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Fleet manager is a simple yet intuitive web application that provides a full, end-to-end Fleet management platform for fleet-based companies of all sizes. It enables the company to manage vehicles and drivers,customers, manage inventory, keep a track of income and expenses and get detailed periodical reports. This efficient web application would ease the task of managing complex tasks related to companies in the transportation business. You get API for your mobile & web apps to manage bookings and tracking.

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Fleet Manager - 6

Change Log 3.0.1:
1=> Changes in API
2=> Users => Add User : Module permisions checkbox added
3=> Vehicles => Vehicle Inspection Module
4=> Reports => Print Button, Export Buttons Added
5=> Few More Reports
6=> Works Orders => Create Work Order => Price Field Added
7=> Settings => NEW API Settings , reasons for cancellation,email notification,set email content
8=> Drivers Maps Module for tracking
9=> Review Module for app
10=> Directory Structure Changed for better understanding
Change Log 3.0:
2=> User Permissions 
3=> Vehicle Groups
4=> Email Notifications & Content Settings
5=> Completed Services Merged in Work Orders
6=> More Reports
7=> Booking Reason for Cancellation 
8=> Removed Parts Inventory
9=> Removed Technicians
10=> Added 2 New languages: Traditional Chinese, Albanian
11=> API Settings
Change Log 2.0:
1=> Completely New Design
2=> Drivers can see their bookings and profile info
3=> More information about Vehicles
4=> Notes Module
5=> Service Reminders for vehicles
6=> Vendors report
7=> fixed Installation issue
8=> Improved security 
9=> Bug fixes
10=> File manager

Change Log 1.3:
1=> Added Fuel ups management
2=> Added Insurance and Purchase details of Vehicles
3=> Added automatic reminder notifications for renewals
4=> Added date filter option for Income/Expense entries
5=> Fixed language issue with datatables
6=> Renamed some labels for better understanding
7=> Removed unwanted validations to easily add customers
8=> Moved Income/Expense categories from Vehicles dropdown to Transactions dropdown on Menu
9=> Fixed some minor bugs

Change Log 1.2.1:
1=> Added Calendar view for bookings
2=> Fixed Bugs

Change Log 1.2:
1=> Added 4 Language Support: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish.
2=> Added Customer Management
3=> Added Booking Management System
4=> Booking Reports
5=> Minor Bug Fixes

Change Log 1.1:
1=> Fixed some critical bugs.
2=> Included some Sample categories on new installations
3=> Added Analytical Charts to the dashboard to track your income and expenses.
4=> Added Analytical Charts in Reports.

Change Log 1.0:
1 => Fixed Password Reset Issue
2 => Added Docs inside the folder
3 => Added 4 More fields for drivers which are Contract Number, Employee Id, Start Date, End Date.
4 => Changed Few Labels for better understanding