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Great set! I like how clean the class structure is for these buttons, with some nice features like the arrows.

But, I would prefer the option of changing the arrow color. Looking at the CSS code, I’m not sure exactly how I would do that. How would I change the arrow to, say, white instead of black?

No worries. I just figured out which RGB values to change to modify the arrow colors. Thanks again for a really great CSS package.

In testing, I’ve discovered that Firefox 3 pushes the arrow on the arrow-style buttons down to the next line. I’ve tried various ways to avoid this without success. Any idea how that can be fixed?

Hi Brandwiz,

I’ve test it with Firefox 3, but I can’t see the problem. http://skitch.com/kailoon/dkyy4/mozilla-firefox

Do you mind to send me a copy of your modified CSS ? Or a screenshot?

Great work!

Do they degrade to look the same in all browsers?

It looks the same, but some browsers do not support certain effects. Which mean, it will not break your layout, but it may not as good as the original button.

I am the guy who contacted you about having trouble seeing your flexible CSS3 buttons set. It turned out that it was a browser related issue and I now was able to purchase this item. Great work BTW . Exactly what I was looking for!


It will be better if you report that issue to the support, so that others will not face that problem again :)

Hi there,

I have purchased the Flexible CSS3 Buttons Set, it’s great! I just got a quick question about it.

How to make the fixed width and height for the buttons? I tried style=”width=10px” but didn’t work.

Regards, Glenn

Inline CSS is not recommended. However, in order to do that, here is the code:


Hello, I purchased this before few mins… And its working very well and highly recommend this product…

I have little problem with the button with arrow. I need this arrow not in Right Side. Please tell me how to put the arrow in Left side as

[[ < Button Name ]]

Please tell me how to do this :) Thanks a lot for your products.

Send me an email, I will send you the new css file for the left arrow option.

Wow. Thank you very much for your help brother…. I’m glad to here your solution for that… My Email address is sajith.gsm [at] gmail.com

I want buttons as fit to the Left Side…

Thanks a lot bro…


Got the additional Left Arrow CSS file via Email… I tried it and working very well… No even such a single error. Again recommending this product highly. There are no images. everything working under the CSS . Easy customizing. No replacing with other basic css tags. Thank you so much for your all helps… Great works…

beginner question: are there character limits to these buttons or does the button frame expand depending on the character count? If it is possible to have 2 rows of text within a button, could the buttons contain different font sizes (ex: first row font size 25 and the next row size 12) I want to have a bold action word and smaller text to explain the action.

The button size is flexible so, you can use different font size or longer text.

You can add <br /> to have 2 rows of text. However, I’d recommend to add more semantic HTML for example a <span> or <strong> to do that.

You can add <strong> to the bold text and style it using CSS .

I need to change the button style with css (button.arrow) in my wordpress installation. Default leaves the style of my theme.

Not sure what you mean, mind to explain a little bit more?

Thanks, I need to change the button style css (button.arrow) from my table. By default link gives me the color of my Theme. I want to change font color (Request).


You mean the color for visited text?

If thats the case, you need to remove this from your CSS ( because it is overwritten by your plugin CSS ) wp-content/themes/wp-sublime/style.css line 23. color: #369;

Good Product

Really nice work. Good luck with sales!