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bvas Purchased

I just bought and started using. I immediately ran into a problem. An extremely long description showed up on two of my menu items.

First, where are these descriptions coming from?

Second, how can I delete them and add text that I want?

The description feature was one of the reasons I bought, but I can’t figure out how to edit them.

See this screenshot for image of description problem: https://www.screencast.com/t/jN0H17PjsAXE

Hello bvas,

The description of each item is the text that is set in default WordPress “Description” field of item, when you edit the menu in administration environment.

The FMM plugin’s code doesn’t edit/change description’s value (just display it), so I can’t tell you where the text is coming from in first item’s description of the screenshot. Actually it can’t appear without existing somewhere, so as a first step must locate the source of description’s text. If you can’t find it, it means that somewhere in code (eg. in theme, or another plugin) there is a mechanism that generates the text and assigns it in item’s description, so this mechanism should be disabled.

At the moment, I would like from you to try to locate the description’s text source and using the form in my profile page send me the name of the active theme and the link of your site where I can see the navigation menu of the screenshot. After this I’ll guide you to solve any dysfunction.

About the second item’s description of the screenshot, I think that the solution of first item’s problem will cover this too.

Best regards!

Hey there!

My host currently handles updating my plugins, and as part of his routine, he updated the Flexible Mega Menu Aug 18 update on Monday, as well as 3 other plugins.

However, it seems that the update to Flexible Mega Menu dramatically failed. Multiple files within the folder were missing or incorrect and the plugin folder renamed itself (adding -wp-plugin-UgVywh to the end, forcing it to disable in Wordpress).

I didn’t catch this until late Monday night. I tried renaming the folder, but this didn’t work, so I settled for uploading the zip of the plugin and extracting it in my plugin folder. From there, the navigation menu itself seemed to work fine.

... Except then 2 hours later, when I checked my site and noticed that all of my widgets had “reset” themselves. When I checked the widget area in my dashboard, all of my widgets had been moved to that lower left-hand section of the page reserved “abandoned” widgets.

I dragged and dropped the widgets back into place, which seemed to fix the problem.

... But two hours later, the widgets had reset themselves again.

My host did a database restore to before the plugin updates were applied and, in the beginning, restoring to that database put my widgets back where they should be… except, yet again, 2 hours later, the widgets had reset.

I dragged and dropped the widgets back and also disabled another plugin that had been updated at the same time as Flexible Mega Menu on Monday (called Display Widgets: https://wordpress.org/plugins/display-widgets/ ). I did this yesterday afternoon and watched the site all evening; everything seemed to be fine…. except I woke up this AM to the widgets reset again.

I just went through a final time, drag + dropped the widgets back. I converted all text widgets to Custom HTML, figuring it can’t hurt. I also removed the search widget I had in Flexible Mega Menu.

And on that note, that’s why I’m contacting you. I’m wondering if you might have any insight as to why this “widget reset” might be happening, as this all started after the Flexible Mega Menu updated failed, and upon resolution and updating to the latest build, I’ve had issues with my widgets, which Flexible Mega Menu has some customization settings for. And up until this morning, I had a custom widget in my menu (it was a search box), which “could” be a link between the problems. I don’t know for sure yet since I only just tried removing the search box, but the connection between the update and the timing of this issue at least seems to suggest there would be some relation.

My host is completely dumbfounded by this problem, and he’s also on a late summer vacation, so his support options for me are currently very limited. I’m at a complete loss as to how I can resolve this. I’ve never encountered this issue before yesterday.

Hi hooplah64,

Reading your description I can’t be sure about the reason of your problem, even if caused after updating FMM plugin.

Since the problem does not appear immediately when you make changes but after some time, I should suggest when you make testings to have disabled all website’s cache mechanisms just to allow the immediate stimulation (and understanding) of any problem.

To ensure that the problem caused (or not) from FMM plugin, (while cache mechanisms are not enabled) disable FMM plugin, navigate in few pages of your website and check if arose any malfunction. Because the main problem occurred in widgets, try the same process when are disabled all plugins are related to widgets.

Try the above and let me know if you found any solution or if you confirm that FMM plugin generates or not the problem.

Best regards!

Thanks for the reply!

Since I last posted my message, the widgets reset themselves a 5th time, so I went into my plugins folder, deleted the Flexible Mega Menu folder, and uploaded + extracted the previous version (2.0.2). Right now I’ve been running Flexible Mega Menu 2.0.2 for about 4 hours now and the widgets have not reset.

If the problem starts up again, I’ll try out your suggestions :D But for right now the 2.0.2 version seems to be stable for me.

