Flexible Poll

Flexible Poll

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Flexible poll is a dynamic poll management system. It is flexible, because you can publish it in any height and width on any web pages, no matter asp or php based. You can create awesome polls as you wish and you can add them to your web pages easily and securely. If you don’t allow to other people, they can not publish your polls on their website. There is a visual graph interface for poll results in the administrator panel and you can export poll results as .csv, .xml or .pdf files from this panel. There are also several options to preview your polls after you created them. And don’t worry, this system is compatible for all browsers.

Some Features:

Responsive, Fluid Design
Published Poll fits in any size
Works perfect on any PHP or ASP page
Supports all Unicode characters
Clean & Modern Interface
Helpful & Informative Admin Panel
Compatible for all Browsers
Secured Against Unauthorised Access
Auto Installation with just a few clicks
Custom Preview Options
Pie Chart – Poll Statistics
Exportable Poll Statistics
Allow/Disallow users to publish your polls
Create unlimited Polls
Create unlimited Options
Customizable Background Color
Customizable Title Color
Hide/Show Title Easily
Editable Title for Polls
Deletable Polls & Poll Options
Block duplicate voting by IP
Much More…

Important Notes:

  • Don’t forget to add your webpage(s) from the “Defined Website” page. Otherwise you can’t publish your polls to your visitors.
  • Change admin password for your security after first login.
  • You can manually customize iframe width and height before inserting the iframe code to your webpage. They are both 100% defined automatically from the system.


v1.2 (04.05.2013)
-Added five alternative templates for administration panel
-Visual and functional improvements made on CSS, HTML, and PHP Codes
-Added some alternative codes to publish your polls on your website
-Added 'Language' menu item and dynamically changing ui
-Some Regular Expression functions were modified
-Buttons were converted to css based buttons for high resolution and fast page loading
-Added an extra update system for old users
v1.1 (03.31.2013)
-Visual improvements made
-Some codes are rewritten for simplification
v1.0 (03.28.2013)
Initial release