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The changes I make to the menu style isn’t taking affect. What it shows in Custom Menu is nothing like how it shows on the actual webpage. Everything is linked up too. Could this be because the plugin’s last update was 2016 August? Wordpress had about 3 updates since then. Will you guys be updating this plugin? Thanks!

Hello monstrrstripes,

The FMM plugin doesn’t need to be upgraded following WordPress updates, because is depended only on basic WordPress features, that don’t change with each version update.

However, is preparing a major plugin’s update that should has been already published, but need some more work. Within few weeks will be published.

About your problem, as I can guess(can’t be sure without see it myself), I think the result that you see in your webpage is not the same with what you see in menu style’s editor page, because in the webpage applied theme’s styling or some other functionality that overrides FMM plugins’s settings.

If you could send me a link (here or using the contact form in my profile page) to see the result I can suggest you what you could do to solve the problem.

Best regards!


malauch Purchased

I installed Flexible Mega Menu and I’m trying to create new menu style. I would like to use some Buit-in style as a base. However, there Is a problem that Buil-in style list doesn’t load.

All the time it just looks like on screenshot this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tmljh578pgq6wne/Zrzut%20ekranu%202017-01-23%20o%2018.27.30.png?dl=0

Hello malauch,

Probably there is a conflict in Javascript code that is running in this page (edit menu styles admin page). Without check it myself I can’t tell you where the problem located (in FMM plugin, other plugin or activated theme). Please, send me a message using the contact form in my profile page to have a direct communication and investigate how the problem can be solved


malauch Purchased

I send you e-mail through your profile page.


malauch Purchased

I have another problem. I use some default style and there is a problem that, mega menu is displayed under slider on my page (I use Revolution Slider). Here is a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlqtklzxoa4r3bn/Zrzut%20ekranu%202017-01-24%20o%2012.58.29.png?dl=0

Image under menu is a slider and there should be 4 more items displayed on first column of mega menu (orange). When I remove slider it’s ok.

Hi! When the mobile menu is open, is there a way to make the height 100%? I’d like it to cover the full screen when expanded. Thanks!

Hello hooplah64,

As I can see in the screenshot, the device’s top bar covers all the webpage and not only the toggle bar of the menu. For the same reason a part of the logo is covered by the toggle bar. If you test the same page in a desktop browser, even if the browser has the dimensions of a small mobile device there is no problem and the toggle bar doesn’t cover any part of the logo. So just to be sure that FMM plugin doesn’t cause the problem, you could disable temporarily the plugin and check if the appearance of the webpage is the same in your mobile devices and desktop browsers (with minified dimensions). If is the same, inform me to locate and solve the problem in FMM code.

Otherwise I should suggest you to test from the same mobile devices another websites and check if a part of their top content is also covered. In case that is covered, it means that there is no problem at all and somewhere in your device you could find a relative setting and fix it. If is not covered, I should suggest you to check another websites that have been built with the same WordPress theme and see if they have the same problem. If indeed they have the same problem (or there isn’t another website with the same theme to check), then you should ask the developer of the theme to find the solution.

I hope I helped you!

Thanks for the reply!

I actually developed the current theme – it’s custom and I’m the only one running it. I’ve had two other sticky mobile menus working with this theme and haven’t run into this problem yet.

Does the floating navigation bar stick to a specific element or part of the page? That might help me track down the problem.

Hello hooplah64,

When you scroll the webpage that includes a navigation menu styled using FMM plugin settings and the menu bar (or toggle bar in mobile appearance) sticks on screen’s top, the main wrapper element (in your site the element with id=”fmm_grey_flat_db_ds_container”) remains in the same relative position and keeps its initial dimensions, and only an “inner” element of the menu (in your site the element with id=”fmm_grey_flat_db_ds_outer”) change its position to “fixed”.

So, actually even if the menu is sticked on screen’s top there is always an element with relative positioning in the initial menu’s place (like a placeholder) and when is enabled the option to stick the menu bar on page scroll, the sticked element’s positioning is fixed on screen.

I checked your site in Android devices and I couldn’t replicate the problem, so I believe that the problem is not something important and I hope I helped you find a solution with what I described you above.


vitozev Purchased

Hello, I bought this plugin recently, it’s pretty amazing! You did really amazing job!

