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I am getting path error while installing, how can i install this script to my domain?

If you are getting path error while installing (e.g. installation folder not found), then please try to install this script on your domain without www prefix (like http://yourdomain.com/flexible_poll/installation/).

Will my old polls be removed, when i update to new version?

No, just follow the instructions on your documentation file. After a successfull updating, you can use your old polls.

I added the publish code to my website, but it says “You don’t have permission to publish this poll !..”.

You have to also add your website from the websites menu. This is for your security, so anyone else from you can not publish your polls on their websites.

Can I translate this system to my own language?

Yes, you can change translated texts from the Language menu. They will be saved in your database.

Can i publish the polls on my Wordpress or any other Joomla website?

Yes, you can. Just insert one of the available publish codes to your CMS website.

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