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Can you use the forms so that users can post in front-end?

No, this is not front end user publishing If you ask about that. :)

Look for Ideas! it’s for that.

Does this form have an upload and captcha option? Thanks in advance Rich

Not yet. Thank you so much Rich.


Will you be planning to use the form builder plugin with your other plugins to make posting and managing User Generated Contents from the FrontEnd in the future?

I think if they can all work together, it will be the best FrontEnd solution for WordPress!

Hi! Can I use plugin to display and process forms in the WP dashboard? (/wp-admin/)

I was wondering if you could advise me on the following.

I am using woocommerce with a vendor plugin. At the moment I have to give vendors an excel CSV to bulk upload products.

This CSV has the normal headers but it’s confusing them, so I thought if I could make an online form that they can fill in all the information and then hit an export to csv file, it will be a lot simpler for them.

Would your forms be able to do that?

Hello, I want to display the data collected by the forms in a list view like in excel? and doses this plugin have settings to allow 1 submission per IP address?


Exelent Job.

Is your plugin compatible with WordPress MultiSite installation and Buddypress;

Please make it so the form automatically uses the same font as your general theme font.


We can consider this for future releases. But I am not sure whether we can implement this as our profile design is unique and needs to be working on every theme. Some themes can contain fonts that conflicts our design. But you can easily create your own UPME style with theme fonts and assign Style setting.


Hi ThemeFluent,

Your plugin looks great!! I have one question before purchase this awesome plugin. I would like to ask does this plugin support multi email selection? For instance, I could add 4 different email address so that my customers could select which email address they would like to contact with. If so, I’m happy to but your plugin.


Hell there, Pre-Sales question …I have a marketplace where users trade with eachother .. so i was wondering if buyers can leave feedback for sellers after their purchase, like it is on ebay, amazon etc ?

Please reply me as soon as you can


Can I get a dynamic value for the recipient from the custom field I have in a custom post type. Can I get database values and place them in hidden fields?

Pre-sale question: I would like to use this plugin for my airport shuttle / transfer website. Is it possible to to set an option for the user to select: one-way trip or return trip?

Basically i want the plugin to behave like an online airline booking for user selects, one or return trip; pick up point, destination point, number of passengers, date and time. A form to choose various options and proceed with payment.

My website is I’m making a new website in wordpress.

From the airport we transferred to 300 hotels, I need to add the list of hotels and prices for the transfer from the airport. with different prices, and transfers from hotel to hotel.


It seems like you may need a forms plugin rather than user profiles plugin. We dont have conditional logic and also payments. So I dont think this plugin is ideal for your scenario


Hello I’m looking for a forms tool that can insert the post_title or page_title into a field so that I can identify which item an enquiry is about without the need to create a form for each post, is this possible?

HI! If a vistor close the windows, is not more possible to open again the form but only refresh page for open…

Hello, this plugin has not been updated since 2013. Does it work with wordpress 4.x?

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hi, Is it possible to have an opening of the form on the :hover Thank.


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