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The changes I make to the menu style isn’t taking affect. What it shows in Custom Menu is nothing like how it shows on the actual webpage. Everything is linked up too. Could this be because the plugin’s last update was 2016 August? Wordpress had about 3 updates since then. Will you guys be updating this plugin? Thanks!

Hello monstrrstripes,

The FMM plugin doesn’t need to be upgraded following WordPress updates, because is depended only on basic WordPress features, that don’t change with each version update.

However, is preparing a major plugin’s update that should has been already published, but need some more work. Within few weeks will be published.

About your problem, as I can guess(can’t be sure without see it myself), I think the result that you see in your webpage is not the same with what you see in menu style’s editor page, because in the webpage applied theme’s styling or some other functionality that overrides FMM plugins’s settings.

If you could send me a link (here or using the contact form in my profile page) to see the result I can suggest you what you could do to solve the problem.

Best regards!


malauch Purchased

I installed Flexible Mega Menu and I’m trying to create new menu style. I would like to use some Buit-in style as a base. However, there Is a problem that Buil-in style list doesn’t load.

All the time it just looks like on screenshot this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tmljh578pgq6wne/Zrzut%20ekranu%202017-01-23%20o%2018.27.30.png?dl=0

Hello malauch,

Probably there is a conflict in Javascript code that is running in this page (edit menu styles admin page). Without check it myself I can’t tell you where the problem located (in FMM plugin, other plugin or activated theme). Please, send me a message using the contact form in my profile page to have a direct communication and investigate how the problem can be solved


malauch Purchased

I send you e-mail through your profile page.


malauch Purchased

I have another problem. I use some default style and there is a problem that, mega menu is displayed under slider on my page (I use Revolution Slider). Here is a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlqtklzxoa4r3bn/Zrzut%20ekranu%202017-01-24%20o%2012.58.29.png?dl=0

Image under menu is a slider and there should be 4 more items displayed on first column of mega menu (orange). When I remove slider it’s ok.

Hi! When the mobile menu is open, is there a way to make the height 100%? I’d like it to cover the full screen when expanded. Thanks!

Hello hooplah64,

As I can see in the screenshot, the device’s top bar covers all the webpage and not only the toggle bar of the menu. For the same reason a part of the logo is covered by the toggle bar. If you test the same page in a desktop browser, even if the browser has the dimensions of a small mobile device there is no problem and the toggle bar doesn’t cover any part of the logo. So just to be sure that FMM plugin doesn’t cause the problem, you could disable temporarily the plugin and check if the appearance of the webpage is the same in your mobile devices and desktop browsers (with minified dimensions). If is the same, inform me to locate and solve the problem in FMM code.

Otherwise I should suggest you to test from the same mobile devices another websites and check if a part of their top content is also covered. In case that is covered, it means that there is no problem at all and somewhere in your device you could find a relative setting and fix it. If is not covered, I should suggest you to check another websites that have been built with the same WordPress theme and see if they have the same problem. If indeed they have the same problem (or there isn’t another website with the same theme to check), then you should ask the developer of the theme to find the solution.

I hope I helped you!

Thanks for the reply!

I actually developed the current theme – it’s custom and I’m the only one running it. I’ve had two other sticky mobile menus working with this theme and haven’t run into this problem yet.

Does the floating navigation bar stick to a specific element or part of the page? That might help me track down the problem.

Hello hooplah64,

When you scroll the webpage that includes a navigation menu styled using FMM plugin settings and the menu bar (or toggle bar in mobile appearance) sticks on screen’s top, the main wrapper element (in your site the element with id=”fmm_grey_flat_db_ds_container”) remains in the same relative position and keeps its initial dimensions, and only an “inner” element of the menu (in your site the element with id=”fmm_grey_flat_db_ds_outer”) change its position to “fixed”.

So, actually even if the menu is sticked on screen’s top there is always an element with relative positioning in the initial menu’s place (like a placeholder) and when is enabled the option to stick the menu bar on page scroll, the sticked element’s positioning is fixed on screen.