Hi – i am interested in purchasing your plugin – can your plugin allow me to recreate a mega menu in this style https://www.johnslots.com/en/ ?

Hello davidmogul,

Because of sub-menus content are mixed (on left list of items, or right various content) the plugin doesn’t provide a specific way to create a navigation menu like this, but gives you the ability to add in your sub-menus widgets content or even pages content.

So, with some more effort (and I’m available to help for whatever need), the desired result is possible to be implemented.

I’m having issues getting my menus to appear on the website? Actually I cannot see my menus at all.

Hi darrylvince,

Before you noticed the problem, the menus was visible or the plugin doesn’t work since the first time you activated it? Could you send me the link of your website? To have direct communication , if you prefer use the contact form in my profile page.

Please check inbox.

Hi darrylvince,

I’ve just answered you message


I am a little confused by the interface of your plugin. I just want to create a menu such as the one shown here, except with tabs instead of headings (so there would be a “mammals” tab, etc, underneath the main menu item “animals”).


Lets say that I have a page for every animal (rabbit, dog, etc), but I don’t have an “animals” page or a “mammals” page. So I create a menu in Appearance>>Menus, and add a custom link “animals” to go in the top menu bar. Then I add custom links “mammals”, etc to be the titles. Then, under “mammals”, I add the actual pages for each animal. How do I set “mammals” to be a tab?

Hi, I have realized why it is not working. When I go to Appearance>menus, I click on the main menu item and select “Flexible mega menu settings”, and turn on tabs. However, every time I click save the changes are erased (when the page reloads, the slider “mega submenu” is off even though I just turned it on).

Hi lukebaumann,

To create the structure of items in a navigation menu, first you have to create the menu (Appearance >> Menus) and edit the plugin’s settings for each item. In these settings you can choose to display the content of a sub-menu in tabs. You can read more about items settings in documentation: http://flexiblemegamenu.com/documentation/#menus-items-editor .

When complete navigation menu’s creation, you can select and edit the menu’s skin using the editor style as also described in documentation: http://flexiblemegamenu.com/documentation/#menu-style-editor .

If for any reason you are not able to save any of the above settings, should be a conflict with the active theme or another plugin.

If the problem remains and you can’t save items settings, please use the contact form in my profile page and send me the name of the theme you use in your site.

Hello. Please write me where I can find a information how to add a description for my FLEXIBLE MEGA MENU items.

Hi MiceCenter,

Items description text isn’t plugin’s feature, but is including in default WordPress settings. If you don’t see description field under items “Navigation Label”, then you have to expand “Screen options” and enable the display of description.

For more information about “Screen options” you can check in official WordPress documentation: https://codex.wordpress.org/Appearance_Menus_Screen#Screen_Options

Hello. I have a problem with settings of this plugin. I made some changes at style editor, and all is ok at menu previev, but at thge site it looks different: editor previev: http://stoiskapolska.pl/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/1.png at the sitte: http://stoiskapolska.pl/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/2.png what I do wrong?

Hi MiceCenter,

Probably somewhere in your theme (or into another plugin) there are CSS properties that override some of CSS properties of the navigation menu. If I see the navigation menu in your theme, I could tell you what need to do to solve the problems. So, If you have already online the site please send me (here or using the contact form in my profile page) a link where I could check it.


adw259 Purchased

Notice how the menu at the website below starts near the bottom of the page and moves to the top when the user scrolls up…. can your menu do that? http://mycupcakeaddiction.com/

Hi adw259,

Yes, the plugin can work like in the example page you sent me, but without a properly theme is not possible.

To have the desired behavior, the only option that you need to edit in plugin settings is the option “Stick on page scroll”.

By enabling this options, the menu bar will “stick” on top of the screen only when the top border of menu bar “touch” the top of the screen ( after any or without any page scrolling, it depends on navigation menu position in page ).

The only dependency is to use a theme that includes templates where the main navigation menu is displayed under the page’s “featured video” area (like in the example page).


adw259 Purchased

Can I add the menu wherever I want in my Kallyas theme by using a shortcode?

I’m sorry but (at least) the current plugin’s version doesn’t support this ability.

The plugin has been built to enhance default WordPress navigation menus, not to replace their functionality. You are able to edit the navigation menus which are visible in page “Appearance >> Menus” of WordPress administration environment.

If the registered menu locations of your theme don’t cover your needs, you’ll have to add new locations either by using plugins that provide this functionality, or by inserting custom code into the theme’s files.


ebwe Purchased

Hello uwebx, is it possible to have the logo home buttons go to a different page?