I’m having some issues, it would be nice if you have some workaround for this.

Basically, I’m using CSS3 2D transformation (skew) for my menu items, but there’s undesirable offset applied to sub-menus, you can see the bug here: https://gyazo.com/d2ab34232904c750fc5e2a59a2807f8d

Testing environment of website can be accessed here: http://wotta.com/jq-wp/

Looking forward for any suggestions.

Hello vitozev,

Thank you very much about plugin’s purchase and I’m sorry about my late response.

I checked your navigation menu. I don’t think that there is a “general” solution about the position of submenus, using the CSS tranformation you used. I’ll investigate further your situation and if it’s possible I’ll add a relative feature in next plugin’s upgrade. Until then you can add custom CSS properties to fix submenus positions.

I saw that you have used the CSS selector ”#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li > .fmm-sub-menu” to add the “skewX” property to submenus, and you can use similar selectors to fix submenus position. For example, in case of your menu’s item “PARTS”, the menu item has the class (set by WordPress) “menu-item-37”. So, by using the selector ”#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li.menu-item-37 > .fmm-sub-menu” you can add properties only for the submenu of this item, and using the “margin-left” property you can fix submenu’s position:

’#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li.menu-item-37 > .fmm-sub-menu { margin-left: 50px; }

In similar way, you can set the position of the rest of your submenus:


’#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li.menu-item-37 > .fmm-sub-menu { margin-left: -2px; }


’#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li.menu-item-37 > .fmm-sub-menu { margin-left: 10px; }

Try what I describe above and if you still have any problem, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards!


vitozev Purchased

Thanks! Actually, I found a solution, you could think about implementing it in the next version.

ul.menu { transform: skewX(-30deg); transform-origin: 0 50%; }

ul.menu > li > ul.sub-menu { transform: skewX(30deg); transform-origin: 0 0; }

The menus will then live at a fixed position even with the edge of your page and the skewed menu is centered on the page.

Regards, Chris

Nice solution! I’ll keep it in my mind. Thanks!

Hi does this plugin support rtl languages? (right to left) thank you

Hello amirassari2002,

The plugin by default hasn’t any option to enable/disable rtl support. It gives a lot of options to customize the appearance of a navigation menu but maybe you should need to use some CSS too. If you decide to try the plugin and face any problem or need any help to implement the rtl result you want, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards!

Dear uwebx, how can i test plugin in RTL site? i will be appreciated if you send your email address. thank you

You don’t have to make any special tests. In plugin there are options that allow you to set (for example) on the “right” the alignment of menu items on menu bar. Options like this, in combination with the default right text alignment of an rtl WordPress installation or theme, probably will give you the desired result because the menu elements will inherit the text alignment. After this maybe you should need extra CSS styling to make some final configurations.

For more direct communication, please use the contact form in my profile page and I’ll answer you to the email address you’ll use to send me the message.

Hello – I have the menu installed, however, both mega menus are displaying open upon page load. Also, the styling from the plugin options don’t seem to be applying correctly.

This will be a great plugin so hopefully those bugs can easily be worked through!

Thanks for the help. :)

Hello cinnamonlou,

Can you send me the link of your site, where I could see the dysfunctions that you describe? If you prefer you could send me private message, using the contact form in my profile page.

Very soon will be published a major plugin’s update and except all new features will be fixed all these kind of bugs.

Best regards!

Thank you very much for your quick response! That particular bug seems to have been something funky with how my site is loading. So it seems to be fixed for now.

However, a new bug is that the mobile menu area stops displaying. It loads fine with a default theme, however, once I refresh the page, it no longer displays. I’m fixing the css to try to make it display, and it is possible that it is another loading issue? I will send you my development url in a private message.

I really appreciate the support!


vitozev Purchased


I’m having one issue, on add/edit screen, in Developer Cosole shows the folloing error:

FmmCore.js?ver= Uncaught TypeError: codeMirror_instance.autoFormatRange is not a function at FmmSandbox.beautifyCss_codeMirror (FmmCore.js?ver= at FmmSandbox.initCodemirror (FmmCore.js?ver= at FmmSandbox.init_editor_frontActions_continue (FmmCore.js?ver= at FmmCore.js?ver=

I’m using latest version of WP and latest version of the plugin itself.

