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hi just wanted to clarify – does this do the pagination for you?

ie count records in a DB and display the pagination….

also not sure if its a language difference but on the screen shot there are potential spelling errors ie First, Previous

If it calculates the pagination i will be buying

either way thanks for the contribution

Thank you for info about spelling error (is only on image) I update it in next version :) This script don’t count page you must past it to pageCount property but you can do it in easy way in php. This scipt is SEO friendly and have a lot of option that you can change like all text , css styles and more. If you have some idea feel free and write it I insert that option in next versions :)

Now i’m working to create some new CSS styles for this class

hi zajcman,

I need product category wise listing with pagination, how do i work with pls advice me. i will buy for my shop cart.

Sorry I don’t understand your request can you write more details ?


I want to implement this pagination script on my shopping cart site. If User click on product category ex: (cameras) how do i call, is this script support get value variables on query. please tell me paginate links query example also.


ex: select * from products where catid = ’$getcategory’;

You can pass as second value if your link is like this http://yourdomain/?pagenumber=90&camera=1

In query you must use sql limit commands

Thank You for your replies, but my question is here camera is only ‘category name’, if some one click on one product category name in shop site, here i am calling another page (results.php) with get value of product category

(results.php) ex: $getcategory=$_GET[‘categoryname’];

i want to filter results of only that particular category name with where clause

ex: $sql= select * from products where catid = ’$getcategory’;

example site: http://www.letsbuy.com if you choose computers(main category)>Laptops(subcategory) results will come with pagination.

Similarly i should do, if user click on product category results will come with pagination, here category name i am defining in results.php like $getcategory=$_GET[‘categoryname’];. i am getting this category name from another page of my site, please suggest me how do i can with your pagination script.

I understand you you must past 2 values in url one for category of product and second for number of page example ( recall on index page ) : result.php?catogory=pc&page=1 to do it first you must change pagerClass open it and change all this lines
$this->pageAddress . "?" . $this->startNameValue
$this->pageAddress . "&" . $this->startNameValue 
next in recall pager script you must past url of result page that conteins nategory value ( http://mydomain/result?cat=1 ) and srcipt in pager create http://mydomain/result?cat=1&page=1 Example :
$demoDll10 = new pagerDll();

$demoDll10->pageAddress = "http://mypage.com/page.php?cat=1";  // view links address

echo $demoDll10->createPager(10);

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