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Hello, No pop up available size comes on product list page , available sizes box appears static, no need roll over the product image, it shows on right corner over the image. it supose has to pop up when you roll over the image.

Module is not supported you probably need to adapt css for your theme, anyway send me your page url by mail http://codecanyon.net/user/iqit-commerce


I purchased it but it have a limit just only support 1 attribute which consider as size. Can you edit it to support multiple attribute as size? I have many attribute as siz as Shoes Size, Clothing Size, Dress Size…so that I very need this feature :) And can you do a addons to show Color Attribute?


Update module version with possiblity to select few attributes, also with possibiloty to use one global size guide for all products was sended today to themeforest, it will be avaiable to download later this week

Hi, I checked it and it’s ok but it’s better if you can add feature Set Priority Order for attributes. eg: If I have 3 attributes consider as size: Attributes1, Attributes2, Attributes3. Priority Order is Attributes3, Attributes1, Attributes2 => If the products have 3 this attributes, it will show Attributes3 as a size. At this time, I see the attributes that added first in Combinations will set as default to consider as size. And if you do it, it’s better if have a options show all size with multi attributes (that mean it will show All Avaiable size of Attributes1, Attributes2, Attributes3). And can you add feature as size. Attributes is OK but not enough. Because in some case, if the product only have 1 size, the most of admin will choose Feature to show, not choose attributes (because it must add a combination)

Thank you,


Can you please tell me can create different size chart for different product. for example there is different size chart for men, women, kids now in women there is a different size chart for pants,t-shirt,skirt etc so i just wanted to know that can i create different size chart for pants,t-shirt,skirt etc

Thank you

on a product when i click the size guida chart icon , nothing will happen, it will not open the modal. Check here: http://mixandmatch.com.co/es/camisas-2/1-faded-short-sleeves-tshirt.html

site us under maintance so i can not check, contact by mail http://codecanyon.net/user/iqit-commerce and send your shop access data

Hello, I buy your pluggin today but display sizes is not as in your screenshot, available sizes appear below the photo. I want this to be like in your example shop. In addition, the product home page sizes are not displayed on hover. Thank you for helping me.

Plugin is developed to work this way on default theme, if you using custom theme you may need to make some custom css modifications to make it show like you want


I want to buy your module. Is there an option to disable “How to measure tab” ?

you can use one global tab for all products, or unique per each product

Hi again! I’ve bought your module and do not clearly understand how to apply it for product categories. Could you pls explain it more clearly?

as mentioned in previouse comment “you can use one global tab for all products, or unique per each product”, there is no assidment per category

Hello i just buy the addon. It look good but not appear on my website i have check all information but nothing ?

i find a solution now is ok !

Hey, I have just purchased this module before 2 hours. and noticed that “Enable or disable avaiable sizes on product list” not working.

1) When i Enable , it does not show available sizes on “Product List” .

2)And how it is possible to mark on “Un-available” Size..? (For Example-product has 3 size , s/l/xl . and if xl is out of stock then it should be a line or mark on XL to show to customer that Xl is out of stock.)

Can you please help me out to solve this both problem.?


you can contact by mail https://codecanyon.net/user/iqit-commerce and send data i will take a quick look but module is marked as unsuported. It is not work due your theme rpobably not implemed default ps hook


Hi, interested to buy your great module, using a default theme1.6.1.4, does the available size attributes shows on every category on product list or for selected products of the category in which you want to show size chart.

Does it shows out of stock sizes also on product list.

Will you be helping if something goes wrong.

Thank you, Managed to solve the problem of our own

Module is developed to work with default theme, if you custom theme do not follow default theme bulid in hooks then you need to adapt it

Using default theme, in crome and IE browser available sizes are displaying below product price on category page but in firefox displaying within image as intended.

hello, how can i adjust the position of this size guide

In Product list plugin works only with default theme. With Warehouse and others themes – dasnt work. Hook in TPL – dasnt work.

Hello! Is it available for prestashop 1.7 ? or something similar…

hello, yes i have it for ps 1.7, it is not published yet since i had not time for that yet(I’m working on my theme framwork)

if you purschase module contact by form here and i will send you 1.7 ver on mail https://codecanyon.net/user/iqit-commerce


When we try to add a table to a product we get the message: ¨ You must save this product before adding tabs¨ even though the product is saved and online.

We are using prestashop 1.7.1. any ideas?

contacted by mail

Thank you. That fixed the issue. I have one more issue which i can´t get fixed. I hooked the module to different blocks, but somehow the size chart button does not show in the front end.

I tried the blocks: displayAdminProductsExtra displayProductAdditionalInfo displayProductVariants

I also double checked the product.tpl file. The block is added like so: But still no size chart button on the front-end.

{block name='product_variants'}
   {hook h='displayProductVariants' product=$product}
   {include file='catalog/_partials/product-variants.tpl'}

Can you maybe take a quick look in in the back-end of our shop? Thanks!

were can i download the 1.7.1 version?

from your download section in themeforest account, bui you should use ps 1.7.2

is it possible to create a size guide and assign not by products but by category and manufactures? For example to create a size guide for adidas, shoes, sport