Looking forward for your reply.


Hello vitozev,

If there isn’t another error reference in your browser’s console, I can think two reasons that could cause the problem you face.

The first is that you haven’t copied correct all the plugin’s files into your site ’s folders.

The second one, is that the Javascirpt code from another plugin or the active theme conflicts FMM plugin’s code. In this case I can’t be sure how to solve the problem because I have to know more details about your WordPress installation.

So, try to install again the plugin and check if this solves the problem (the first case), otherwise send me a message and I’ll give you some advises on how you could locate and solve it. For more direct communication, you could use the contact form in my profile page.

Best regards!

Hello! Your plugin works very well for a main navigation and a top header navigation, however, I would also like to set up menus in widget areas as well, both the sidebar and the footer. I saw an earlier thread that say this plugin does not allow menus in widgets. I’m wondering if you plan on offering that capability?

Unfortunately, I may not be able to use the plugin if I don’t have the full capabilities of using menus everywhere.

Thank you!

Hello Jennergy,

I’m sorry but current plugin’s version doesn’t support menus in widgets areas. But this will change in next plugin’s update, that will be published in next week and hopefully will cover your need!

Thank you so much, that is fantastic!

Hello again! I have a navigation menu with 3rd level items. The plugin works great until the width of the site gets too small. Then the 3rd level items for the last menu on the right no longer display (dropdowns get cut off be. I have seen in some menus, that switch to pop out to the left when the browser gets to that point. Is this something that your plugin could do?

Hello Jennergy,

As I can understand, the 3rd level item you describe included in a “flyout” (not mega) submenu structure. In cases like this, each item (in 2nd or higher level) has the option to select the expand position (right or left) of its submenu [ http://flexiblemegamenu.com/documentation/#flyout_submenus ].

Usually, and especially if could make few changes on items order, this option is enough to handle submenus position and in cases of smaller screens should be activated the mobile appearance of the navigation menu.

Except this options, I’m sorry but there is no other way to handle flyout submenus expand position and plugin’s code doesn’t include any relative automation.

Hi there! I like this flexible mega-menu plugin but I have one pre-sale functionality question:

Is there an option to create a mega menu starting in the second level? I explain myself. I’d like to make the first level buttons of the menu as normal buttons, and the megamenu options and display all functionalities start in the second level of buttons.

If this is not possible and it’s not working well, I’d like to know if there is an option to put a mega-menu inside a mega-menu.

Either I want to mix some things like MULTICOLUMN and inside that, TABS for each multicolumn.

I know that they’re kinda strange functionalities what I’m looking for, but I need this functions to work like that.

Yeah, I think the best solution for me is if I can put a mega-menu inside another mega-menu. If I can do that, I can first make like 5 or 6 columns and each of that column will have another separate mega-menu properties so my third level items will have multi-columns or tabs when I want.

So, can I put a mega-menu inside another mega-menu?

Hello mistertuko and I’m sorry about my late rsponse,

Your needs actually are quite specific and I’m not sure if this plugin could cover them.

The most “complicated” structure of mega submenu that you are able to construct is the “tabbed” mega submenu, where the sub-items of a menu bar item are positioning in the submenu as vertical tabs and their submenus (which may consist of multi-column items, page content or widgets) are the tabs content.

Of course, you could set a navigation menu widget as the mega submenu’s content but in this case, except plugin’s options configurations, is quite possible that you will need to add some custom CSS.

Hey, I’m getting this:

Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/thethons/public_html/gaintap.com/wp-content/plugins/FlexibleMegaMenu/public/class-flexible-mega-menu.php on line 373

I’m using the Genesis Theme Framework – any suggestions?

Thanks, made the updates and though there is no error, the menu isn’t showing the mega menu styling. Will wait for the plugin update-

Hi what’s the status with the update? Your fix removes the error message but the menu is still not showing using the Genesis Theme framework.

Hello grahamonak,

At the moment I’m making last improvements of the new plugin’s version and I’m writing the documentation. After these, I’ll send it to CodeCanyon to publish it.

I’m sorry about the delay. I believed (and really wanted) the upgrade to be ready weeks ago but I preferred to make few more improvements before release it.

Thank you very much for your patience and I’m sure that the new version will get you satisfied!