Hello ebwe,

No, it’s not possible for the logo to link into another page, but you are able to create a menu item with image instead of text as its content .


ebwe Purchased

Ok, how do I do that?

You don’t have to do something special.

Just create in your navigation menu a new item, remove its title and use FMM plugin’s item settings to select its thumbnail image. For more info:

- http://flexiblemegamenu.com/#menu-item-settings-editor

- http://flexiblemegamenu.com/documentation/#menus-items-editor-icon-thumbnail


adw259 Purchased

I would like to know why my menu items keep jumping a couple of pixels horizontally whenever I mouseover? See menu at… https://awesomeinsoles.com/new-homepage/

The “jumping” is caused by the different font weight on items default and hover states.

To fix it you have 2 choices:

a) Set the same font weight for every state. b) Set a custom width for all the items on menu bar, so that their width be independent from their content.


how to display your menu in my own theme ? Shortcode or PHP code in my header.php ?

Thanks for help.

Hi produwordpress,

You don’t have to do anything special. Just register in your theme the navigation menu as described in official WordPress documentation.


adw259 Purchased

I was wondering why the word menu and the hamburger icon are not getting bigger even though I set the text size to to 24px? https://snag.gy/jPlTf3.jpg


As I can see in https://awesomeinsoles.com/new-homepage/, in smaller screens is not displaying the menu as is customized by FMM plugin. That happens because the installed theme uses (in code) two different instances of the navigation menu (one for the desktop and one for the mobile display) and based on screen dimensions, one of them is always hidden. The desktop version of the menu, which is the version that is customized by the FMM plugin, in mobile display is hidden by CSS properties.

You have to make some work in CSS to fix it and you can start by adding the following lines at the end of file “styles.css” (of the installed theme), which will display the “hidden” version in smaller screens:

@media only screen and (max-width: 930px) and (min-width: 0px){ display: block important; }

Of’course, if you prefer to keep the current appearance (and functionality) in mobile display, you don’t need to edit the CSS to display the menu that is customized by FMM plugin. Instead you have to edit the CSS to change the hamburger’s icon and font sizes.


adw259 Purchased

Hey, I was wondering why the toolbar is not transparent on my mobile view… https://snag.gy/FHt8Uh.jpg


Right now I have to use a z-index to put my mobile logo on top of the toggle bar but the consequence is that the hamburger icon is unclickable. i would prefer if the bar was invisible instead of white.

As I described you above, the installed theme “handles” the display of the navigation menu in smaller screens and not the FMM plugin.


adw259 Purchased



adw259 Purchased

Sir, can i get a reply on the questions above???!!!!

Hi adw259,

I just sent you an email.


CreaCom Purchased

Hi, I am contacting you because I have a problem with my licence code (fe8e2b16-216f-4f78-96cc-e3c0b5696f5a). When I bought the plugin I tested it on a website using that code. But it wasn’t what I needed for it so I uninstalled it and now I would like to use the plugin on an other project. Unfortunately I am having an error message. How can I revoke the actual licence code that was never used to a new one that will be really used?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


Hi CreaCom,

I’m sorry about my late response.

If you have already activated the plugin into a WordPress installation and you want to use it into another website (using different URL), you have first to deactivate the previous activation.

The only you have to do is to go in plugin’s settings page where you had previous enabled the license ( Settings >> Flexible Mega Menu >> Product license ) and press the button “Deactivate license”.

If you face any problem on this process, inform me to reset manually the registered URL for your plugin’s license.


CreaCom Purchased

Hi, I have already desintalled the plugin and deleted the files but I can’t remember if I deactivated it before. Can you do it manually if you don’t mind? That would be really much appreciated! Many thanks in advance.

Hi CreaCom,

I’ve just sent you an email.

Just tried this menu, all installed, however, looks like a clash of CSS, please see: http://dp.co.uk.gridhosted.co.uk/

Can you look into and get fixed? – many thanks.

Username: temp Password: templogin111

Hi 3sixtysearch,

You hadn’t described the problem you faced, but did you finally overcome it or remains? Probably (as I can understand from your words) it had been caused by an override of a plugin’s CSS property (that is applied in navigation menu) by the CSS of the installed theme. Is not difficult to be fixed and need only to add one (or few) CSS properties in the CSS editor of the navigation menu style you have created and use (or if you prefer in file “style.css” of the installed theme).

If the problem remains, please describe me in few words what is wrong and I will send you exactly what you need to do.

And PLEASE, in any case you want to give access in your website’s administration environment, prefer to use direct communication by sending an email or, here in Envato marketplace, use the contact form in authors profile page. It’s not safe to write in public your website’s credentials.