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Congratulations my friend, GLWS :)

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Congratulations my brother, good luck with sales

Thanks You my friend :)

Hi, I like the script but I would like to know how is the installation, because I would like to install it in a very simple web


It’s simple just copy and paste files css and js and add section html.

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What about wordpress version?


version wp is soon

Hi, looking to buy to implement on an a new property website but i have a few questions. Does the search have to be on a separate page or could it be implemented into a search bar on a home page say beneath a banner? and are the search fields customisable as i won’t need all five ways to search. and is there help available to make them functional?


this is version html, version wp is soon in this version it’s possible to display or hide anny section, and for reseult display in ohter page

hi I need to turn in datepicker_built_min as part of the day, month and year how can I do it.

I want to make part of the Turkish datepicker. how can I do it

How does this work with MLS listings?


this is version html

Question. What do I need to have to be able to get search results for my desired areas in the US?


this version html wordpress is comming :)

When is WordPress version coming…

1) - How do I get the IDX to activate using your plugin so that I can display properties on my website ? What is the process?

2) – What MLS credentials will the plugin need ?

3) - Is there an ongoing or a one-time cost to do so ?

4) - If yes how much ?

5) - Which “Approved Data FMLS Vendor” do you use for displaying the properties ?

6) - Can this plugin be used on most WP themes ?

7) - Is this plugin SSL compatible ?

8 ) - Is this plugin PHP 5.6 and/or PHP 7 compatible ?


Comming soon

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We have been seeing WP version coming soon more than 2 years now. Any date for the Wordpress version?

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Its comming