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Great plugin you have done ;)

Doesn’t work in ie8

Hi eobyone,

It seems that you are viewing the demo in the “Document Mode” as “Compatibility View”.
Switch “Document Mode” to “IE8 Standarts” (F12, Alt+8, F12 ).

Can it be fixed to not have to change the browser at all not everyone will know how to do what your saying nor will want to. Let me know if you can correct the problem so it views correctly without changing anything.


Thanks that drew my attention to it. I fix Live Preview, waiting for approval from reviever.

Hello, just wondering if you include instructions how to implement this in Wordpress…thankyou.

Hi marionl, Everything described in the documentation of the plugin.

What folder do I place into the plugin floder for wordpress?

Hi, This is not a plug-in. This is a php code that implements the shortcodes in your theme. How is it to install and use, I have described in the documentation section “Bonus”.

You know this plugin is included in the Inspiration template sold on here? Didn’t see a license for that, so wasn’t sure thats kosher.

Regardless, I’m having issues with IE7 and this plugin. All my columns end up pushed far out horizontally, creating a horiz scrollbar. I noticed your test worked fine in IE7 , so curious as to what the problem is. I have version 1.0 of your script, is your live version later than this?

Nevermind, found the issue with the template that IE7 was unforgiving

Hi.. it’s not working.. once i implement the javascript on functions.php, i frequently get a blank page on admin

It is likely that this is a conflict with the new version of jQuery. What version of jQuery are you using? I am happy to help solve the problem, but I need more information. It would be ideal to see the problem for themselves.

Nice Work GLWS =D