Dear Sir,

I’ve just bought the menu plugin for the theme GoExplore (themeforest.net) and it doesn’t work at all. I tried everything but the menu hasn’t appeared yet. Chosing the defined style cause the menu disappeared from my page. Could you take a look if the plugin works with that theme? If not may a resign from that purchase?

I am looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards Przemyslaw Zamorowski

Dear Przemyslaw,

Unfortunately I’m not able to to have access in any WordPress theme and because I don’t own the theme you are referring to, I can’t know what is the problem about. If you could give me access into (for example) your testing server where I could see myself what is going on, I could suggest you how to solve the problem. For anything relative send me message using the contact form into my profile page.

Otherwise, if you don’t find a way to make it work and you want to resign from the purchase, you can read “Envato Market Refund Rules” https://codecanyon.net/page/customer_refund_policy.

King regards!

Hi, I have just recently purchased your Flexible Mega Menu Plugin, however when I try to activate it I get the following error -

Warning: require_once(./public/class-flexible-mega-menu.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/m/a/n/mandyc2009/html/NEW_WEB/wp-content/plugins/FlexibleMegaMenu/flexible-mega-menu.php on line 31

I am running V4.8 of WP, I have checked to see if the file exists on the server and also tried replaced with a clean copy. I have also change the theme to see if there was a conflict of some sort but this did not resolve the issue. Any help would be appreciated.


Hello mandyc2013,

There is no reason to have this error message, except if plugin’s installation didn’t copied all necessary files. Can you check if the file ‘class-flexible-mega-menu.php’ exists in plugin’s folder ‘public’ ? If not, you need to re-install the plugin or copy the missing file(s) from the zip file you’ve downloaded.

Thanks for the reply, after more testing I found that the issue was that I had created a test site in a sub folder and that it needed to be in the root. The paths in the includes/definitions file where not correct because of this.

Can I get some help adding a widget to a to a ‘Tabbed Submenu’. When I try to add a widget area to one of the Tabs the Widget Dropdown never has anything in it, same with the “Page Content”. I have added widgets to the “Mega Menu” widget area as well.

Is there any error message in your browser console when you select the “Widgets area” or the “Page content” as value in “Submenu content” option?

First, there are no values in the drop downs, but in the console I am getting ‘Mixed Content’ errors saying some of the files I am accessing are insecure. Trying to figure that out now, any thoughts?

Usually, the “Mixed Content” errors concern the usage of different protocols in same time.

For example, when is executed an ajax request using “http” protocol, while the site uses “https” protocol.

None of the ajax requests that get used in plugin’s functions have been set to use a specific protocol, but their URLs are generated based on WordPress settings.

Could you send me a PM (using the contact form in my profile page) to have a more direct communication and suggest you how to approach a solution to the problem?


Can you show how to implement the Multi Column Mega Submenu. It looks great on your demo, yet I cannot make it work at all on my installation.

Many thanks.


Thank you! Looking forward to the fix. The structure of Solutions has 3 levels of hierarchy.. Solutions > Title/Topic (3 of these) > Pages .. I bumped it up to Full-width at 450px, but the icons are still not appearing – and the alignment is still strange. https://bivarus17.staging.wpengine.com/


hi Yiannis, any way we could arrange for you to send me the bug fix? i am happy to implement it while we wait for Envato approval. my client is in a hurry.. I think FMM is the right option for us, but i can’t prove that until the columns work properly.. thank you!

Hello pete99,

The plugin’s updated version has been released. Test it in your website and if you face another problem, write me here or for more direct communication send me a message through the contact form in my profile page.

Thank you

Dear team, I bought your beautiful plugin but unfortunately I am having a hard time to get started with it – although I have read your documentation.

I followed all the steps of your documentation – I installed it, I’ve created a style, customized it, applyed it to my menu – but: the design does not show up. Do you have an idea, what is causing this issue?

Kind regards, Sue

Dear sorriso14,

Could you send me a link of your site where I can see the navigation menu that should get applied the menu style?

If you prefer, for more direct communication, you can use the contact form in my profile page.

Best regards!