I checked your site in Android devices and I couldn’t replicate the problem, so I believe that the problem is not something important and I hope I helped you find a solution with what I described you above.

Hello, I bought this plugin recently, it’s pretty amazing! You did really amazing job!

I’m having some issues, it would be nice if you have some workaround for this.

Basically, I’m using CSS3 2D transformation (skew) for my menu items, but there’s undesirable offset applied to sub-menus, you can see the bug here: https://gyazo.com/d2ab34232904c750fc5e2a59a2807f8d

Testing environment of website can be accessed here: http://wotta.com/jq-wp/

Looking forward for any suggestions.

Hello vitozev,

Thank you very much about plugin’s purchase and I’m sorry about my late response.

I checked your navigation menu. I don’t think that there is a “general” solution about the position of submenus, using the CSS tranformation you used. I’ll investigate further your situation and if it’s possible I’ll add a relative feature in next plugin’s upgrade. Until then you can add custom CSS properties to fix submenus positions.

I saw that you have used the CSS selector ”#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li > .fmm-sub-menu” to add the “skewX” property to submenus, and you can use similar selectors to fix submenus position. For example, in case of your menu’s item “PARTS”, the menu item has the class (set by WordPress) “menu-item-37”. So, by using the selector ”#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li.menu-item-37 > .fmm-sub-menu” you can add properties only for the submenu of this item, and using the “margin-left” property you can fix submenu’s position:

’#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li.menu-item-37 > .fmm-sub-menu { margin-left: 50px; }

In similar way, you can set the position of the rest of your submenus:


’#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li.menu-item-37 > .fmm-sub-menu { margin-left: -2px; }


’#fmm_jq_custom_menu .fmm-main > li.menu-item-37 > .fmm-sub-menu { margin-left: 10px; }

Try what I describe above and if you still have any problem, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards!

Thanks! Actually, I found a solution, you could think about implementing it in the next version.

ul.menu { transform: skewX(-30deg); transform-origin: 0 50%; }

ul.menu > li > ul.sub-menu { transform: skewX(30deg); transform-origin: 0 0; }

The menus will then live at a fixed position even with the edge of your page and the skewed menu is centered on the page.

Regards, Chris

Nice solution! I’ll keep it in my mind. Thanks!

Hi does this plugin support rtl languages? (right to left) thank you

Hello amirassari2002,

The plugin by default hasn’t any option to enable/disable rtl support. It gives a lot of options to customize the appearance of a navigation menu but maybe you should need to use some CSS too. If you decide to try the plugin and face any problem or need any help to implement the rtl result you want, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards!

Dear uwebx, how can i test plugin in RTL site? i will be appreciated if you send your email address. thank you

You don’t have to make any special tests. In plugin there are options that allow you to set (for example) on the “right” the alignment of menu items on menu bar. Options like this, in combination with the default right text alignment of an rtl WordPress installation or theme, probably will give you the desired result because the menu elements will inherit the text alignment. After this maybe you should need extra CSS styling to make some final configurations.

For more direct communication, please use the contact form in my profile page and I’ll answer you to the email address you’ll use to send me the message.

Hello – I have the menu installed, however, both mega menus are displaying open upon page load. Also, the styling from the plugin options don’t seem to be applying correctly.

This will be a great plugin so hopefully those bugs can easily be worked through!

Thanks for the help. :)


uwebx Author

Hello cinnamonlou,

Can you send me the link of your site, where I could see the dysfunctions that you describe? If you prefer you could send me private message, using the contact form in my profile page.

Very soon will be published a major plugin’s update and except all new features will be fixed all these kind of bugs.

Best regards!

Thank you very much for your quick response! That particular bug seems to have been something funky with how my site is loading. So it seems to be fixed for now.

However, a new bug is that the mobile menu area stops displaying. It loads fine with a default theme, however, once I refresh the page, it no longer displays. I’m fixing the css to try to make it display, and it is possible that it is another loading issue? I will send you my development url in a private message.

I really appreciate the support!