est expliqué dans la doc).

N’hésitez pas si vous avez d’autres questions :)

Does this mega menu intergrate with wordpress? and specifically do you know if it works well with Elegant themes DIVI

Hi, this is not a wordpress plugin.

I’ve bought several of your menus. Mega menu

I like to buy this FlexiNav simple menu. but I would like a particular behavior. Better to just look at this site to demonstrate. Scroll down on this url http://asoberwayhome.org/

The menu starts about 200px below the metro style blocks. Then when scroll down, the menu stops at Fixed top position.

Last question… is this bootstrap compatible for new phone browsers?

Hello ! Well, this kind of functionnality can be added by playing with the script. Actually you would use the fixed version of the menu and the bar behavior (stick to the top after scrolling) can be achieved via javascript / jquery.

Concerning bootstrap, it’s a framework that is really not coded to play well with “non-bootstrap” web elements but I can do a quick test and let you know the outcome.

Thanks for your reply. I looked at all possibilities and I think I’ll just use the Mega Menu Reloaded I now have, and buy Sticky Bars for more visitor engagement. Google loves long-ass page content now :)

For those of you looking at menus. Pixelworkshop is dependable, flexibile, and this is very tight code that fits over any of your other site templates or web pages. He also offers excellent support.

Wow ! Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate :)

Hello, I’ve submitted my questions to you, but haven’t gotten a reply. Could you address it?

All emails replied :)


Huambo Purchased

Greetings, Great menu! I have a comment though: it seems that to add submenus, we have to add the following markup: with classes ddown_fly_out, etc. This makes the code very bulky! I was hoping to just use a series of simple ul/li pairs nested! Thank you, Everardo

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  • Hello, well using classes make sure that there’s no interferences (or minimizes the risk of interferences) with possible customizations – everyone uses this menu in a different way so that’s why I have made such coding choices. Of course many classes could be removed but this could be less readable for some users, that’s why such web elements are often created in this way. Also some classes are used in the script, I can’t imagine targeting elements by relying on descendants selectors :)

    Also the purpose is to give a working menu with structure/functionnality, you’re free to customize and clean up to make it yours, that’s what I do every time I use someone else’s code – I start by removing all the stuff I don’t need.


    Huambo Purchased

    Thank you for your reply! I am generating the menu from a sitemap using C# dynamically. Do you have any examples where you hook up the menu with a .Net app? Thanks, Everardo

    Hello, it looks like some comments are not showing up in my dashboard so I’m very late to reply. Anyway I have unfortunately no example with .Net