This comment is currently being reviewed.



dbsul Purchased

I have just bought plugin and I am trying to install it. I can not activate it because of a fatal error :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in …........./public_html/wp-content/plugins/flexible-mega-menu/inc/class-fmm-themes.php on line 12

Please let me know about any solution


uwebx Author

Hello dbsul,

I checked the error you noticed, I fixed the problem and I sent the updated plugin to Envato for review. In case that you want to try to fix the problem by yourself (before updated plugin’s version release), the process is very simple. Open the plugin’s file with the problem [ flexible-mega-menu/inc/class-fmm-themes.php ] and in line 12 replace the code-line:

$menu_object = get_term( get_nav_menu_locations()[‘top’], ‘nav_menu’ );

with the the following two lines:

$nav_menu_locations = get_nav_menu_locations(); $menu_object = get_term( $nav_menu_locations[‘top’], ‘nav_menu’ );

Let me know if you face another problem.

Best regards!


hooplah64 Purchased

Hey there!

I just upgraded to 2.0 (love it!) but I’m having a little trouble editing one element in my menu.

I have a widget with a search field and I’d like to change the style of the inputs on both desktop and mobile but I’m having a hard time finding which CSS classes to target in order to make the changes.

Can you tell me which I can use? I’m looking to change the style of both the input field and the submit button of the items under SEARCH.

Example URL: https://homemadehooplah.com/snowball-cake-dip/

Thanks! Chrisy


uwebx Author

Hello hooplah64,

Looking the HTML of your website I see that the wrapper element of the search form you have inserted in sub-menu, in “id” attribute has the value “search-6”. The value of id attributes in HTML elements/tags is unique (each id can be used for only one element), so you can use it to style the specific search form elements.

For example:

/* Search form selector */
#search-6 .search-form{ ... }

/* Search input field selector */
#search-6 .input[type="search"] { ... }

/* Search submit button selector */
#search-6 .input[type="submit"]{ ... }

To use the same selectors in mobile appearance, you have to add (in CSS) a media query using as breakpoint the number you have inserted in menu’s style editor. For example, if you set in menu’s style editor the mobile breakpoint at 991 pixels, in CSS you can write:

@media screen and (max-width: 991px) {

    /* Search form selector, in mobile */
    #search-6 .search-form{ ... }

    /* Search input field selector, in mobile */
    #search-6 .input[type="search"] { ... }

    /* Search submit button selector, in mobile */
    #search-6 .input[type="submit"] { ... }


When use FMM plugin’s menu styilng, the general rule of selecting in CSS a menu item (and through this all its child elements) is to search in HTML and find a classname that attached uniquely in each item.

The format of this classname is:


In your website the classname of item “SEARCH” is “menu-item-13739” and you can use it instead of the id selector I described above.

Let me know if I can help further more.

Best regards!


dbsul Purchased

There are too many problems with this plugin. After your last update, I have finally manged to activate it. Problem is that “menu to preview” not working. There is nothing over there. “Built in style” not working, too. Tab is empty. I have changed my theme to default “Current ThemeTwenty Seventeen’ to check if there is problem with my theme, but problem is still here. I have tried to disable all plugins, nothing happened, too. I don’t know what else I have to try to make this plugin work.


uwebx Author

Hello dbsul,

I don’t know about the theme you want to use, but in “Twenty Seventeen” theme have made a lot of testings. Actually at the moment it’s the only theme that the plugin includes specific code for some of its navigation menus functionalities. Considering this, I’m thinking that probably the problems are caused by another plugin, but I can’t be sure without more information.

You could make a test yourself, by disabling temporarily all other plugins and then check if FMM plugin works properly with “Twenty Seventeen” theme.

If it works, then you should check which plugin creates the problems.

If it doesn’t work, inform me and I’ll guide you to find the solution (for direct access use the contact form in my profile page).

Hello uwebx. I bought the mobi menu plugin and it wasn’t what I thought it would be, so now I am looking for a plugin that does what I want before buying.

Basically what I am looking for is the exact menu on this demo page: https://phpbits.net/plugin/mobi/ Logo – Features – Pricing – Documentation – Demo Button

Can Flexible Mega Menu be built this like? And have a button on the right-hand side like that demo page?

Hello ebwe,

The only that you are not able to do with current plugin’s version is to give separated styling into a unique menu item (like “Button” in your example).

Of course would be very easy to set the different styling using CSS, and if you finally decide to use FMM plugin don’t hesitate to contact me and help you to achieve the desired result.